Big Ass OnlyFans: 30+ Best OnlyFans Creators with a Big Booty

Are you an ass man? Do you, like me, feel that there’s not much in this world that compares to a big, plump, round booty? Then you’re in for a treat today! When it comes to the best OnlyFans accounts, there are many different categories of creator, such as onlyfans couples, mature OnlyFans and more. But personally, what I’m really into is big ass OnlyFans creators – the ones with booties that look like they could suffocate me in a few minutes – which incidentally wouldn’t be a bad way to go. Anyway, enough daydreaming; today, we’ve prepared a list of what are, in our opinion, the 30 best big ass OnlyFans accounts of all time. And here, it’s all about booty: hair color, height, weight, everything is variable, except they all have big, juicy butts. Let’s dive right in!

Top 5 Hottest Big Booty OnlyFans Chicks

Best Big Ass OnlyFans Creators to Subscribe

1. Cherokee D’Ass

cherokee d'ass onlyfans big ass

Cherokee D’Ass is a fan favorite when it comes to big, luscious butts. I mean, her name says it all, doesn’t it? This crazy hot black woman with a banging body is truly the best of the best when it comes to booty. Cherokee runs a few different websites as well as her OnlyFans, she’s a real entrepreneur. This stunning soft bootied babe does all kinds of hardcore porn, including collabs, fetish content, and she even sells a mold of her own butt! So if you want to get your hands on her ass, you can now buy one of your own! Check out Cherokees account for $3 for 31 days, then for $5.99 for every following month, or take advantage of her bundle discounts. You can even ask her for some used panties if that’s your thing, so don’t hang about!


2. Sofie Gostosa

sofia gostosa sexy onlyfans big ass babe

Sofie Gostosa is a sexy, slim thick Latina OnlyFans babe with a fat booty and a big, endearing smile. This crazy haired babe loves to get naughty with guys and girls of all kinds, and we’re grateful she lets us in on the fun! Sofie is truly stunning, and her big ass isn’t all she’s got: her cute tits are round and perky, and her pussy is pretty as can be. Sofie posts hardcore, X-rated pornography, including threesomes, lesbian content, orgies, anal, fetish content and more – there’s not much she doesn’t enjoy doing, she’s a really dirty girl. Check out Sofie’s full OnlyFans feed for just $3.75 for the first month (regular price $15/month) and see why she’s already got over 630k likes on her page.


3. Mikomi Hokina

mikomi hokina cosplay onlyfans

Mikomi Hokina is my personal favorite big ass OnlyFans cosplay enthusiast. A lovely, big breasted, curvy young woman with heaps of talent and even more adoring fans, Mikomi has even been featured on the cover of Playboy. This sexy brunette makes how own gorgeous costumes, and always manages to make her big, plump booty front and center – after all, she knows what the people want. Although Mikomi is very, very sexy, the one thing that’s a bit of a shame is she doesn’t do full nudes, only implied nudes, lewds, boudoir shots, etc. However, the quality of her pictures and videos is incredible, and she’s very prolific, sending out new spicy content regularly and offering many options for PPV content too. Check out Mikomi’s page below and subscribe for free, or click through to her VIP page from there. If you’re looking for more free stuff, check out the best free OnlyFans too.


4. Goddess Santos

goddess santos sexy pictures

Goddess Santos is an up-and-coming caramel-skinned beauty with a big, fat booty and a love of good blowjobs. This gorgeous, petite brunette came second place in the national OnlyFans blowjob competition, so she certainly knows a thing or two. Santos posts a range of content, all explicit, all super exciting. She posts stuff like solo content, blowjobs, collabs, anal and more. Santos also does regular live streams, custom videos, and even video calls. All of her content is full HD, and she posts/responds to messages multiple times a day – you’ll notice she’s online pretty much all the time she’s not sleeping! Check out Goddess Santos on OnlyFans for $5 for the first month, then for $50 for every following month (yup, she’s that confident you’ll love her page!).


5. Victoria Cakes

victoria cakes big ass onlyfans

Victoria Cakes is a real class act, and her huge, round booty is a show-stopper if ever I saw one. Victoria is a fan favorite, ebony BBW with a perfect body and a sizzling, fiery personality. Her long, brown hair tumbling down her back and falling on her gorgeous ass is a sight to behold. Victoria posts content daily, including sumptuous nude pictures, twerking videos, but also HD sex tapes including B/G, anal, solo and more. She loves to DM with her fans and chat one-on-one, as well as make high quality customs for you. She’s fetish friendly and open-minded, so why not give it a go? Check out Victoria Cakes below for $5 for the first 31 days, then for $19.99/month.


6. Daddy Deelz

daddy deelz adelia onlyfans that's offensive podcast

Daddy Deelz, real name Adelia is a lovely blonde babe with a big ass and a tiny waist. She hosts the “That’s OFfensive” podcast, which hopes to give a voice to many lesser known OnlyFans creators and “destigmatize the platform”. Adelia is a pretty popular creator herself, and this big-bootied babe has quite a good many followers on her podcast and on her OnlyFans page, not to mention that she’s a TikToker OnlyFans pro, with over 115k followers there too. Deelz posts regular content including solo content, G/G content, squirting, but she doesn’t collab with men. Check out this popular YouTuber with OnlyFans when you subscribe to her page below for free!


7. Persephone Pink

persephone pink hot alt girl

Persephone Pink calls herself a “Goth cutie with a fat booty”, and, well, she’s right on both points. This big ass OnlyFans goth chick posts multiple times a day, and every time her lovely, slim-thick body comes up on my feed it’s a real pleasure. Persephone is one of the sexiest alt-girls on the platform, and she posts some very spicy content. She already has over 10k posts on her page, including 1k+ HD videos and sex tapes. As soon as you subscribe, you get access to a few of her best sex tapes, some of which are over an hour long! Videos like “Sephy’s first sex party” and “Goth GFE JOI, ass worship, fuck machine, cream pie + facial POV” are just sitting there, waiting for you to subscribe! She also has a free page if you want to have a little preview before busting out the cash. Check out Persephone Pink for just $9.99 a month below.


8. Drea Alexa

drea alexa sexy big booty onlyfans

Drea is a curvy, tattooed beauty with a fat ass and a killer pair of boobs. This big tits OnlyFans star has the market cornered in terms of huge ass inked babes: she’s the best in the biz! She has over 1 million followers on Instagram, and lots of these fans have popped over to her OnlyFans to get some of her spicy content too! Although, the stuff she posts on Instagram can get pretty hot too! Drea posts daily content including stuff like solo play, B/G, toys, etc. She also loves to chat one on one with her adoring fans, make customs, video call, and all in all create a personalized experience for her fans. Check her out for free for the first 30 days at the link below! (Regular price $9.99).


9. Tayler Hills

tayler hills big butt onlyfans

Tayler Hill has one incredible butt for a white chick, let me tell you. When it comes to big ass OnlyFans stars, Tayler is no amateur: with over 1 million likes on just under 400 pictures, she’s garnered a fair amount of success in a short time. Tayler is a stunning brunette with a killer curvy body, complete with fat ass and soft titties. This crazy gorgeous babe posts all kinds of stuff, including daily nudes and lewd pics, as well as HD sex tapes with content such as blowjobs, B/G, creampies stripteases, toys and more. She’s open-minded and fetish friendly, and loves to make customs for her fans. Check out Taylers fat ass for free for 30 days below! (Regular price $5/month).


10. Angel Bae

angel bae big ass onlyfans

Angel Bae, sometimes just called Angel, is a lovely, long-haired American babe with a round, perky booty. Her tits are small, but natural looking and totally gorgeous. Angel posts all kinds of cool content, such as girl-on-girl, sex tapes, creampies, squirting and more! She posts fairly regularly, and loves to hear your feedback. She also chat with her fans daily, and does regular live stream shows for you. Check out Angel’s big ass and perky tits when you subscribe for $4.05 for the first 31 days (regular price $8.99), or check out her free account instead.


11. Shae Peach

shae peach foot fetish content

Shae Peach is a lovely, tattooed, slender girl with a big, soft booty and a pair of lovely long legs. Shae is not only known for having a lovely big booty, but also for having some very pretty feet that she loves to show off. She has an incredible body: round boobs, flat stomach, the works. Not only that, but her content is of very high quality and always exceeds expectations. Shae posts all kinds of X-rated content, usually involving her feet, and says she “has many kinks”, so subscribe today for $12 for the first month (regular price$20/month) and discover what these kinks are.


12. Meagan Starke

meagan starke mystic being onlyfans

Meagan Starke, known as Mystic Being is a lovely, thick blonde girl with an incredible butt and lovely, soft thighs. A curvaceous queen, Meagan is petite and thick, with weight in all the right places and a snatched waist. She posts regular content multiple times a week, and this can include anything from boudoir shots and spicy nudes all the way up to XXX content. Her repertoire of porn is pretty varied, and she loves to do stuff like strip tease, anal, role play, fetish content, B/G content and more. Check out what she can do for $5 for the first month (regular price $10 a month) when you subscribe below.


13. Anastasia Gress

anastasia gress onlyfans big ass

Anastasia Gress, also known as Nastia is a gorgeous, big-bootied babe with an incredible body and a love of lewd content. She says she has “big juicy tits and bouncy ass”, and her photos prove it! This stunning brunette is truly breathtaking, and she doesn’t half-ass her content, either. Everything she posts is of great quality, and she posts regular, varied stuff. She loves to make solo content, especially with a variety of different sex toys, to see if she can make herself squirt! Check out her full page when you subscribe for $3 for the first month at the link below (regular price $12/month).


14. Princess Pineapple

princess pineapple onlyfans big booty

Princess Pineapple is a gorgeous, slender girl with big tits, big booty, and long, pink hair. This big ass OnlyFans creator has the perfect body, she’s got a snatched waist and lovely curves, and is covered in beautiful tattoos. Princess Pineapple, who’s real name is Brandy, posts super seductive nudes and lewd pics, all the way up to HD sex tapes. She’s open-minded, and loves to talk to her fans too, so if you’re looking to get some nice PPV content to add to your collection or chat to a sexy, pink haired goddess, check out Brandy’s page for free below.


15. Yumi

yumi tiktok big butt onlyfans

Yumi is a delicious looking blonde girl with a big, round butt and a cute, seductive smile. This gorgeous, blonde e-girl has a big following on TikTok, and has used that to her advantage to move fans over to OnlyFans to make a little money. Her content is really great, and even without a fat ass, she’d know how to work the camera and make herself look sexy as hell. Yumi posts mostly cosplays, lewd pictures and sexy nudes, so if she floats your boat, consider subbing to this lovely young babe for $3 for the first 31 days (regular price $30/month).


16. Bouncy Britney

bouncy britney big ass

Bouncy Britney, as the name implies, has a big, thick, bouncy butt. This milf OnlyFans babe has lovely, blonde curly hair, natural boobs and a curvy body. She’s truly gorgeous, so knowing that she makes NSFW content fills me with excitement! Britney is very good at the OnlyFans game, and she posts everything from sultry nudes to XXX porn. She loves to make men cum, and knows her way around a big dick! Britney also loves to chat privately, do live streams, and even make video calls. She loves to get to know her fans personally. She runs two accounts: the free one linked below to whet your appetite, and a VIP page where there’s no PPV and everything is allowed. Check out her free page below!


17. Alina Becker

alina becker onlyfans pictures

Alina Becker is a sexy brunette with a fat ass and a big pair of lovely tits. This incredibly sexy model is slim but curvy in all the right places. She’s sultry, sexy, and all round breathtaking. Alina doesn’t post actual porn, and prefers to stick to gorgeous, well-photographed cosplays, lewds, semi-nudes etc. She’s no less seductive, however, and in fact sometimes the imagined can be sexier than seeing everything. She updates her page daily, and uploads multiple full photo sets every month. Check out Alina’s hottest pics, outfits, cosplays and more when you subscribe below for $12/month.


18. Ess

essaere onlyfans free

“Ess” as she’s simply known is a lovely, slim-thick alt girl with a big ass and a crazy hot bod. A truly gorgeous queen, Ess posts all kinds of hot cosplays and outfits, including semi nudes, lewds, boudoir pics and more. She’s very pretty, and very talented, and most importantly, has a very, very big ass that we just want to drown in. If you’re into cute, young alternative babes with big booties and perky tits, check out Ess below for free!


19. Evie Lee Mikomin

evie lee mikomin sexy pictures

Evie Lee Mikomin is another very popular cosplayer and high quality creator with a big ass and a lot of talent. This gorgeous, blonde bombshell has the ideal body, with lovely big boobs and an incredible booty. Evie Lee posts a range of sexy photos and videos, from lewd cosplays all the way up to soft core porn. She posts full topless pictures, and loves to get extra naughty with herself. She sends out multiple photo sets with videos and extras in the DMs every month, and they’re always of very high quality. If you have rebill on, she’ll even send some random surprise sets in to your inbox occasionally! You can also access all past content when you subscribe, so what are you waiting for? Check out Evie for $3.60 for the first month today (regular price $11.99).


20. Lindsey Pelas

lindsey pelas onlyfans big ass

Lindsey Pelas is a gorgeous, brazen blonde with a big, round booty and a love of good dick. This big ass OnlyFans babe has a lot to love: her butt is tasty, and her boobs are perky, so why wait around? Lindsey posts regular content including nudes, lewd pictures, sexy videos and even X-rated content, such as solo play, B/G and more. She’s stunning, talented, and hot as hell, it’s no surprise she’s considered one of the best in the business. Her platinum blonde hair and curvy body are enough to get anyone’s blood pumping, so subscribe for free today and get the most out of Lindsey.


21. Kira Noir

kira noir onlyfans big booty

Kira Noir is a pretty famous black pornstar with a big bubble butt and a lot of devoted fans. This gorgeous ebony babe has switched from traditional porn to OnlyFans, and now runs a very successful page where she shows off the gorgeous body the gods gifted her. Kira is a sultry, sexy babe with a history of being very good at various sexual practices, such as anal & blowjobs. She posts sexy nudes and high quality pictures, as well as hardcore XXX content including B/G, G/G, solo, toys and more. If Kira is up your alley, subscribe to her OnlyFans for $5 a month below.


22. Hannah Nicole

hannah nicole big ass onlyfans

Hannah Nicole is a sexy, sizzling hot redhead with an ass that won’t quit. Her big ass is almost better than her lovely round boobs… maybe it even is. Hannah is one of a kind, with a stunning body that most guys would kill for a feel of, and a beautiful face with big brown eyes and a sweet smile. She posts regular updates to her page, which is very popular for the small amount of pictures and videos currently uploaded! She mostly does business with PPV content, which is very affordable, as you’ll see. Hannah does totally uncensored content, including B/G, solo and G/G content. She’s fetish-friendly, open-minded and chats to her fans daily. If you like Hannah, she even does custom content upon request. Check out her page for free, or check out her VIP account for $5 for the first month, then for $50 a month.


23. Jenna Lee

jenna lee big ass onlyfans

Jenna Lee is a lovely, blonde babe with an incredible body: this big ass OnlyFans creator calls herself an “All-American, all natural blonde next door”. She often does live streams, and loves to interact with her fans while streaming. Jenna is not only sexy, but she’s very hardworking: she posts regular content to her page that includes fully uncensored nudes, and hot, steamy sex tapes. All her content is super explicit and hardcore, and she even makes customs for her most devoted fans. If you like the look of Jenna and want to chat to her one-on-one, subscribe to her below for free, or click through to her VIP page for the extra explicit stuff!


24. Lexi Belle

lexi belle onlyfans big booty

Lexi Belle is a pretty well known American pornstar with a passion for dick. Known for her barbie looks and big ass, this OnlyFans creator is a pretty big deal in the porn industry, even after almost 15 years in the industry. Lexi posts sizzling hot pictures and videos to her OnlyFans page, including nudes, lewds, and hardcore XXX content. Lexi, as you may know, doesn’t shy away from more hardcore practices. She’s intense and hardworking, and loves nothing more than sucking on a big fat cock and bouncing her big booty up and down on some guy’s balls. Check out her page for free and see what she’s got to offer!


25. Honey Gold

honey gold big ass onlyfans

Honey Gold is also a pretty big porn star that you may have already heard of. She’s mixed race, which means she’s one of the best Asian OnlyFans creators, as well as a pretty popular black creator. This Chinese pornstar loves to gobble down cock and get freaky in the sheets, all for your viewing pleasure. Honey Gold posts sexy nudes, boudoir pictures, as well as hardcore X-rated pornography. She loves to try new things, and has already made content including anal, B/G, G/G, creampies, cumshot and more. There’s a good reason she’s so popular, after all! Check out Honey Gold for $9.99 a month on OnlyFans today.


26. Gumiho

gumiho free onlyfans big ass

Gumiho is a cute cosplayer with a booty that could sink ships. She describes herself as a “nerd, gamer, cosplayer, nature enthusiast, booklover and horny way too often”, which, if you ask me, is a bit of an oxymoron. How can one be horny too often? Anyway, this big ass OnlyFans babe loves nothing more than getting naughty in the DMs, telling you how to jerk off, and getting paid. In terms of content, she does toy stuff, girl-on-girl, role play, explicit nudes, cosplay, collabs and more. She also enjoys stuff like naughty sexting, dick ratings and making custom videos. Check out her free to follow account below, or click through to her VIP account and pay $6 for the first month and see what a VIP subscription can get you!


27. Jolene Brody

jolene brody onlyfans big ass

Jolene Brody is a sexy, sultry redhead with a love of kinky men and women. This lovely big ass OnlyFans babe is truly gorgeous, covered in tattoos with a cute little septum ring and always has gorgeous makeup. Her body is fire, with a big booty and lovely perky boobs, she’s impossible to ignore. Jolene (with auburn hair and eyes of emerald green, anyone?) posts explicit, uncensored content, including nudes and X-rated porn. She’s a real squirter, too, so subscribe to her feed for free below and watch her explore herself until she soaks the carpet!


28. Non Summer Jack

non summer jack sexy pictures

Non Summer Jack, known simply as “non” is a half-Japanese half-black cosplayer with a big, fat booty that she often likes to coat in oil. This sexy brunette has an incredible body that she likes to dress up in all manner of fun costumes and get naughty with. She’s super cute and super sexy, and her cosplays are on another level! She posts regular pictures and videos, with content such as sexy lewd pictures and oiled up boudoir photography. Non doesn’t do full XXX content, just suggestive content which is arguably hotter, especially with her unique physical appearance and range of costumes. Check her out on OnlyFans today for $9.99 a month.


29. Savannah Paige

savannah paige big booty

Savannah Paige is a big-bootied blonde with a naughty secret: she’s always horny. She’s tall, blonde, has a big pair of lovely round boobs and a soft, perky butt. Savannah is really gorgeous, with barbie looks and a perfect body, but she’s also secretly very dirty. Savannah likes nothing more than getting naked and showing off the gifts’ god gave her! With a body like that, who can blame her? Savannah is very talented, as is very good at everything she sets her mind to, so why not subscribe to her OnlyFans for free and see what hides behind her innocent exterior?


30. Tiny Elena

tiny elena petite sexy

Tiny Elena is, just as the name suggests, tiny. However petite Elena is, her butt didn’t get the memo: this big ass OnlyFans blonde makes up for her lack of height in extra ass. Not only that, but her boobs are banging, and her face is beautiful – what more could a guy ask for? Elena is gorgeous, talented, and prolific: her page doesn’t have a lot of content posted yet, but everything she posts is high quality and seductive as fuck. She loves to chat to her fans, and in her own words, “we’ll never know what a simple conversation can lead to”! Elena posts naughty, uncensored content, and guess what? She’s single! So don’t hang around: subscribe to her page for $4 for the first month then for $40 for every month after that.


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