The Five Absolutely Worst Foods that Wreck Testosterone


Food, glorious food. Every day we eat and every day we add to our body something that . You may not know it, but there are a lot of testosterone killing foods out there today. If you want to make serious gains, and more importantly keep them you gotta know what’s going on with the stuff you put into your body.

Some foods can kill your testosterone

In this articles were going to talk about foods that kill your testosterone. We’re also going to explain how that happens, tell you the top five foods to avoid, and what to look out for so that the gains you make at the gym don’t get lost at the supermarket.

Food Chemistry and Testosterone

Every single thing that you put in your body affects its chemistry. A cup of coffee, a hamburger and joint all change have an effect on the balance inside you. Drinking coffee stimulates the nervous system and eating ice-cream makes you gain weight. We’ve got a whole article about herbs that boost your testosterone. So, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the food you eat can also have huge affects on your testosterone levels. The good thing is that it goes both way. There are certain foods that raise your testosterone levels. At the same time, there a lot of foods that actually lower your testosterone levels. So, if you want to be serious about getting ripped and staying that what you need to get informed about what your eating and what kills T-levels.

Testosterone Killing Foods

So now that you understand the some of the basics, we’re going to go over some of the foods that just kill testosterone. Some of which you’ll probably expect, but a few will probably surprise you. We’re only going to talk about the top five testosterone killing foods. There are others of course. And hopefully after reading this, you’ll be more aware of how to avoid eating something that not so good for you.

1. Soy and Soy products are not good for T-levels

Soy beans and soy bean products are going to be at the top of any list out there about food that ruin your testosterone levels. Soy-based products have chemicals called phytoestrogens which act similarly to estrogen. Likewise they contain isoflavones with trigger the body’s estrogens receptors. This combo makes soy and soy-based products terrible for your maintaining high levels of testosterone.

Soy is a food that kills testosterone production

If you’re serious about making gains and staying fit, soy is the number one testosterone-killer that you need to look for. Unfortunately, in our modern world this is a lot easier said than done. These days, soy or some soy compound is in a huge variety of foods. Here are some basic things to look out for that almost definitely contain soy

  • Miso
  • Most vegetable oils
  • Gelatin
  • Monosodium Glutamate (MSG)
  • Tofu and Tempeh
  • Shoyu sauce
  • Natto
  • Hydrolyzed soy protein (HSP)

The tricky this is – that list is not even close to complete. These days food makers add soy in places you would probably never expect it. Believe it or not, even some brands of beef jerky contain soy. So you can expect it to be everywhere. Just remember that you gotta read the label if you want to really avoid it.

2. Sugar kills testosterone levels

We know what you’re saying already. Sugar’s not really a food, it’s an ingredient. Which is true, but sugar has such a strong effect on a person’s testosterone levels that we had to put it on the list anyways.

Just like soy-based products, sugar is almost everything these days. This means giving up things likes sweets, cakes, donuts, and especially soda. But it doesn’t end there.¬†Food manufacturers are notorious for added sugar to things that often don’t need it. This includes things like white bread, yoghurt, BBQ sauce, granola bars, canned beans, and every store brand tomato sauce.

sugar is one of the biggest testosterone killing foods

Sugar can really diminish natural testosterone levels. Excess sugar is also shown to reduce men’s sex drive. This all comes from the glucose in sugar which both lowers testosterones levels and sets off the production of insulin which also impedes testosterone.

Like we said, food producers are putting sugar in everything to make it more appealing to customers, whether it should be there or not. Our advice for sugar is the same as it was for soy, start reading the food labels!

3. Milk and Dairy Products

A lot of people love cheese, milk, and ice-cream. While you shouldn’t be eat too much of those if you’re trying to get lean, even a little can be bad for you. The problem is that almost all dairy farms use a lot of antibiotics and hormones during production. And those chemicals don’t just disappear. They stay in the food and enter the body when you eat it. Any outside hormones can make your natural hormone levels go haywire and since most dairy products have a lot of them, you should be on the look out.

This doesn’t actually mean that all things that come from a cow are inherently going be testosterone killing foods. It does mean that you’ve got to be a aware about what you’re consuming. Dairy products made without hormones or antibiotics can actually be quite good for you. It’s not the thing itself, but it’s preparation that you need to worry about.

milk and dairy are testosterone killing foods

Our tip is that you should always assume that unless something specifically says that it wasn’t produced with hormones or antibiotics that it was. It’s just easier for big scale companies to produce this way, so they do. And that means that you’ve got to be on your toes and be alert when it comes to anything that comes from a cow.

4. Anything with trans fat reeks havoc on your hormones

Just like sugar, this isn’t really a food, but an ingredient. However, considering how much trans fats can absolutely reek havoc on your testosterone levels, we had to put them on this list. First we should probably explain what trans fats actually are.

Trans fats are oils that stay solid at room temperature. This is achieved through the process of hydrogenation. The process leaves unsaturated oils fully saturated which creates trans-fatty acids. If you’re familiar with margarine or the brand Crisco then you’re already familiar with trans fats.

Not only do trans fats lower testosterone, but they’re also bad for your cholesterol by increasing ‘bad cholesterol’ LDL. At the same time they lower ‘good cholesterol’ HDL.’ This is important because HDL supports the synthesis of testosterone in the body. Trans fats also increase the likelihood of heart problems and cardiovascular disease. Finally, trans fats can also affect your sex-drive, lower your libido, and cause an irregular sperm count.

Just like sugar and soy, avoiding trans fats can be harder than you think. Foods often contain trans fats that you might not expect. Our advice remains the same as it was before – get used to reading the label if you want to avoid ingredients in food that kills your testosterone. If you want to avoid trans fats you’ll need to avoid anything with oil with the following terms

  • hydrogenated
  • partially hydrogenated
  • hardened
  • partially hardened

5. Meat kills testosterone

You’re probably looking at this with an eyebrow already cocked, but stay with us for a minute. We’re not saying that meat by itself is a testosterone killing food. We’re saying that certain kinds of meat are. So, if you want to keep chewing on your animal flesh you gotta know which kind is best for you, your muscles and your body.

The big thing to be aware of is whether or not the meat your eating has been processed or not. More processed meat gets treated with more antibiotics, added preservatives, and hormones. As a result, these foreign chemicals can throw your hormonal balance out of whack, which directly affects your testosterone.

We do have some advice for you. Choose leaner cuts of meat and choose organic meat. Doing either or both will really reduce the interference from outside chemicals.

Recap on foods that kill testosterone

So now you know how much what you eat can affect your testosterone levels. Likewise, there are loads of foods and ingredients that kill testosterone that we don’t even think about normally. So there are definitely some things to avoid.

  • Soy in any form
  • Sugar
  • Milk and Dairy that’s not produced organically
  • Trans fats
  • Industrially produced meat products

There are also loads of other foods out there that should be avoided, but an article can only be so long. The news isn’t all bad, however. Just like how there are foods that kill testosterone, there are foods that also boost it. And in the same vein, there are herbs that boost your testosterone as well.

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