How You Can Really Tell If Someone is on Steroids or Not

These days, using anabolic steroids is becoming more and more common. Whether you use anabolic steroids or not is your own business and we’re not trying to judge anyone. However, with steroids on the rise, you might want to know how to tell if some is on steroids or not. We’ve actually, touched on this topic before in our article about the difference between natural bodybuilders and steroid users. But if you want to know more than you’ve come to right place.

Figuring out if someone is juicing or not isn’t an exact science by any means, but there are a lot of different signs to look out for that can clue you in. So in this article, were going over the changes that using anabolic steroids can trigger in a person. Then we’re going to give you a break down which signs to look for. That includes both the physical signs of steroid use as well as changes in behavior. And hopefully at the end of this article you have all the info you need about how to tell if someone is on steroids or not.

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How to Tell if Someone’s Using Steroids

Like we said, figuring out if someone is one steroids can be a bit tricky. Bear in mind that there are a lot of signs to look at. Some people only focus on a person’s muscles and call it a day at that. That’s a mistake. This really ignores the fact that different steroids are meant for different things. So while, a sudden increase in muscle might tell you that someone using Deca Durabolin, other steroids only focus on burning fat rather than gaining muscle. So it’s not just the hulking muscle mountains at the gym who might be using steroids, but someone you haven’t even considered before. So let’s start with the signs you can most readily see.

Physical Signs of Steroid Use

The entire reason that most people take steroids is to gain muscle. There are other reasons, but right now we’re going to focus on the people who really want to bulk up. As such, sudden muscle growth is an expected result of using steroids. That being said, you should assume that everyone you know who’s suddenly getting into shape is taking steroids. That’s because it’s not the size that you should be paying attention to but the speed. Building up big muscles takes time and doing it naturally is slow-going. For example, building 25 pounds of added muscle would take years to do naturally. So if you see someone doing it in a year, they might very well be juicing.

It’s All About the Shoulders

While considering some muscle groups, it can be pretty difficult to tell if someone is using steroids or just very dedicated to their bodybuilding routine. However, a person’s shoulders can oftentimes give it away. The thing is anabolic steroids let users bulk up their trapezius muscles to sizes much larger than most of us could ever attain through dedication alone. As a result, steroid users almost always end up having bigger traps than you normally see on natty builders. In specific, there will often be a larger bulge of muscle between their neck and shoulder as you can see in the photo below.

Huge traps are a good indicator of steroid use

Different Muscle Growth

Another key way to tell whether or not someone is using steroids is to look at their actual muscles. The thing is steroid users will often have different muscle proportions compared to natural bodybuilders. This is because anabolic steroids lets the user achieve rapid muscle growth. As a result, the muscles of someone using anabolic steroids can grow in a way that doesn’t line up with natural muscle growth.

One sign of steroid use is when someone’s muscles are overtly symmetrical. You can really see this when looking at different people’s abdominal muscles, which very often grow asymmetrically. At the same time, the muscles of someone on steroids sometimes just look different. Some people say that their muscles have more three-dimensional look to them or that they ‘pop’ more. When you look at side-by-side images, you can usually see what they mean.

Muscle Symmetry is clear way to tell if someone is on steroids

Skin as an Indicator of Steroids

Taking anabolic steroids affects the body’s functions in a lot of different ways. One of the most immediately noticeable side-effect of steroids is how it can change a person’s skin. We all know what natural skin looks like, so there’s need to explain that. However, for some people, using anabolic steroids can give their skin some distinct qualities.

Skin on steroids can offer have a matte-quality to it

On the one hand, some say that steroids give a person’s skin a more ‘matte’ or photoshopped look. You see steroids often increase a person’s blood pressure, which can have several effects. For many people, this makes their skin take on a more reddish tone. This can also make their skin look much more flushed than normal. Additionally the increase in blood pressure usually leads the body to try and make up for the raise core temperature.  As a result people on steroids will often sweat a lot more than they would normally, which brings us to another effect of steroids on the skin.

Using anabolic steroids can very often trigger acne for a lot of people. This isn’t limited to just the face. Many people who’ve used steroids have report massive outbreaks on their back, shoulders and even on their ass. So, if you notice someone gaining a lot of muscle and also breaking out a lot more than they usually do, they might be using.

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Check the Hairline

As you already know, using anabolic steroids can seriously throw a person’s hormone balance out of whack. We’ve mentioned in previous articles that this imbalance means that steroids can seriously affect a person’s hairline. For those who want to know more we recommend our article about steroids and hair-loss. If you don’t have time then we’ll give you the cliff notes – excessive testosterone turns off a man’s hormonal signals to replace hair they’ve loss. So, if you notice that someone is getting a lot more buff in a short time and that their hair is also receding then you have a solid case that they’re using steroids.

Hair loss can help tell if someone is on steroids

Other Tell-Tale Sign of Using Steroids

Steroids come with a lot of physical side-effects, but there are a lot of other ways to figure out if someone if on the juice. Steroids can really change a person’s hormonal balance. As a result, you can also tell a lot of information by their changes in behavior. People who don’t know much about steroids will often call all of this ‘roid-rage’ and simply move on. However, the situation is a bit more complicated, so we’ll try to explain.

A person’s hormones help regulate their moods and emotional responses. So when we say that steroids cause mood swings, we’re not just talking about unexpected bursts of anger. Really this means any sudden burst of unexpected or uncontrolled emotion. This can mean that someone on steroids might feel a sudden jolt of sadness, a burst of jealousy. Determining if some is using steroids based on this can be a lot more tricky, especially if they’re already prone to emotional bursts.

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How to Tell if Someone is on Steroids

So there you have it. Our best advice on how to tell if someone is on steroids. First you should start by looking for any obvious outward signs. These include things like muscle shape and the look of their skin. It also includes less flattering side-effects such as hair loss and acne in unexpected places. In addition to the physical signs, using anabolic steroids can also have a lot of other side effects. If someone is experiencing a  lot of sudden changes in mood (not just anger), headaches or trouble sleeping, then they might be using steroids.

Of course, this is only an introduction. Steroids are a lot more complicated than any of this and explaining it all takes time. So if you want to know even more on the subject you can also check out some of the facts on steroids from this site.

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