Analistica Academy

Analistica Academy

Are you ready to join the Analistica Academy? A very special academy that is composed only of women. Meet and seduce the women of the academy who only want a real man to finally penetrate them after years of abstinence.

Mixing visual novel and dating game, Analistica Academy is an ultra exciting hentai game that is sure to make you hard and cum quickly.


What is Analistica Academy ?

Analistica Academy is a hentai style visual novel in which you will be able to follow an exciting story and participate in the discussions of the game characters. Played exclusively with the mouse, it is an intriguing game that offers a story with dozens of possibilities that will be up to you. Make your own choices to move the story forward !


Nothing better than in a hentai visual novel to be the hero that all women want. And that is exactly the case in this game. Here, women haven’t seen men for a few years now. That’s why you’ve been transferred to this academy: to satisfy these horny ladies.

Get ready for a few hours of debauchery in which you will participate in the most exciting orgies in history.

The only man on earth

As I said before, you are one of the last men on earth. After a failed scientific experiment, a huge catastrophe killed more than 90% of the men on earth. Only the most virile and alpha ones survived, giving them even some mysterious powers…

That’s why you are sent to the academy, to satisfy women who haven’t received a good dick for a few years now. It’s very simple: as soon as you step into this new school, one of your teachers takes you directly into her office and asks you to penetrate her with your huge member.

And those powers I mentioned earlier? You can last as long as you want! Which means you’ll be able to make all the women in the school cum again and again and cover them with your hot cum.

A hardcore visual novel

This is the part of the visual novel that is the most enjoyable. The game doesn’t waste any time, and it has a lot of exciting sex scenes one after the other. In a public bath, in class where you will take in doggy style all your friends and even your teacher. They all want only one thing: to get your sperm back by any means.

Orgies, anal, threesomes, public fucking, fellatio, facial cumming or reverse gang bang, in Analistica Academy, there is no forbidden position and depending on the character you are going to fuck, some positions will be unlocked for later.

The huge advantage is that thanks to your power, you will be able to fuck all day long without even getting tired. And they’ll want more, again and again and again! For our greatest pleasure.

Final opinion on Analistica Academy

I just finished the whole game and I can tell you without any problem that my opinion about Analistica Academy is very, very positive! This visual novel is terribly intriguing and exciting. The story is super addictive and I couldn’t tear myself away from the computer so much I wanted to know what happens next.

And the sex scenes are ultra detailed and exciting. The details of the animations are just breathtaking and the moans and cries of pleasure that can be heard throughout the game will stay in your head long after the game is over.

If you don’t know what to play as a porn or hentai game. I can only recommend you this hardcore visual novel!


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