Sexting app : 10+ Best Sexting Apps That Works

Do you love sexting ? Who doesn’t, to be honest. It’s the perfect way to spice up solo play, or even to get some excitement going in your relationship if you’re not together for a while. Whatever your reason is, there’s plenty of sexting apps to help you get the job done. Whether it’s apps to help you find someone to have a hot and heavy conversation with, or whether it’s simply an encrypted messaging app so you and your partner can enjoy some private fun, you’ll find whatever you need right here. Read on to discover the best sexting apps, why we love them, and the pros and cons of each one. Strap in !

1. Adult Friend Finder

If you’ve read anything online about hookup sites and sexting apps, you’ll probably be at least slightly familiar with AdultFriendFinder. This website is the best of the best when it comes to meeting and chatting with loose and horny singles. It’s even good for one-night stands, so you don’t have to stop at sexting !

adultfriendfinder registration free

You’ll need a premium account to actually chat long term with users and meet up with them, but in our opinion, the pricing is pretty fair and actually quite a bit cheaper than some other similar websites. You can choose to sign up for one month for 29.95 €, for three months at 25.95 € per month (for a total of 77.85 €), or for one year at 14.95 € per month (for a total of 179.40 €).

You may also want to read our full review of AdultFriendFinder for all the details !

What do we like about Adult Friend Finder ?

AdultFriendFinder is part of a big family of websites under the “FriendFinder” umbrella, such as GayFriendFinder and AsianFriendFinder. This means that AFF is not only part of a reputable and well known group of sites, but is also the best among them in terms of user base: without specifying the type of person you can meet on the platform, AdultFriendFinder boasts a community of over 90 million people worldwide.

Pros and Cons


  • A huge, vibrant community
  • Affordable Premium
  • Part of the “FriendFinder” group of websites


  • Not many features available for free members


2. BeNaughty

Next up on our list of sexting apps is a fan favourite: BeNaughty. This is a hugely popular platform that has over 13 million visitors every month: single horny people from all over the globe come together regularly on BeNaughty to enjoy some hot sexting. Why not join them ?


If you want to start chatting to any of the sexy and lustful women you’ll inevitably be messaged by, you’ll need to upgrade to a premium account. However, BeNaughty Premium is pretty good value in my opinion. You can even take advantage of the one-day discovery offer : for just €0.99, you can check out all of BeNaughty Premiums features and see if the website suits you.

If you decide to upgrade, you can either pay €9.73 per week (€1.39 /day), €34.99 per month, or €74.97 for 3 months (€24.99 /month)

Read our review of BeNaughty for more details about this excellent sexting app!

What do we like about BeNaughty ?

What makes BeNaughty really stand out against its competitors is firstly how cheap the Premium is, but also the €0.99 one day trial. For less than a euro, you can try everything BeNaughty has to offer, including the opportunity to meet and hookup with singles in your area. Why not try it out ?


  • Affordable premium account and one-day trial
  • Fun features like webcam chatting
  • Modern and intuitive interface


  • A certain number of fake profiles


3. Confide

Confide is a messaging app that we really love, particularly for conducting naughty business. Available on PC, Mac, iOS and Android, Confide allows you to chat completely confidentially at all times. It’s 100% encrypted, messages self-destruct, and everything is completely screenshot proof.

confide best sexting app

When it comes to keeping your conversations private, Confide knows what it’s doing. It’s not a hookup app for meeting potential partners, however, simply one of the best options for keeping your private conversations private. You can even upgrade to a premium account if you want some extra perks, such as being able to retract messages, send unlimited pictures and even play with different themes.

What do we like best about Confide ?

The best thing about Confide is easily the screenshot proofing. If you attempt to take a screenshot of a conversation or naughty picture, the app will automatically close and send a notification to your partner. The screenshot will also be blurred beyond recognition. Pretty neat if you don’t want your nudes leaked !


  • End-to-end encryption on all messages
  • Screenshots are automatically blurred
  • Messages disappear after being read
  • Free to use
  • Premium version available with extra perks


  • No community


4. Zoosk

Zoosk is another platform you may already be familiar with : it’s modern design and interface make it easy to use, and a common choice for those wishing to chat to or even meet up with hot sexy singles.

best sexting apps zoosk

Looking people up and browsing is completely free, you just need to register. However, like with many similar websites, you’ll need to upgrade to a premium account if you want to start sexting. A subscription to Zoosk allows the user to communicate with anyone, any time. You’ll also get access to perks such as live chatting and seeing your most recent profile visits.

For access to Zoosk Premium for one month, you’ll be charged €24.99. For 3 months, you’ll be charged €17.49 a month (total : €52.47). For 6 months, you’ll be charged €12.50 a month (total : €75.00)

What do we like best about Zoosk ?

The best thing about Zoosk is how clean and easy to use the website is. Everything is modern and sleek, giving it a luxurious feel. We love how easy it is to start chatting to hot, single women.


  • Beautiful, easy to use interface
  • The mobile app is as good as the website
  • 17+
  • Affordable premium


  • Free accounts are limited
  • Some underage people (17+), so be cautious.


5. XMatch

XMatch is another hugely popular sexting app that allows for meeting up with members of its growing community. The amount of regular users is constantly going up, and with fun features like there are on XMatch, it’s easy to see why.

xmatch best sexting app

Whether you’re looking for some steamy sexting or a one night stand, XMatch may be the perfect solution to all your problems. This platform (also available as an app on iOS and Android) allows for anyone to chat day and night to horny people all around the world. Just complete the free registration process and verify your email to be able to browse among the hundreds of thousands of potential sexting partners that meet your criteria. However if you want to start chatting, watching live webcams and making the most of all the features XMatch has to offer, you’ll need to upgrade. You can either pay for one single month at €29.95/month, 3 months upfront at €25.95/month (total: €77.85), or 1 year upfront at €14.95/month (total: €179.40).

What do we like best about XMatch?

The best thing about XMatch in my opinion is the live webcams. Once you upgrade to a premium account, not only can you sext till you drop, but you can also watch men and women do whatever they like to themselves and others via the live webcam chat function. You can even have private sessions if you want.


  • Live webcams
  • Large community
  • Affordable GOLD account and different payment options


  • A few more men than women use the site.


6. Dust

Dust is another sexting app similar to Confide : this amazing iOS and Android app allows for complete privacy when sending naughty messages. Let’s dig in to what’s so great about Dust.


Dust is a fairly new app to the scene, and it has quickly garnered a lot of attention and a loyal userbase. Why ? Well, for many reasons. Most notably Dust respects your privacy, and knows that a lot of people use it for sexting. Messages are deleted after viewing, all messages are encrypted, and Dust doesn’t show your username on the messaging screen. This means even if someone did take a screenshot, there’s no proof that you sent the message !

What do we like best about Dust ?

Not showing someones username in the messaging screen is really great, because although some other apps my blur screenshots, that doesn’t allow for if someone takes a picture of their screen. However with Dust, even if someone took a picture, the name isn’t visible. Your identity is totally safe !


  • End-to-end message encryption
  • Name not shown on messaging screen
  • Self-destructing messages
  • Free to use


  • No community
  • No screenshot blurring


7. Wickr

Wickr is another app we really like for sending secret messages, voice recordings, pictures and other sexy stuff to your partner. This app is super secure and trusted by users all over the world to keep their secrets safe.

wickr best sexing app

Wickr is a free app that’s available on iOS and Android. A free account allows for up to 30 registered users under one account. However, if you want to upgrade to a more complete account with more users larger file transfers and extra perks, you can of course do so.

Wickr has 4 accounts available: Basic, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. The Basic account is 100% free, and allows you to transfer up to 1gb of files, retain your data for up to 30 days, but also use all the regular features like screen sharing and video calls.

The paid accounts all have different perks: Silver allows for unlimited storage, 3 months data retention, 9 to 5 support (Monday to Friday), and a few others. This account costs €4.99 per user per month. Gold accounts allow for 1 year data retention, multiple network admin, unlimited group/security controls and more. This account costs €9.99 per user per month. Finally, the Platinum account : with the most prestigious account, you will have all the perks available with a Gold account, plus training and customer support, 24/7 support, unlimited data retention, etc. This will set you back €25.99 per user per month.

What do we like best about Wickr ?

My favourite thing about Wickr is the different tiers of premium accounts : you can adapt your account to your personal needs depending on how long you want to keep your data, among others.


  • Different levels of premium account for all your needs
  • Super secure
  • More than one user can use one account
  • End-to-end encryption


  • The premium accounts are a little pricey


8. Juicebox

Juicebox is a great app and somewhat of a wildcard in our list. It’s not really an app for sexting partners or finding them, but a one stop shop for learning how to sext effectively and practicing your skills.


JuiceBox is one of a kind when it comes to teaching you about flirting and sexting. You’ll get useful tips, but the best thing about JuiceBox is the interactive ChatBot, SlutBot. This kinky little sidekick will teach you how to become a sexting master with fun interactive stories to get your juices flowing. Just enter your mobile number to get started !

What do we like best about Juicebox ?

Our favourite thing about JuiceBox is SlutBot and its fun interface. The website is super colourful and fun, and claims to be inclusive to all genders and sexualities.


  • Interactive sexting bot
  • Very inclusive
  • Fun interface


  • You'll be charged the price of a text for every sext you send.


9. PlentyOfFish

We’ve spoken about POF a few times is previous articles, but I thought it deserved another mention here since it’s truly a great app. Plenty Of Fish claims to be “The Way To Date”, and it’s easy to see why. This app, although great for sexting, also allows for meeting like minded people in real life. Intrigued ? Let’s dive deeper.

plenty of fish sexting app

Plenty Of Fish (of POF) is very easy to use and popular with younger generations. It prides itself on being inclusive too, and you simply set your preferences on your profile to begin chatting to anyone. No matching or waiting, just message whoever you want straight away !

You can use most of the sites features for free, but if you want to upgrade to get perks, you can get a Premium account for 3 months for $20 / month ($59.99), for 6 months for $15 / month ($89.99), or for 12 months for $10 / month ($119.99).

What do we like best about PlentyOfFish ?

My favourite thing about PlentyOfFish is how easy to use and inclusive it is. The interface is fresh and modern, and it’s very easy to find people to chat to in no time at all.


  • Free account allows you to use all the websites features
  • Gender and sexuality inclusive
  • Beautiful and easy to use design


  • Some fake profiles can send messages since no matching is required


10. JustBeWild

Last on our list of the best sexting apps is JustBeWild.We thought it deserved a place on this list basically due to how much fun it is!

justbewild sexting app

JustBeWild is a really fun place to start sexting fast. Technically a hookup/dating app, JBW allows for it’s users to meet up in real life if things go that far. Search for potential sexting partners with elaborate filters to help find someone who suits you, and select between over 400,000 members with verified photos. The photo verification really limits the amount of fake accounts and bots on the site.

What do we like best about JustBeWild ?

The best thing about JustBeWild is for sure the photo verification. Be bothered no longer by bots and spam, verified users are aplenty on this amazing sexting app!


  • Loads of filters for finding your perfect match
  • Possibility for things to progress to meet-ups
  • Photo verification
  • Chat for free!


  • Some in-app purchases


What makes a good sexting app ?

So, after going in to some detail about our favourite sexting apps and why we like them, we can pretty easily evaluate what makes a good sexting app.

For me, the resounding pros of a good sexting app are a good, modern and easy to use interface, coupled with a vibrant, diverse community. Security is also a very important aspect, since sexting needs to always stay private. Pricing comes into play somewhat, even if you’re prepared to pay more for a good experience.

The best apps are affordable, beautifully designed, secure and offer a large community of members.

How to sext ?

So now you know where to go, you need to know how to start getting things a little steamy ? No worries, we’re here to give you a push in the right direction.

Sexting is a delicate art that requires some premeditation. The most important thing to remember is never to dive in straight away – much like during actual sex, most women need to be warmed up somewhat before they’ll get really kinky. Start by simply being playful and flirty, and play off her energy. The more you take up the heat, the more obvious it’ll be if she’s into it ! If she starts reciprocating your energy, you’re in.

Always ask her questions that could be vaguely sexual, like “what are you wearing?” or “do you know what i’d love to do right now?” even if she’s not horny, these may put ideas in her head.

Once you’ve established that you’re both ready to get hot and heavy, the quality of your sexts really matters. Much like during sex, don’t forget to look after her. Don’t just tell her what you’re doing, but tell her what you want to do to her ! Tell her how much you want to touch her, and how much she drives you crazy. You can even start being a little domineering, asking her if she likes it and if she wants more. If she’s into it, call her names like “slut” and “bitch”. Some women go crazy for that ! The best thing is to just feed off of her energy and give back to her what she gives to you.

That should be enough to get you started ! Remember, sexting can sometimes be awkward, so always try to make it relaxed and easy for everyone and you should be fine. Don’t be nervous, everyone does it !

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