Hookup Sites : Top 15 Best Casual Sex Sites for Adult Dating

So you’re looking for a quick hookup—no judgement here, we’ve all been lonely from time to time. But sometimes the most popular dating apps end being a bit frustrating. From getting stood up, to being catfished, to being completely ghosted, there are so many ways in which online dating can go terribly wrong. That’s why we’re here to help you out today : we’ve made a complete list of the 15 best hookup sites and best hookup apps for adult dating, so you never have to spend ages waiting for a reply again. In fact, why not multiply your chances and sign up for a bunch of them all at once?

What Are The Best Hookup Sites ?

Before we go into detail about what makes each site great, lets firstly take an overall glance at each website and it’s best aspect. Here are the top 15 hookup websites and apps, in our humble opinion.

Hookup Site What we love about it
BeNaughty Perfect all-in-one website with a great design
AdultFriendFinder Huge community, very iverse
Ashley Madison Free for women
Tinder Very popular, and totally free
Bumble Women make the first move
OneNightFriend 0.99 € trial day offer
Hinge Ice-breakers for people who may be shy at first
Zoosk 17+
Seeking Aimed at an elite audience
Feeld Very inclusive and fun
Alt.com Unconventional and kinky !
Silver Singles Perfect for senior users
OkCupid Good for hookups that can turn into relationships
PlentyOfFish Inclusive, young audience.
Free registration includes 5 free messages daily

1. BeNaughty

Right at the top of our list of the best hookup sites, you’ll find BeNaughty. There are plenty of reasons to love this website, so let’s waste no time explaining why we’ve put in the number 1 spot.


BeNaughty is an excellent resource for all genders and sexualities, no matter what they’re looking for : a simple hookup, a soulmate, someone to have fun with, or just a quick online flirting session. Find all you could want and more on BeNaughty!

Once you create an account, you’ll be shown a gallery of girls and / or boys that meet your criteria. You can start talking to them straight away ! Just click on a profile and send them a message : the first 5 are free every single day, so when you run out, just wait until tomorrow if you don’t want to splurge on the premium features. As soon as you create an account and add a picture to your profile, the messages start coming in. This platform has a huge and very active user base, which is a huge plus in our books.

Send people “likes” to let them know you think they’re cute, and message the ones you think are REALLY cute. Unfortunately, you’ll quickly be limited by the free version. You can only read a couple of incoming messages a day before you can unlock more, and if you don’t reply, the messages are deleted. You also can’t see everyone’s pictures without paying. Read our full review of BeNaughty for more details.

If you’re getting impatient, you can of course upgrade to BeNaughty premium. The pricing is pretty standard :

  • Pay €0.99 to unlock premium for 1 day
  • Pay €1.39 a day to unlock for a week (total : €9.73)
  • Pay €34.99 to unlock all features for a whole month
  • Pay €24.99 a month to unlock for a whopping 3 months ! (total : €74.97).


  • Loads of different features
  • A large and active user base
  • A good male / female ratio
  • Good for finding sex, but also a soulmate
  • 5 free daily messages


  • Lots of features are premium only.

2. Adult Friend Finder

Next up on the list, Adult Friend Finder. As with BeNaughty, nobody here is messing around : with a user base of over 80 million users, you’re pretty much guaranteed to find a fresh and horny hookup partner in a short space of time. Sometimes the casual hookups even blossom into dating, or friends with benefits type “situationships”.

adult friend finder hookup site

The best thing about Adult Friend Finder, is that it’s not just a site for meeting people in real life, like a hookup generator. In fact, when you register, you get access to a few of the different features on the website. AFF’s most popular features include, but are not limited to : live webcams, public chat rooms, galleries bursting with hot explicit photos, and even something called “Sex Academy”, so when you eventually do get a hook-up sorted, you’ll be able to impress your partner ! It’s no surprise we consider this to be one of the absolute best hookup sites. Read our full review of AdultFriendFinder for more details.

To get access to all of AFF’s features, you’ll need a premium subscription.

  • Pay €29.95 / month for a 1-month subscription
  • Pay €25.95 / month for a 3-month subscription (total : €77.85)
  • Or, pay €14.95 / month for a 6-month subscription (total : €179.40)


  • Numerous fun and exciting features
  • Lots of users of all genders and orientations
  • Live webcams


  • Not the cheapest hookup site

3. Ashley Madison

Next up, Ashley Madison. This website is really something special ! This website is really built for those who want to have secret and torrid affairs. It’s all about discretion and privacy (although there are many single people and couples looking to have group sex too!).

ashley madison best hookup apps

Ashley Madison has a credit based pay system, which means you buy “credit” which is used as virtual currency. However, something we really like, is that everything is free for female users. This means that the women to man ratio is pretty split down the middle, and you won’t find yourself wading through men’s profiles and fighting over one hot girl.

It’s a great place for open-minded people who want to try some kinky stuff, and have no issues with hooking up with married people. There are loads of awesome features to this website, like the “travelling” mode that means you can keep looking for hookups while you’re on a business trip, which is pretty exciting.

Read our full review of Ashley Madison for more details.

Now let’s get to the nitty-gritty of the pricing : as we’ve already said, Ashley Madison runs off a credit system and not a monthly payment. This can be either a good or a bad thing, depending on how much you use the site ; but here’s a basic rundown of the price.

  • 100 credits will cost you 60 cents a credit, totalling at $59.99
  • 500 credits will cost you 34 cents a credit, totalling at $169.99
  • 1000 credits will cost you 29 cents a credit, totalling at $289.99


  • Open-minded and diverse individuals
  • As many women as there are men
  • “Travel” mode
  • It's free for women


  • There are a number of fake profiles to avoid
  • The credit based payment system could be better

4. Tinder

How could one possibly make a list of the best hookup sites without mentioning, of course, Tinder. Everyone knows Tinder has its pros and cons, which we’ll get to in a little, but there’s no denying it’s secured a place on this list simply for being such a goliath in terms of dating apps.


Firstly, Tinder was the first hookup app to use the “swipe” method that’s now pretty much copied everywhere. Swipe left to reject a potential hookup, or right to accept : the concept is so simple yet so amazing !

Tinder started out being a simple hookup app, but has now evolved into also being a place where people can meet their soulmate. And with hundreds of millions of worldwide users, it surely couldn’t take very long.

The best thing about Tinder, though, is that it’s 100% free. No matter how many swipes, you can just keep coming back for more and never having to dig into your pockets.


  • 350 million swipes a day
  • Most profiles are real, hardly any are fake
  • It's 100% free
  • Hookup or soulmate : find either fast
  • Swipe system makes browsing fast and easy


  • The user base is mostly younger people
  • Not much “about me” information

5. One Night Friend

One Night Friend is a hookup site that’s all about fun. Dating, hooking up and sex should all be fun and hassle-free, and that’s how One Night Friend aims to keep it ! Read on to find out why we think it deservers the number 6 spot on our list of the best hookup sites.

one night friend best hookup sites

It works in a pretty similar way to BeNaughty for example : you make an account on the landing page, and as soon as you’ve verified your email address, you can already start browsing through potential partners close to your location. You can immediately start liking profiles and sending messages, which is pretty exciting. You can view peoples profiles and like as many as you want, and there’s a lot to get through : One Night Friend has a pretty big user base and messages start coming in really fast.

Much the same as some other hookup sites we’ve talked about, only the first 5 messages are free, and you can’t view all incoming messages.

To get access to all the features offered by One Night Friend, you’ll need to upgrade to premium ; here’s the pricing we’re working with.

  • For 0.99 €, you can unlock premium features for 1 day
  • For 1.39 € a day, you can unlock all features for a week (total : 9.73 €)
  • For 34.99 €, you’ll unlock all features for a month
  • For just 24.99 € a month, you’ll unlock all features for 3 months ! (total : 74.97 €).


  • A huge amount of active users
  • Fair pricing
  • 5 Free daily messages
  • Different criteria in the search engine can help you find the perfect match


  • Lots of features are behind a paywall

6. Bumble

Ah, Bumble. Another app that came about as a contender for Tinders crown, but has a special little quirk that Tinder doesn’t have. Okay, so Bumble may have copied Tinders swiping method (as so many apps have done since), but it really is an excellent app in its own right, and has definitely earned its place on our list of the best hookup sites.


The great thing about Bumble is that, not only is it also free to use, but it also has the particularity of making women make the first move. It’s a pretty feminist app, where only women can start conversations. Hence, the fact that most weirdos and dick-pic senders stick to apps like Tinder (or even Instagram). Bumble has a pretty safe feeling to it, and most of the guys who are on there are respectful and kind.

Another thing we like is that the “about me” section is more involved and can be longer than on some apps. You can tell potential partners all about you, and you don’t have to simply decide from a knee-jerk reaction to someone’s physical appearance.


  • Over 100 million active users
  • Safe space for women
  • It's 100% free
  • The familiar swipe system we know and love


  • Not suited for same-sex relationships

7. Hinge

Hopping back now to another popular hookup app, lets talk about Hinge. Hinge claims to be “designed to be deleted” : what does that mean though ? It means that Hinge’s goal is to help you find something long-term. If you’re looking for short term, try any of the other of the best ookup sites on this page !

hinge best hookup app

What we like about Hinge, is that it completely eliminates the awkward “ice breaking” stage. Hinge sends each person a few prompts to get the ball rolling : it’s a great app for those who maybe struggle with starting conversations. However, Hinge does limit the number of daily swipes you can use unless you pay for a premium account.

Hinge is great for those who are maybe a bit socially awkward, and really want to find “the one”. The limited number of swipes makes it not particularly adapted for endless hookups.

The premium subscription has a decreasing monthly price depending on how many months you subscribe for :

  • 1 month of Hinge Premium costs $29.99 billed monthly
  • 3 months of Hinge Premium costs $19.99 monthly billed every 3 months (total : $59.97)
  • 6 months of Hinge Premium costs $14.99 monthly billed every 6 months (total : $89.94)


  • Lots of active users
  • Descending monthly price
  • Perfect for conversation starting
  • Lots of quality people and quality conversations


  • Limited number of swipes without premium subscription

8. Zoosk

Lets talk about Zoosk. Number 8 on our list is a fairly popular dating site / app that has definitely made a place for itself among its competitiors on this list of the best hookup sites. First of all, its 17+, so no teen dating allowed ! This is incredibly helpful for those who may be nervous about accidentally talking to people outside of their age group. With 50 million users across 40 countries, Zoosk must be doing something right !


Registration is free and so is checking out any and all profiles. However if you want to start really getting into it, you’re gonna need a premium subscription. We think it’s worth it, but it’s up to you to decide which hookup site suits your needs.

A premium subscription allows you to chat with everyone and anyone with no limits. You can even live chat, and see who recently visited your profile. To get access to these features, the prices are below :

  • For 1 month of Zoosk Premium, you’ll pay 24,99 €.
  • For 3 months, you’ll pay 17,49 € a month (total : 52.47 €)
  • For 6 months, the price is set at 12,50€ a month (total : 75 .00 €)


  • 17+ Only
  • Descending monthly price
  • Lots of active users


  • Unable to reply to messages without premium

9. Together2night

Together 2night is another really good option for any age, gender and sexuality who are looking for a quick hookup. Here’s why we think it’s one of the best hookup sites.


First off, you’ll need to create a free account to get the ball rolling : sign up and verify your email address to get access to the website. Immediately, you’ll get some interest (provided you upload a profile picture). This is another site with an active user base and it shows straight away. You’ll never go too long without a new message !

However like some other websites, the number of messages you can send and recieve is very limited, and you can’t see everyones pictures. To unlock all features (including webcam chat), you’ll need a premium subscription.

  • To gain access for 1 Day, you’ll be charged 0.99 € / day.
  • To gain access for 1 week, you’ll be charged 1.39 € / day (9.37 € total)
  • To gain access for 1 month, you’ll be charged 34.99 € / month
  • To gain access for 3 months, you’ll be charged 24.99 € / month (74.97 € total)


  • Free registration and 5 free messages a day
  • Lots of active users
  • Affordable premium


  • A fair number of fake profiles

10. Feeld

Feeld is a dating app that is aimed at people with open minds, and maybe are looking for something a little different, dare I say, spicy. In our opinion, it’s definitely one of the best hookup sites. It’s perfect for open relationships or people with different gender identities or sexualities, and even couples looking to hookup with other couples. Feeld prides itself on inclusivity, and has an extensive list of choices when setting up your profile.

best hookup app feeld

It’s also totally free to use, however a premium version is available for those interested. The premium subscription (called “Majestic), offers features like “future connections” (all the users who’ve liked your profile), and makes you able to hide your profile from Facebook friends.

Feeld Majestic can either be paid for monthly for 11.99 € / month, or tri-monthly for 23.99 € (8.00 € per month).


  • Very inclusive
  • An easy to use and sophisticated app
  • Can be used for free with no problems
  • The blog has some great articles


  • You can't go “incognito” without a Majestic subscription.

11. Alt.com

ALT is the perfect website for those who are looking for something a little… different. Whether you’re into bondage, have a particular fetish, or just like it really rough, you’ll find the perfect partner who won’t be scared to try new things on Alt.com, and that’s why we’ve given it a spot on our list of the very best hookup sites.


What we love about Alt is how inclusive it is : join as a couple, single man or single woman, and search for different types of people depending on what you like.

Everything on Alt is designed to be sexy and hardcore, so it’s definitely not for the faint hearted.

The premium subscription has two tiers : gold and silver. A silver subscription makes you able to contact members, see blogs, videos and more. A gold subscription allows you to get access to all the perks of a silver account, but also to more blogs and videos, and will mean that your profile is pushed to the top of search engine results. Here’s a breakdown of their prices :

  • A Gold account is 33.77 € per month if you pay monthly, or 22.54 € if you pay tri-monthly (total : 67.62 €)
  • A Silver account is 22.49 € per month if you monthly, or 13.52 € if you pay tri-monthly (total : 40.56 €)


  • Perfect for those with unconvential desires
  • Free and easy subscription
  • Easy to start conversations with like minded people


  • The premium is a little pricey
  • Less users than some websites

12. Silver Singles

Silver Singles is the only entry on this list that is designed and built exclusively for people over the age of 50. If that’s you, keep reading to find out about what is – in our opinion – one of the best hookup sites for seniors.

best hookup site silver singles

Silver Singles is very popular within its demographic, and it’s easy to understand why. When you first sign up, you have to let the algorithm know what gender you are, and what gender you’re looking for. You’ll also be asked about your marital status, your level of education, and a few other things.

This is all part of a personality test to really try and get to know you and show you the best potential partners out there. You’ll even be shown some photos and images and be asked to pick which one speaks to you the most personally, as well as things like “how important is your partners religion to you”, etc. The personality test is extremely in depth, and can take up to 20 minutes to finish, so make sure to sit down with a cup of coffee !

Unfortunately, Silver Singles doesn’t have a free membership plan. This is a high quality dating site, so it’s understandable. Here’s a breakdown of the prices :

  • Premium Light refers to the simplest account, which will cost 37.95 € / month and lasts for 3 months (total : 113.85)
  • Premium Classic is the next step up : it costs 21.95 € per month and lasts for 6 months (total : 131.70 €)
  • Premium Comfort is the most exclusive plan, which costs 19.95 € per month for a 12 month subscription (total : 239.40 €)

All plans offer full access to the website and mobile app, however the longer you subscribe for, the more money you save.


  • Specifically built for the over 50s
  • Easy and in depth personality test
  • Descending prices


  • No free account

13. OKCupid

OK Cupid is another site that’s kind of more leaning towards being a dating app than a hookup app. If you’re looking for a partner, OK Cupid may be the place for you. The best hookup sites also allow for finding a long term partner after all !

best dating app okcupid

With OK Cupid, find the person who’s perfect for you in no time at all. OK Cupid is very left-leaning and politically driven, so if you’re a leftist looking for someone who’s politically aligned with you, you will love it here. It’s very inclusive and has zero tolerance for hate and discrimination. That also makes it a great option for same sex couples, interracial couples, etc.

There is a free version which you can use perfectly fine, however if you’re a little impatient, there’s also a premium membership :

  • For one month of OkCupid Basic (the first paid tier), you’ll be charged $11.99 / month.
  • For 3 months of OkCupid Basic, you’ll be charged $7.99 / month (total : $23.97)
  • For 6 months of OkCupid Basic, you’ll be charged $5.99 / month (total : $35.94)
  • For one month of OkCupid Premium (the more exclusive tier), you’ll be charged $23.99 / month.
  • For 3 months of OkCupid Premium, you’ll be charged $15.99 / month (total : $47.97)
  • For 6 months of OkCupid Premium, you’ll be charged $11.99 / month (total : $71.94)


  • Good free account
  • Politically aligned with the left
  • Easy to use app
  • Lots of active users


  • Not great for people who are politically leaning to the right

14. Plenty Of Fish

Plenty of Fish is a no nonsese, rapid meet up app. It’s definitely more targeted at hookups than dating, but you can (as many people have) absolutely find a partner on POF.

plenty of fish hookup app site

Plenty of Fish is popular with all kinds of people of all ages, and there’s plenty of reasons it ended up on our list of the best hookup sites. It has a fairly in depth but not too long personality test upon signing up to help you find people who are better suited to you. The best thing about Plenty Of Fish however, is that you can chat to anyone, anywhere at any time. Matching it great, but it isn’t necessary for communication on POF. Set your preferences on your profile, and let people know whether you’re looking for a fling or for love.

As for pricing, there’s a free account, but the premium is where the fun really begins. Here’s a breakdown of how much it costs to upgrade :

  • 3 months of POF Premium costs $20 / month ($59.99)
  • 6 months of POF Premium costs $15 / month ($89.99)
  • 12 months of POF Premium: costs $10 / month ($119.99)


  • Free sign up
  • Matching not necessary to chat
  • Lots of different types of people to talk to
  • Find a hookup easily


  • You can't search for men and women at once
  • A few bots

15. Seeking

Also known as “SeekingArrangement”, Seeking is a great website for plenty of different kinds of meet-ups. It’s kind of more focused on high quality women and men, who are looking to date / hook up within their social level. It’s kind of thought of as an “elite” dating website, where you’ll meet dashing men and breathtaking femme-fatales. It also doesn’t shy away from letting its users (mostly female) know that they can find a sugar daddy, or someone to look after them with the help of their algorithm. So why is it on our list of best hookup sites, you ask ?

best hookup apps seeking

Seeking is free to sign up, and offers live chatting and even a mobile app. You must verify your identity, which although can be frustrating, really limits the number of fake accounts on the website.

However if you want to start talking, you’ll need to sign up for premium. Seeking Premium allows you to message anyone an unlimited amount of times, gives you new search engine filters, removes ads and has many more perks. Considering Seeking is aimed at a more sophisticated audience, it’s not particularly more expensive.

  • A renewable 30 day premium subscription costs 19.95 € / month.
  • A renewable 90 day premium subscription costs 14.95 € / month (44.85 € every 90 days).
  • A one-time 90 day premium subsciption costs 14.95 € / month (44.85 € total)


  • Plenty of different kinds of relationships (open, sugar-daddy…)
  • A website designed for sophisticated people
  • Affordable premium


  • Less active users than some sites and apps

Do Casual Hook Up Sites Work?

Casual hookup sites can be effective for some people, but their success varies widely. The experience depends on individual expectations, safety concerns, emotional impacts, and the authenticity of users. Success also hinges on demographic factors like age, gender, and location.

It’s important to approach these sites with caution, prioritizing clear communication, mutual consent, and an awareness of legal considerations. The effectiveness of these sites largely depends on choosing one that aligns with your expectations and values.

What Hookup Sites Can You Message For Free?

While some websites may require a premium account to be able to send messages, some don’t. Notably Tinder, Bumble, Hinge and Feeld do not require any form of payment before you can start messaging.

What is The Number 1 Hookup Site?

This is a question with many answers, depending on what you’re looking for and what your criteria are. In our opinion, BeNaughty is the overall best hookup site. However if you’re looking for something free, maybe Tinder, or something for women, perhaps Ashley Madison or Bumble.

If you’re simply asking, which is the most widely used hookup site, the answer would be Tinder.

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