Ashley Madison reviews : I tried and here is my review

Are you looking for a fun, discreet, and secure hookup site ? Ashley Madison really is a top-notch option for those wishing to dabble in adulterous dating, and could well be the ideal platform for you. Tens of thousands of users log on to this dating site regularly, which means that immediate connections for naughty hookups and illicit affairs are guaranteed. Security, high response rate, sexy profiles and a whole lot of opportunities: get ready to hear everything there is to know about one of the best adulterous dating websites there is. So, I tested the site out for a whole month, and now feel ready to give a full and honest Ashley Madison review. I’ll give you a list of all the pros and cons, explain why it is so successful, and take you step by step though the sign-up and credit buying system, before giving you my final verdict. Let’s jump right in!

Ashley Madison Overview

  • Ease of Use and Interface
  • Community and Diversity
  • Functionalities and Entertainment
  • Price and Value


Ashley Madison is a popular hookup and dating website that specializes in adulterous affairs. It's safe, secure, discreet, and boasts a fairly large user base. Millions of people use Ashley Madison every month in the hopes of finding the perfect extra-marital affair with someone who gets their blood flowing.


  • Specialized in adultery
  • Options to hide your face (blur/mask)
  • Free for women
  • Good male/female ratio
  • Open-minded and non-judgemental people


  • The credit buying system can end up being expensive
  • Some fake profiles

To give you a quick idea of my first impressions (I’ll give you my full verdict at the end), the website is extremely modern and easy to use. Some of the less popular dating sites I’ve reviewed have somewhat dated and old-fashioned interfaces, and aren’t the best when it comes to intuitive design. This is really not the case with Ashley Madison: everything is so simple, there’s no extra stuff on every page, no obnoxious ads covering half the girls, it’s just simple and effective.


Presenting: Ashley Madison

It may be true that in this day and age, there are quite a few options for dating sites you can use to cheat on your spouse (such as Gleeden or Victoria Milan), this was absolutely not the case 20 years ago, which is about when Ashley Madison came into being.

ashley madison homepage

With a catchy slogan – “Life is short, have an affair” – and a provocative and sexy advertising campaign based on being fun and controversial, Ashley Madison quickly became pretty well-known and established itself as a high ranking reference for illicit affairs throughout the world.

I still remember the ads they had back in the day: you’d see a young sexy couple having some fun, smiling and acting flirty. Then, a little bit of text pops up to let us know that the couple are in fact married, but not to each other! It was pretty controversial at the time, some of the more old-fashioned viewers certainly didn’t like it. They also ran a campaign in France showing former presidents who’d been known to be unfaithful – which was pretty ballsy and hilarious is you ask me!

Where does the name Ashley Madison come from, I hear you ask ? That’s another funny story: it’s simply a combination of the two most popular girls names in 2011, Ashley and Madison!

Ashley Madisons international success

Launched in 2001 in Canada, Ashley Madison didn’t take long to be considered a successful platform. The quality of the site is very high, but it owes most of its rapid success to the fact that it positioned itself as a platform particularly suited for secret love affairs – a niche that was fairly unexploited back in the day. Over 20 years later, Ashley Madison has some 25 million members in more than 50 countries.

And that, my friends, is why today, Ashley Madison is considered to be the number one reference in terms of adulterous dating. If you’re looking for some extra-marital fun, look no further – it’s success speaks for itself.

How secure is my data ?

In 2015, the Ashley Madison website fell victim to a group of hackers: 33 million accounts were hacked, and the data was subsequently published. Users’ names were revealed along with other sensitive information, which is obviously devastating for a platform that’s all about secrecy. This unprecedented event resulted in security and anonymity being reinforced to the extreme, since it’s at the heart of the company’s values. Today, the security of your data is beyond reproach – if nothing else, the cyberattack allowed future users to be reassured that it could never happen again.

So we have a complete, secure and widely used site. So is this the right solution for easy adulterous dating? We’ll explain it to you in the rest of this review!

What about the Ashley Madison community ?

The Ashley Madison community is, as you might expect, pretty diverse. The fact that the platform is extremely popular in a large number of countries means that people of all nationalities and ethnicities can chat online – which is convenient if you travel a lot. The site even has a “travelling” option that we’ll discuss when we get to the site’s features.

In the larger cities, the number of Ashley Madison users is pretty impressive. But in general, it’s easy to find adulterous people just about anywhere in the world.

ashley madison community

More women than men

Ashley Madison is quite literally the only website of it’s type to actually have more female users than male users. Why is that ? Most likely because accounts are free for women! That’s right, ladies, no buying credits for you: all the site’s features and communication tools are free. Not to mention that they’ve launched quite a few ad campaigns that target women specifically – which has clearly paid off.

This means that men will have much less competition that on other dating sites. Finding a mistress is nowhere near as challenging as finding a hookup can be on some other generic websites – most have many more male users and the competition is fierce.

What kind of people use Ashley Madison ?

It may be true that anyone can register on Ashley Madison, however since it’s targeted towards married people, that’s what you’ll find to be the majority of users. Most of the members are looking for a discreet lover or a mistress. However, single people also choose to use the site for it’s ease of use, and the fact that women sign up free, so don’t think that just because you’re single you can’t join in the fun – who knows? You could be the toy boy of some mature yet sexy older woman looking for some fun!

There are in fact quite a number of singles looking to hook up with married people. Maybe it’s just some sort of taboo fetish, and the fact that it’s wrong makes it super hot, or maybe it’s just a way to keep emotions from getting involved. Either way, they’re here are they’re horny.

Most members are between the age of 30 and 45, but it’s good to know that you’ll find users of all ages looking to spice up their daily routine! Obviously, to sign up you must be over 18.

What about bots and fake profiles ?

When it comes to bots, Ashley Madison is unfortunately not immune to fake profiles – no hookup platform is. While moderation is taken very seriously, some scammers still manage to slip through the cracks. You have to be pretty vigilant in order not to fall into the trap – but don’t worry, they’re often pretty obvious. Fake profiles trying to scam users will usually ask for money or a “plane ticket” within a pretty short space of time. Remember to never ever give out credit card information or send money to anyone you don’t know in real life.

As soon as you come across a dubious profile, do not hesitate to report it immediately to the moderators who will determine whether or not it’s a fake.

How do I register with Ashley Madison?

Before starting any torrid adventures, you’ll of course have to register an account. Registration is completely free, and takes only a couple of minutes : you simply fill in some basic information (such as your age or your sexual orientation). You’ll also need to enter a valid email address, and click on the confirmation link sent to that address.

ashley madison review

You can then get to work filling in your profile: take your time! The fuller and more interesting your profile is, the more likely you are to catch any woman’s eye. It’s important to indicate what it is you are looking for: online flirting, one night stand, ongoing adulterous relationship, if you’re into anything unconventional like BDSM, etc. All your preferences and desires should be laid out clearly if you want to find someone who’s suited to you.

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Ashley Madison’s best features

As we already discussed earlier, Ashley Madison’s interface is extremely pleasant: browsing is super easy, and so is finding a hot and horny partner. And the choices are endless, with such a large proportion of women on the site, there’s something for everyone.

Once you have filled in your profile, you can immediately start browsing the site and find profiles that appeal to you: you can also search by criteria with some fairly specific filters. You can even select physical attributes you particularly like: height, build, hair colour etc. But that’s not all: you can also search by sexual preferences. On your profile, if you clearly indicate all your desires, fetishes and fantasies, you can search for people who share the same ones.

Another feature I really liked was the “wink” feature. It’s great for when you feel a little intimidated by a hot girl: she knows you’re interested, and can then choose to start a conversation if she wants to.

ashley madison messaging

You can contact members by messaging, or by instant chat. There’s also a webcam chat option, which is perfect for torrid online sex sessions without even leaving your home. That’s right, there’s no fine print anywhere that says you actually have to meet up with anyone – you can always just stick to hot sexting and webcam sessions.

Ashley Madison also offers an option called “business travel”. We mentioned it briefly in passing earlier, but it’s basically a travel mode that allows you to constantly update your location and search for naughty hookups in the area you’re currently visiting. It’s a really great feature for those who travel a lot for work and like to take advantage of the… local cuisine!

There’s even the option to rate other members you’ve met: kind of like Google reviews, you can check the previous reviews given to someone you’re planning to hookup with, and depending on how it goes, give them a good or bad review.

Finally, you can also see who has viewed your profile recently. This is a good way to track people who may be interested in you and start chatting with no pressure.

Privacy and Discretion: the heart of Ashley Madison

As you know, Ashley Madison is primarily aimed at cheating couples, so I think it’s fairly normal to see a few discretion-enhancing options. Here are a few of the features Ashley Madison offers to help you keep your affairs private.

Firstly, Ashley Madison doesn’t send any emails, except for the verification one upon signing up. This means you’ll never receive any damning notifications in the night when you get incoming messages from hot women in your area!

They’ve also used a different name when it comes to payment : your secret is safe, since Ashley Madison’s name won’t appear on any bank statements.

You even have the option to blur, or partially cover your photos: this way, you can choose who has the right to see them, and even if someone that you didn’t want knowing about your little hobby came across your profile, they wouldn’t necessarily know it was you. Your photo albums are only be accessible to members of your choosing.

Ashley Madison pricing: how much does a membership cost?

As we have already mentioned, Ashley Madison is 100% free for women. However, men will have to pay for credits in order to take full advantage of the platform.

Only creating your profile is free: in order to exchange messages with other members, you’ll have to bust out your wallet – and he system Ashley Madison uses is… interesting. There are no subscriptions, no long-term commitments, no premium memberships, but a rather well-designed credit system.

Every action on Ashley Madison costs a few credits. It’s basically virtual currency. For example, chatting for 1 hour will cost you 60 credits, sending a first simple message will cost 5 credits, as will sending priority messages, and you can also send virtual gifts to users for 10, 20 or 30 credits.

Here’s the prices listed on the Ashley Madison website for different credit packages:

  • 100 credits ($0.60 per credit): $59.99.
  • 500 credits ($0.34 per credit): $169.99
  • 1000 credits ($0.29 per credit): $289.99.

Often, Ashley Madison will double your credits for the same price: check back often to see if you’re eligible for bonus credits.

ashley madison prices

These prices may seem very expensive at first glance, but if you consider the time it will take to use them all compared to how much people spend on recurring subscriptions to other similar websites, Ashley Madison can actually be quite economical. The best thing about this system is that if you use them all up too fast, you can easily acquire new ones – but also, there are no surprising reoccurring payments that you can’t get out of!

Start by signing up for the Ashley Madison website for free to check out profiles near you, before you get any credits.

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How do you delete your Ashley Madison account?

If, for any reason, you decide you want to delete your account on Ashley Madison, the procedure is very simple. It’s also possible to temporarily deactivate your account, if you plan to come back to it later, or if you’re unsure.

Either way, here is the procedure:

  • Log in to your profile
  • Click on the “Settings” tab
  • Click on “Account”
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page, and select either “Deactivate Account” or “Delete Account”.

And that’s all there is to it, your profile will be deleted. However, don’t be alarmed if it isn’t deleted immediately – deletion can take up to 48 hours.

Ashley Madison: pros and cons

Considered one of the most successful platforms for cheating and infidelity in the dating world, the Ashley Madison website has many strengths, and a few weaknesses that we’ve listed below.

  • •  Large community of cheaters at all hours
  • • High security
  • • Fast results and guaranteed hookups•The site is 100% free for women
  • • The credits system helps avoid long-term commitment
  • •Can be expensive if you don’t manage your credits well
  • •Some fake profiles

As you can see, the pros far outweigh the cons in my opinion. Ashley Madison is a safe and reputable website that I thoroughly enjoyed using.

Final thoughts: Ashley Madison is the perfect place for a discreet affair

Yeah, sure, plenty of people will call you out for the morality of using a website like Ashley Madison. But I mean, if you’re going to cheat, do it right, and do it discreetly! That’s where Ashley Madison comes in.

This platform offers a huge amount of opportunities when it comes to extra-marital fun and games: motivated users will have no trouble finding partners for a night of pure fun, or even for a month, a year or more of repeated sex. The women registered here are open-minded, and often are open to satisfying some of the most depraved fantasies you have – and they often have some pretty hardcore desires of their own that their husbands can’t manage! The men are courteous and respectful, which makes the atmosphere on Ashley Madison feel safe for women too.

Apart from the prices, which can quickly become a little high for men, there’s really not much to complain about on this extramarital affair platform. Those who want to spice up their love and sex life would do well to try out Ashley Madison!

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