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sex emulator

Finding an adult game in which you can fulfil all your sexual fantasies with no constraints can be kind of difficult. When you do finally find one, they’re often either really expensive, or limited in terms of characters and interactions. Sex Emulator is an amazing 3D game where you can create and build your dream girl from scratch, and then, do pretty much anything you want with her. From trying out different sex toys, to fucking her in all the positions of the Kama Sutra, everything is possible. You can even watch 3D porn videos as well as play mini-games on the Sex Emulator website. Read on to discover our in depth review of this awesome game !

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Sex Emulator graphics and visuals

Before we start talking about what the game is like to actually play, now is a good opportunity to talk briefly about how great the graphics are. Unlike many porn games on the market, this game is a real gem when it comes to the 3D models. Sex Emulator has stunning graphics, and super high-quality visuals. This game is a perfect example of one of the best porn games at the forefront of the sex game industry that is totally committed to giving its public an amazing experience. The characters look so realistic that you can easily be swept along and forget you’re playing a game!

Alright, so maybe we’re exaggerating a bit, but trust us – you’re going to freak out when you try it. The girls move around and look at the camera like real people, the way they act is uncanny, and it makes the game feel incredibly realistic. Even when they are just sitting around waiting for you to do something, they blink, smile, move their heads, and even look like they’re breathing.

If free porn games in full 3D are your thing, you might also be interested in WestSluts, the porn game based off the TV show WestWorld.

Create and customize your girl

When you launch the Sex Emulator website, three different intensity settings are available: soft, hard and extreme. After that, you will get to start customising your girl. Sex Emulator defaults to a beautiful girl with soft light skin, red hair, medium-sized breasts, and dark coloured eyes. Obviously, you can immediately start modifying all her attributes to suit your preferences.

When you get to the customisation and creation part, you can adjust most of her features – it’s all up to your imagination. The first thing you can change is her name, you can give her any name you like simply by typing it in. The second thing you’ll get to pick is her ethnicity : you can pick whether she is Caucasian, Asian, or a person of colour. The third feature available to modify is the hair colour: decide between black, blonde, and red hair. The fourth feature is breast size… you guessed it, this is our favourite part! Here you can make your chick busty or dainty – whatever you prefer. Try them all and see how it looks!


The last section, which is also everyone’s favourite section: customise your girl’s sexual skills. This is where you determine how good she is at different sexual practices. You have 300 points to distribute in 4 different skills: sucking, spanking, anal and foot play.

sex emulator

Something we think is really cool if you make an account is that you can play with characters from famous movies or TV Shows that are pre-made. Fuck Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones, Black Widow from Avengers, Rey and Princess Leia from Star Wars, and many more.

Sex Emulator Features

After you’ve finished making your ideal girl and given her all the finishing touches, it’s time to put her into action. First, there are a number of functions on each side of the screen. On the right side, you’ll see a box with your girl’s name and sexual skill levels. When one of the sexual skills is low, she has to practice it in order to increase it. After all, practice makes perfect, and it is your duty to train her!

It’s all up to you to get your girl to increase her skills in all sexual areas. Simply look at the box on the left side of the screen: here you will see all the different actions she can perform. There are basic practices you can do straight away, and others that require registration (which is free!). This is also where you will see 5 different camera angle options. Unfortunately, there is only one angle available if you don’t register. When you unlock the other angles, you will be able to see all the action from the point of view of your choice!

There are even more options and customisations than just these few we’ve already mentioned. You can zoom in and out to see the action in close up or get a nice wide angle, and you can adjust how much pain you want the character to feel if you’re into that. Even the set can be changed so that the action is not all just on a couch. Sex Emulator has numerous backgrounds including castles, beaches, space, bathrooms and many more. This comes in handy for making each experience with the game different and new, so it doesn’t look so monotonous, and you can have more fun!

Levelling up in the game

To get your girl to become a sex expert, you must level her up. This is achieved by playing the game frequently: basically, practising her skills as often as possible will help her improve, and soon she will be performing like a pornstar. Of course, to get past level 1, you need to register with Sex Emulator – registration is quick, easy, and free!

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Sex Emulator: premium porn and mini-game site

Sex Emulator is a free porn game that aims to satisfy and satiate your needs and deepest fetishes. It’s a high quality website that goes beyond just a simple game: Sex Emulator is made up of hundreds of additional games and even 3D hentai porn videos. This way, all registered users will be able to enjoy themselves in plenty of different ways!

To try out all the features that make Sex Emulator such a popular website, you don’t need to download any software: simply check that your browser is compatible by clicking on any of the links on this page.

BDSM and discipline in Sex Emulator

BDSM is the acronym for Bondage, Discipline, Domination, Submission, Sadomasochism. So, as you can imagine, it’s a pretty hardcore act, which we bet will create quite a bit of fun for many of you. Sex Emulator is a great game for those that love BDSM or want to try it out in a risk-free way.


If being the one to take the lead in sex is your thing, I guarantee you’ll love it. This game mode is like living a film, similar to a porn industry experience!

sex emulator

Imagine you’ve always wanted to fuck a particular girl, and now you have the chance to do it. Your only job will be to please this beautiful babe so that she has as many orgasms as you want: you have complete and total control. Punish her with a brutal blowjob, spank her non-stop. Finally, give her anal sex as a prize for being so good.

Our opinion on Sex Emulator porn videos

The range of porn videos on the Sex Emulator website is quite wide. Tthere are videos of all kinds, from 2D hentai to 3D videos – it caters for every taste. If you want to see a teacher getting fucked hard, you’ll find it here. If your tastes are more centered on MILFs being penetrated by several people, you’ll surely find that too. There’s a pretty extensive list of porn content of any kind. We are talking about more than 10.000 videos!

And it doesn’t stop there, Sex Emulator has videos for virtual reality lovers. So if any of you have a VR headset, your experience is about to get even more mind-blowing.

If you like VR sex games, prepare to have your mind blown by VR Fuck Dolls.

Additional Sex Emulator Games

Sex Emulator is not just about creating the woman of your dreams and doing whatever you want with her. In addition to the base game, the site hosts wide range of other games to try out when you want to let your girl rest for a bit!

With how fast hentai has taken off in the industry, there are now so many games out there. At Sex Emulator, there are over 100 hentai games available just for you. The variety and range is pretty good when it comes to the hentai games included on the website, especially since they’re available just by registering. Some examples of the games available to you are Fuck Town, College Life, and Spring Desires.

Hentai games are great, but lets not forget about all the other amazing 3D games. Sex Emulator hosts a huge amount of 3D games too ! Register today and start checking them all out.

Sex Emulator considers itself to be the site with the largest variety of free porn games in the world – are you really going to miss out ?

Conclusion : why you should register on Sex Emulator

By creating an account on Sex Emulator, you unlock a number of benefits. Several of these benefits you have already read about earlier in this article, however, there are a few more worth mentioning, like more advanced options within the Sex Emulator game, more skills to develop, and unlimited interactivity with your doll.

Sex Emulator is without a doubt a real gem in the world of online sex games. You will be cumming over and over, and making your girl scream with pleasure. Not to mention all the hours of fun you’ll get out of the secondary games and porn videos on the website !

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