Best Gay OnlyFans: Top 30 Hottest Gay OnlyFans Creators

When it comes to the best OnlyFans accounts, there sure is a lot of choice out there. This incredibly popular platform hosts millions of creators looking to communicate better with their fan base and make a little money. Whether you’re looking for the best free OnlyFans, YouTubers with OnlyFans or TikToker OnlyFans accounts, there are so many good accounts to follow. This is also true of gay OnlyFans: although the majority of popular OnlyFans accounts are run by hot, horny young women, there’s a huge world of sexy, hunky gay guys out there just waiting for your sub. That’s why we’ve decided to make a list of what we think are the 30 best Gay OnlyFans accounts. These dudes are all hot, sexy, and eager to please, so let’s dive right in!

Top 5 Best Gay OnlyFans Accounts

30 Hot Gay OnlyFans Accounts to Follow for More

1. Jakipz

jakipz gay onlyfans

Jakipz is a legend among OnlyFans creators: this sizzling hot, muscular greek god has over 1 million likes on almost 500 pictures and 400 videos. He’s talented, prolific, and hot as fuck. He often replies to DMs too, and loves to create sexy content based on what his fans really want to see, so don’t hesitate to send him a message (with a tip for more success) and tell him what you want to see him do! Jakipz posts regular XXX content, and even has a free account for those who want to dip their toes in the water before buying a subscription. Check out Jakipz for just $12.99 a month today!


2. Naked Gamer

naked gamer sexy pics

Naked Gamer is a rather secretive guy, who only uses OnlyFans and Twitter. We don’t know his name, age or location, all we know is that he’s really, really hot. Naked Gamer posts regular XXX content, nudes, and spicy videos to his main page, as well as some milder stuff to his free page, just to tease you with. This muscular dude loves nothing more than getting ripped at the gym, playing video games, and making super hot videos for your viewing pleasure. Subscribe for just $12.99 a month and get a load of what he can do!


3. Peachy Boy

peachy boy nudes

Peachy Boy is a cute, blonde, British hunk. If you, like me, love a clean-shaven, glistening and muscular torso, you’ll love Peachy Boy. He’s got chiseled good looks and a sexy British accent, and I honestly can’t get enough of him. He’s so hot, he makes men flustered with a wink. Peachy Boy posts nudes, lewds, and XXX content to his OnlyFans page: in fact, there’s not much he won’t do! Check out this incredible guy’s full feed for just $5.99 for the first month (regular price $9.99/month)


4. Nick Sandell

nick sandell onlyfans

Nick Sandell is so hot, I’m having trouble actually concentrating right now. Are you seeing that muscular, round ass? Hot damn. He does regular livestreams as well as posts regular, sizzling hot videos and photos to his page – but that’s not all! Nick also posts fitness and workout content that is meant to help you get in shape, but is also pretty damn sexy. If you’re interested in seeing more from Nick, check out his full page for $3.15 for the first month, then $7 a month after that.


5. Stallion Fabio

stallion fabio best gay onlyfans

With a name like Stallion Fabio, you can probably imagine what we love about him. This gorgeous french hunk has a huge… amount of talent, and his popularity is no surprise. He’s beautiful, ripped, and loves to get naked for his fans. Fabio is steaming hot, and posts regular nudes, lewds, and hardcore XXX content for his fans. He’s truly a god among men, so if you’re into sexy European men with huge schlongs, check out Fabio when you sub to his full page for $15.99 /month.


6. Danny Olsen

danny olsen naked pictures

Look at that ass. Am I right? Just look at it. Damn. Anyway, before I get even more distracted, let’s talk about the hunky Danny Olsen. This incredible, tall, muscular German posts pretty regular pornographic content of pretty high quality. He loves blowjobs, creampies and solo content the most, and whatever he’s doing, I’m happy to watch him do it! See for yourself what Danny can do and see his full catalog of OnlyFans nudes when you subscribe for $9.99/month today.


7. Chris Hatton

chris hatton hatts17 nudes

Chris Hatton, known online as Hatts17, is a ridiculously hot guy with a killer body and a bunch of tattoos. He’s built like a Greek god, and rarely wears more than a pair of undies. Personally, I love seeing him in even less than undies… Chris posts awesome nude and lewd content to his OnlyFans on a pretty regular basis, so consider checking out his full feed for $9.99 a month if he’s your type!


8. Ben Dudman

ben dudman gay onlyfans

Ben Dudman is another gorgeous, hunky muscle guy that’s built like a Greek god on steroids. When it comes to steaming hot XXX content, Ben is a pro: he posts super sexy photo sets and videos multiple times a week, and each time it’s hotter than the last. Ben is totally ripped, and totally down for anything. There’s not much we enjoy more than seeing him play with himself for ages… it’s pretty immersive. You can even but some of his used clothing if you’re into that kind of thing! Check out Ben’s entire feed for $12.99/month!


9. Jakub Stefano

jakub stefano onlyfans

Jakub is a sizzling hot Czech guy that creates all kinds of exciting content. He’s super fetish-friendly, and even has a fetish only OF account. He does loads of BDSM content, foot content and more : whatever your kink, Jakub can do it! Jakub loves to chat one on one to his fans, so just ask him about your fetish and he’ll probably do it. You can even purchase used clothes such as dirty gym socks and sweaty baseball jerseys! So if you want to know what a sweaty, sexy hunk smells like, hop over to his OnlyFans and subscribe for $6.99 for the first 31 days (regular price $9.99/month)


10. Teddy Bear

teddy bear onlyfans gay

Teddy is “the hairiest man on OnlyFans”, so if you’re into big, hunky bears, you may be pleased to see Teddy’s content! He loves to be tenderly brushed like a wild animal, and personally I think it’s super hot! He’s muscular, fuzzy, and probably a great cuddler. Teddy posts high quality XXX content to his page and doesn’t charge extra for PPV content, which is something we love. He posts every single day, and swears he will never shame or time anywhere! If you’re into snuggly bears and want to give Teddy a brush, subscribe to his page for $9.99 today!


11. Alex Grant

alex grant naked pictures

Alex Grant is a full on hardcore porn star. This sexy, muscular beast of a man loves nothing more than to play with himself, whether it’s with his front or back, and use toys to get himself off. He’s a self-confessed slut, and gets lots of pleasure from knowing his videos make others horny. And trust me – they do! He’s very good at his job and never misses the mark. This brown haired god is truly amazing, and seeing him in loads of different sexy situations is a real pleasure whenever he pops up on my feed! Follow him for just $9.99 a month today and get your fill.


12. Leo

xleox leo onlyfans gay

Leo, known online as xleox, is a gorgeous, ripped German guy in his early 20s. He’s got the “high school pretty boy” vibe that so many of us find hot, he looks like the prom king. This sexy blonde European guy posts gay and bisexual content as well as plenty of solo stuff, including ass play, toys, cumshots and other sex tapes, as well as sexy artistic photo sets. He’s stunning, talented, and posts daily. If you’re into the high school hottie look and want to see more of Leo, subscribe to his page for $7.20 for the first 31 days (regular price$15.99/month)


13. Mike Masters

mike masters gay onlyfans models

Mike Masters is a gay bodybuilder with the kind of body most of us can only dream of touching. He’s seriously ripped, with bulging muscles that could rip through any tight shirt hulk-style. Mike is a real pro at creating content, with high quality pictures and videos of hot, X-rated content. Mike also runs a gay modeling agency, and that’s how come he can create so many hot gay videos. He loves to boss his men around and dominate them! His content also includes many fetishes such as BDSM, punishment and humiliation. He’s a real hardcore dom, and watching him get his fill is super sexy! Check out his page for $24.99/month today.


14. Hung Twink

hung twink naked onlyfans

“Hung Twink” as he’s known online is a gorgeous, muscular twink, and runs easily one of the best gay OnlyFans accounts. He posts daily X-rated and pornographic content to his OnlyFans account, and it’s always incredible. He’s a sexy, tall blonde guy with a perfectly round ass and a huge cock, we love to see it. This sexy young dude loves to post gay sex videos and hot solo fun, he also posts sexy photos and chats with his fans as often as possible. If you’re into hunky twinks with big cocks, check out Hung Twink on OnlyFans for $4.99/month.


15. Jayden Rembacher

jayden rembacher sexy pictures

Jayden Rembacher posts daily to his OnlyFans account, and he never disappoints. Another stunning, ripped man with a Greek god-like physique, Jayden is a pro when it comes to posting sweltering hot XXX content; he does so regularly with hotter-than-hot photo sets and films. He’s pretty much good for anything, and nothing makes us happier than watching him play with himself. He does gay content mostly, but occasionally posts stuff with girls too! If you’re into sexy, muscular men with huge dicks, check out Jayden’s full page for just $3.48 for the first 31 days (regular price $9.95/month)


16. The Scuba Gay

the scuba gay

I’m having a hard time concentrating again, because The Scuba Gay is so attractive. Holy crap. This sexy hunk with a six-pack and a huge cock regularly uploads sizzling hot videos and pictures to his OnlyFans, but that’s not all! He also loves to chat with his fans one-on-one, almost as much as he loves diving naked into the sea. This sexy scuba diver is truly a delight for the eyes, so check out his whole page for just $9.99 today!


17. Reno Gold

reno gold onlyfans creator

Reno Gold has the kind of body that doesn’t quite seem real: it’s just, too sexy, too perfect, you know? Reno is a real hardcore lover, and he posts regular, X-rated gay content. He can even suck his own dick! Yup, you read that right. Reno loves to collab with some of the best gay OnlyFans creators, and he loves blowjobs, anal and more. He posts regular XXX videos, including solo play if you’re into that. When you sub to Reno, you get the opportunity to message him and speak one-on-one, as well as the possibility to order your very own custom content and more. Check out Reno’s OnlyFans page for $14.99/month today!


18. Robby Apples

robby apples

A true hardcore porn star, Robby Apples. Nothing makes this muscular, dishy beast happier than playing with his cock and balls and using toys to get himself off. He finds great satisfaction in knowing that his movies make other people aroused. He’s extremely talented and makes sizzling hot content every time. It’s a tremendous delight to watch this gorgeous man in so many varied sexy settings. You can even send him a private message (with a tip) and ask for custom content! Get your fill by following him for just $5 per month right now.


19. Nick

modern spartan nick gay onlyfans content

Nick, known online as “Modern Spartan” is a hot, hairy and muscular bisexual guy. He posts X-rated porn and sizzling hot photo sets, including B/G content if you’re into that. He also does live streams a few times a month, and everything is totally uncensored! If you’re into super hot gay guys, big, girthy cocks and fully uncensored XXX videos, Modern Spartan may be right up your alley. See his full stream for just $9.99 a month, and you’ll quickly understand why we think he’s one of the best gay OnlyFans creators.


20. Jason Genesis

jason genesis

So I heard you like 8-Inch cocks? Jason Genesis doesn’t disappoint in terms of size or enthusiasm! This godlike man with an unparalleled, sexy body posts daily uncensored content to his OnlyFans, just for your pleasure. He has thousands of photos and hundreds of videos uploaded to his page, and no extra charge to see them! That’s right, Jason doesn’t do PPV (although you can order customs if that’s what you want). This hung hottie with a peachy ass is a real pleasure to watch at work, see for yourself when you subscribe for just $4 for the first 31 days (regular price $9.99)


21. Adam Coussins

adam coussins

Adam is a dishy, tattooed, and ripped bisexual man that publishes sexy photo sets and X-rated porn pretty regularly – he’s easily one of the best gay OnlyFans creators of the decade. Everything he posts is raw and uncensored, and he might be exactly up your alley if you enjoy massive, breathtaking cocks, fully uncensored porn, and super sexy gay men in general. This incredible, tatted hunk has an amazing body and a lot of talent: there’s nothing more enjoyable than watching Adam push his cock into another guy’s open mouth. Check out this beautiful man’s feed for just $3.25 for the first 31 days, then 12.99/month for every following month.


22. Durden

durden onlyfans tattoosaredumb

When it comes to gorgeous, bisexual guys with round, perky butts and big fat cocks, few measure up to Durden. This stunning, tattooed American guy is literally breathtaking, with a huge, impressive body that we would love to be slammed up against. He posts regular pornographic content including M/F, M/M, cumshots, pegging, anal and more. He’s a real multitalented star, and can do pretty much anything you want from him. Durden also loves to chat with his fans and get dirty in the DMs, so why not subscribe for $6 a month and shoot him a DM today?


23. Arron Lowe

arron lowe best gay onlyfans content

Arron Lowe, anyone? Yes please! This sizzling hot gay dude has an incredible body and a beautiful face, and is up for anything in the bedroom! He’s got model looks and a huge cock to boot, what’s not to love? This gorgeous creature mostly posts solo content in which he pleasures himself, and it’s pretty hot. Arron is very talented, and loves to titillate his fans. If you want to watch him get off by himself for a little fun alone time, sign up for Arron’s VIP OnlyFans for just $3.30 for the first month, then for $10.99 per month after that.


24. Danito

danito best gay onlyfans

Danito is, in a word, exquisite. A gorgeous, blonde Spanish guy that loves to get naked and show you his hot, bulging muscles, Danito leaves very little to the imagination. He posts daily nude photo sets and sizzling hot videos for your pleasure! Danito is really exceptional, and there’s nothing quite like a lewd, tanned European guy to get your blood flowing. He really does have one of the best gay OnlyFans pages out there. If you want to see Danito in more or less… exciting positions, check out his OnlyFans for $9.99 a month!


25. Matthew Camp

Matthew Camp sets the bar very, very high when it comes to gorgeous, masculine gay guys. He’s an actor, model, and full time hunk. There are over 170k likes on this sexy, hulking Greek god’s over 600 images and nearly 500 videos. He’s well-endowed, productive, and absolutely stifling hot. Don’t be afraid to send him a message, as he loves to create hot content based on what his followers want. Check out Matthew feed today for just $10 per month!


26. Lucas Hall

Lucas is a sexy, inked, and well-toned gay guy who routinely uploads stunning photo sets and X-rated porn. Everything he shares is unfiltered, uncensored, and hot as fuck. If you like big, breathtaking dicks, exciting and uncensored porn, and very, very sexy gay dudes in general, he could be right up your alley. This magnificent, muscular hunk has a terrific body and a lot to offer: nothing beats seeing him thrust his cock into another guy’s gaping hole. When it comes to the best gay OnlyFans, few match up to Lucas. Check out this sizzling hot man’s feed for just $5.59 for the first 31 days, then $15.99 per month after that.


27. Sh Seoul

korean onlyfans gay

If there’s one thing I like, it’s Asian guys. Sh Seoul is a gorgeous Korean man with a big cock and an appetite for gay sex. What they say about Asian guys isn’t always true after all! This beautiful, clean-shaven Asian OnlyFans creator is truly an artist when it comes to creating high quality content. He posts gay sex, blowjobs, and lots of solo stuff all for your pleasure. Get a load of what he can do when you subscribe for $7.99/month today.


28. Arek

arek nudes

Who doesn’t love a sexy gay man who fights for the rights of other gay men? I know I do – there’s nothing sexier than a gay rights activist, except maybe a gay right activist with a big fat dick. Arek is just that: his talent is undeniable, and his content is awesome. Watching him do his thing is an out-of-body experience that’ll have you sweating in minutes! This sexy blonde Polish guy will make you feel some kinda way, and all for $8 a month!


29. Ema Paz

ema paz gay onlyfans

Ema Paz is a stunning 22-year-old model from Argentina. This cute gay guy has a sexy, toned body and loves to get dirty on his best gay OnlyFans page for your pleasure. Ema is a sizzling hot personal trainer, and has an incredibly hot body that’ll have you doing a double take. His page is full of hot, explicit and intense videos and photos with over 41k likes. If you want to see what this strapping, muscular god can do behind closed doors, check out his OnlyFans page for just $4 for the first 31 days ($20/month regular price).


30. Zeus Ray

zeus ray best gay onlyfans

Zeuz Ray, wow. It almost feels wrong putting him last, but someone had to be 30th! Zeus is a hunky, sexy stripper that loves to get naked and perform. He’s also an actor and a sports enthusiast, so he’s really multi faceted and can do lots of stuff! Zeus has a gorgeous body, and his Spanish blood makes him look exotic and exciting. He’s also hung like a donkey, which is pretty cool. He posts high quality nudes and X-rated content to his OnlyFans, all for $10 a month, so what are you waiting for?