Black Gal

black gal

If the name of this video game confuses you, you should know that the word “black” in hentai games always means something in particular… and it’s not exactly cute or sweet. Black Gal is considered to be one of the most hardcore and erotic video games in the hentai category – lets find out why!

Introducing: Black Gal

Black Gal is a pretty complex and intriguing game, which is great news for many, especially for those who are tired of boring childish games with little to no gameplay.

Beyond its complexity, what we also really like about Black Gal is that the content is really explicit. It’s not that other video games aren’t explicit or sexy, but Black Gal surpasses them by quite a bit. Black Gal also provides some pretty unconventional sexual content, with lots of  sadomasochistic content, which adds a substantial amount of spice to the gameplay!

Throughout the game there is no shortage of scenes of submission, domination, anal sex, ropes, extravagant toys, and many more exciting practices. The purpose is to fulfil all the character’s most perverted fantasies. You play as a high school boy, who one day discovers a beautiful girl pleasuring herself with a sex toy: she then offers you her body to buy your silence.

As of this moment, you and her continue to discover new, increasingly complex and exciting sexual acts.

The graphics are also gorgeous, and really make the game something awesome. There can be no doubt about it, this game is amazing.

Our opinion on Black Gal

If you are into sadomasochistic games, extreme acts and / or beautiful hentai, this video game is for you. Free to play, and full of scenes that will make you lose it!

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