Blush Blush

blush blush

Blush Blush is an incredible new gay dating simulator coming onto the scene of gay porn games. More than your average boring dating sim, this game has a fascinating story and a sexy gameplay that’ll have you hooked immediately.

Read our full review and discover why players are eager to get stuck into this beautifully crafted hentai sex game.


What is Blush Blush?

As we’ve already said, Blush Blush is a dating simulator, but with a twist. Firstly, it’s a gay dating sim featuring only men; secondly, it has an enthralling storyline. During a casual visit to your city’s zoo, you accidentally spill some cursed potion into the drinking water ! And who should drink it, but the sexiest men at the zoo that day?

As soon as the potion touches their lips, they transform into… animals! To turn these hot gay men back into their regular sexy selves, you’ve got to seduce them each individually, and use the power of love to bring them back. Are you up to the task?

What about the gameplay?

The gameplay in Blush Blush is excellent fun, trust us on that. It’s no boring point and click visual novel, but a full game with many controls and actions you can take part in.

Firstly, you’ll have to try and get a job at the zoo, so you can keep an eye on the guys you accidentally cursed. You’ll have to get to know each of them individually, learn about their likes and dislikes, and discover what makes them unique.

This porn game is also inactive, which means that you’ll continue to grind and level up even when you’re not playing: come back after a while to see all the progress you’ve made and try seducing some more.

If you’re getting tired of waiting, you can also try the “phone fling” mode, which allows to you find (via a mobile dating app) a hot guy to have a quick fling with, just to keep your spirits up!

Blush Blush: seduce and release hot guys from a terrible curse

Every time you seduce and free a guy, he becomes part of your collection – sort of like a harem. You get to keep these guys on tap and return for some fun whenever you’re feeling a little frisky – pretty hot right? Expand your collection and mould them to your liking: dress them up, make them do things for you, create your own personal collection of sexy guys who are all different and all sexy in their own way.But be careful – if you spend too much time on some and neglect to please others, the guys might start getting jealous and creating problems in paradise.

Use all the tools and skills at your disposal to please and keep these men happy. The game isn’t over once they’re free, oh no, the fun is just beginning!

Our review on Blush Blush : final thoughts

Overall, this game is a solid 10/10. There is so downside, at all. The graphics are amazing, the animations and sound effects too, but where this game really shines is the gameplay and storyline. It’s rare to find a game with such an interesting and addictive storyline, along, with a fun and complete gameplay that never gets boring. Combine this with some beautifully drawn hentai imagery, and you’ve got yourself a winner.

There’s no doubt in my mind that i’ll be coming back to my harem for more for a long time to come, so why not come and try it for youself?

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