Candy AI Gay

candy AI Gay

Who hasn’t dreamed of being able to chat, exchange photos, and live out their dreamiest fantasies with an intelligent partner? Artificial intelligence, or AI, makes this dream able to become a reality. Using AI, Candy AI Gay lets you create your own customizable playmate, or start chatting with pre-made AI characters. Let’s explain how this game works, and get into its nuances.

Introducing Candy AI Gay

Candy AI Gay is a brand-new game available online that lets you talk, exchange photos, and much more (if you’re so inclined) with a guy created with artificial intelligence. Using the power of AI, Candy AI Gay lets you create a partner that evolves and develops thanks to your various conversations, to become the companion of your dreams.

In our eyes, Candy AI Gay is the future of porn games, and despite the site being relatively new, the options available are already incredible. In a few years’ time, the vast majority of porn games will use AI (much to our delight!).

candy ai gay the game that lets you chat with the companion of your dreams

Personalize Your Companion

The real strength of Candy AI Gay lies in the customization aspect of your companion: if you don’t feel like choosing a premade character, you can create one from scratch that meets your every desire. Realistic or anime-style, muscular or twink, tall or short… you can select every detail, in order to create a companion that’s perfect for you.

But the personalization isn’t just physical, oh no: you can also choose your companion’s personality traits, create a past and a backstory that interest you, and the game’s artificial intelligence will take these details into account and shape the way your companion talks and acts.

The best part? When chatting with your companion, you’ll be able to request specific photos by typing what you want in the chat bar. The artificial intelligence will then take care of creating an image that matches what you want, using your companion’s model, AKA, stuff that’s never been seen before.

He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not

Once you’ve created your companion, you can start chatting with him, and that’s where the genius of Candy AI Gay comes in. Very quickly, you’ll realize that your companion doesn’t just answer your questions, he’ll ask you questions too, and use your answers to continue the conversation, as well as ask to learn more about you to get closer to you… Best of all, he’ll remember everything when you reconnect after a while.

The feeling you get with this game — like you’re talking to a real person — is simply amazing. Each companion is able to create scenarios for you to help you live out your wildest fantasies. Even if there are some things they won’t necessarily want to do, it’s pretty easy to convince them to have new experiences, as long as you take the time to understand them and talk it over.

We’re simply blown away by the quality of the characters responses, and how easy it is to really connect with them.

What We Think of Candy AI Gay

Even if Candy AI Gay isn’t exclusively a gay porn game in itself, it’s still a great way to live out your desires and fantasies. Completely customizable from A to Z, you’ll be able to create a partner that looks and feels just like you want.

That’s the real strength of Candy AI Gay: the fact that every player can create and chat with a unique partner. Knowing that your companion’s artificial intelligence uses your answers to learn more about you (meaning the more you chat, the more your companion will know how to please you), is what makes the experience of talking to your partner so realistic.

The game is a total success, and we can’t wait to see how the website develops in the future. If Candy AI Gay is so impressive now, we can’t imagine how it will be in a few years time. Dare we hope it’ll be possible to make video calls?

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