Chess and Fuck

chess and fuck

In Chess and Fuck, you’ll be able to fuck all the pretty women in the chess academy you’re in. But to receive their favors, you’ll have to use your wits and win at chess, otherwise they won’t spread their thighs for you!

With 5 chapters, Chess and Fuck will tell you an eventful and particularly erotic story. Will you be up to the challenge ?


Presentation of Chess and Fuck

The year is 2035, the earth has undergone big changes after a nuclear war and the people around you have mutated after receiving too big a dose of radiation. You have become the king of a small town and to pass the time, you have fallen in love with chess. Except there’s no one as good as you to satisfy your need for dominance.

But one morning, something moves under your sheets and after looking to see who was in your bed, you find an unknown woman sucking you off. After cumming in her mouth, she says her name is Cathy, the new housekeeper of your castle.

chess and fuck

And it seems that Cathy is also very good at chess, will she be able to beat you and your boredom too? To find out, you have to play the 5 chapters of Chess and Fuck which will offer you a particularly intriguing story. Mixing fuck scene, chess game and visual novel, this game will not fail to give you a hard-on.

Become a chess master

You will quickly understand after a few hours of playing the game that you are very good at chess and that’s why to satisfy your mental battle needs, a tournament with the best chess players is organized. Strangely enough, your opponents are all women.

Stranger still, it seems that these women are offering you a deal: if you beat them at chess, they will sleep with you! So it’s very simple: win more, fuck more! The game will propose dialogue scenes which will evolve very quickly into super hard fucking scenes.

A very erotic visual novel

The game is above all a visual novel, so there won’t be as much gameplay as in a traditional game. You will mostly just click to advance the dialogue or choose the location of your next room.

However, you will also be able to choose certain dialogues to advance the story as you wish. And during the sex scenes, you will be able to choose the positions and the evolution of the scene. You can even choose when to cum in your partner’s mouth, breasts or pussy!

With over 39 fully animated handheld sex scenes, you’ll have plenty to do in Chess and Fuck. Orgies, anal, threesomes or even cumming in your mouth after the best blowjob of the century. This hentai visual novel does not skimp on the quality of sex.

Final opinion Chess and Fuck

Even if the game may seem a bit short, the different discussion possibilities give the game a consistent replayability. I spent a good portion of the day replaying the game to unlock sex scenes that I missed the first time I played it.

Being a hentai player who is particularly concerned with games with good animation and illustrations, I can tell you that I was totally convinced by the quality of Chess and Fuck. Whether it’s the technical level or the story that is told, this erotic visual novel is a must-have for hentai games.

To play without moderation!

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