CockVille is a pretty popular video game at the moment among gay men. Why? Because it combines a super fun farming simulator, with a whole lot of gay sex! Ever played Farmville, or Stardew Valley? This cartoon style porn game will definitely please those among you who enjoy a good farming game, but are also pretty horny.

Read on to uncover the secrets of why this porn game is so popular, what the gameplay is like, and much more.


What is CockVille ?

CockVille is a 2D simulation gay porn game in a beautiful hentai style. It’s basically a visual novel and dating simulator, mixed with farming and gay sex. The aim of the game is to grow the biggest and most beautiful vegetables, and sell them to all the guys at CockVille market. You’ll meet guy after guy who you’ll have to seduce and use your charms on. All the guys are hot and horny, and all have very different styles (so there’s something to please everyone!). Whether you’re into twinks, bears, DILFS… you’ll for sure find a handsome man in CockVille!

How to play

As we’ve already mentioned, CockVille is a farming / dating simulator, and the gameplay fits into this category. You have to keep a close eye on your farm, make sure it’s optimised for the best production speed and quality, and proceed to sell your high quality veggies to all the guys at the market. When you meet all the different men, you’ll find yourself in a sort of dating simulator: you have to chat with each of them and discover what they like and dislike, really get to know them. The more you get to know them, the closer you get to their bedroom!

This is definitely a game for lovers of visual novels and who are not scared off by a bit of dialogue. Don’t worry, though, there’s plenty of hot action to get your teeth into.

Fuck the hottest guys in CockVille !

With this beautifully crafted game, the guys are all insanely hot, even if they are only 2D. The drawings are done by incredibly talented artists who’ve taken every care to make them look seductive and sexy.

The sex scenes are crazy hot for a 2D game too, and there’s plenty of them. Don’t worry, you won’t get stuck farming for hours before you get some action – as long as you answer the questions well, sex comes pretty fast and pretty easy.

Theres currently 10 different guys you can fuck in CockVille, but the developers put out updates fairly frequently, and these updates often come with new characters and new dialogue, so CockVille is very much an ongoing project which could keep you entertained for a very long time.

Our final opinion on CockVille

It’s pretty rare to see a full and complete game that has such amazing sex scenes. CockVille is a farming and dating simulator, in the style of a visual novel, that also has pornographic content – it literally covers all bases!

There’s nothing this game could do to make itself more fun at this point, it has everything going for it – a solid 10/10 from us.

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