Cum & Gun

cum and gun

It’s summer in Cum & Gun and you’re the new captain of your town’s wet t-shirt team. Except that here, the competition is a little different, you’ll have to train your participants hard so that they can win the competition with a water gun!

Hentai game in 3D, Cum & Gun will offer you hours of gameplay pleasure, but also sexual pleasure. And yes, as a trainer, you’ll have to cheer up your competitors with your massive member !


What is Cum & Gun ?

As I said above, in your town, it’s summer, and summer means wet t-shirt contest! But in your town, it’s not just getting water on a t-shirt, far from it. Here you have entire teams of hot women who will compete in extreme duels to spray and strip with huge water guns !

Bikini, flower dress, naughty outfit, you choose and they will obey your orders. You are the trainer then, you are the one who decides! So, prepare your strategy to win the terrible confrontations in the fighting arenas.

An enjoyable gameplay

The gameplay is divided into 2 categories. The first one is the shooting in which you will go through different arenas with your water gun to spray and strip your opponents. The better you aim, the more you will see the exciting bodies of your opponents. There’s nothing more pleasurable than aiming perfectly at the bra and seeing the pretty boobs bounce ! If you are completely naked, you lose and you will have to start over. The goal here is to stay alive as long as possible and be the last one dressed !


The second part of the game is to train the participants. And this is the part of the game that we like the most. Because in order to train them, you’ll have to get to know them… and there’s nothing better than fucking to get to know someone properly.

In the shower, on the couch, with three in bed, in the street, a good big orgy… you’ll understand, in Cum & Gun, you’re going to fuck and fuck again and again !

Special training…

The special training, as I said above, consists in fucking your personal harem. The game then takes the form of a visual novel in which you will answer questions and choose dialogues that will advance the story. If you answer the questions correctly and choose the right dialogues, you’ll be rewarded with terribly horny sex scenes.

There are dozens and dozens of different characters with different backstories just waiting for you to fuck them through every hole! And there is something for everyone: tall, thin, small, big boobs, twins, etc. You’ll have plenty to do before you fuck the whole city !

Final opinion on Cum & Gun

After a few hours of really exciting gameplay, I can only recommend Cum & Gun. The shooter gameplay is fun and sexy (we especially like the animations where the participants get naked little by little) and the 3D fuck scenes are simply amazing !

More than once, the game took my breath away with its hard groans and crazy 3D. If there is one game you must play, it is Cum & Gun !




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