Detective Masochist

detective masochist

Today, we’ll be presenting the hentai video game “Detective Masochist”. As is common in hentai games, the storyline is pretty strange and funny, and the sex scenes are wild! Read on to discover more about Detective Masochist.

Introducing Detective Masochist

Detective Masochist is no exception to the rule started above: in the game, your character is best friends with Satomi, and you two have been friends your whole life. She is a shy and demure girl, but she also happens to be gorgeous. One day, without explanation, sweet Satomi turns into a creature with… how shall we put it? A voracious sexual appetite! It seems that her hormones have gone out of control, and now she has become so feral and sadistic that she needs to satisfy her lustful desires at all costs.

The only person capable of helping her get through this tough time of hormonal extremes is her best friend – you, of course. Not only will you sleep with her, you will also have to undertake a mission to  discover the origin of this sudden change in her behaviour. You will have to solve the riddle like a detective, investigating until you find the explanation for Satomi’s behaviour.

Detective Masochist is a really exciting game: you can play with various characters, making them fulfil all your fantasies.

Our opinion on Detective Masochist

This game is full of beautifully designed images, and is overall very visually pleasing – not to mention explicit. It’s a game especially aimed at those who enjoy female domination – where the woman takes the leading role. It’t is also a game perfect for those who like to investigate and uncover riddles!

Undertake the task of discovering why your best friend Satomi has become sex mad in this beautiful hentai game full of puzzles and hardcore sex! What are you waiting for ?


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