Family Affair Sex Game

Family Affair Sex Game

Are you ready to fuck your step-mom doggy style in the shower ? You feel like having your cock sucked by your step-sister ? You want to ejaculate on her big boobs or finish in her mouth and watch her swallow ? With Family Affair Sex Game, you can play all those scenarios and have all your fantasies fulfilled. Careful, this game is not for the faint of heart !

This is our presentation of Family Affair Sex Game, the 3D porn game where all your dreams come true, and you finally get to fuck your family.

Presenting : Family Affair Sex Game

This ultra realiste sex game uses 3D CGI to make you cum fast. The way the creator of the game used a new engine to create 3D models that looks real is amazing. And the best part ? You don’t even have to download the best porn games, click the link, and you get to play right away.

The game offers lots of variety and the decision that you will take will change the way the story unfold, giving you plenty of replayability in the long run. You will have different sexy situations and depending on how you react to them, you will unlock hot sex scenes with your step-mom and/or step-sister.

The game is free to play (limited scenarios available for free player) and you can create 2 free account to enjoy Family Affair Sex Game.

Hot sex with your step-mom and your step-sister !

The thing we love so much about this game is the way you can change the story. Clicking somewhere new and answering a question differently will open the game to a degree you’ve never seen in a video game. The dialogues are fun and sexy, the animations are mind-blowing, overall, this quality in a free game has never been seen before in porn games.

You’ll have different scenarios to choose from and depending on your fantasies, you’ll have to unlock them little by little. There’s one where you’re showering and your step-mom comes in and ask if she can help you wash your back. You can agree or disagree, but if you agree, she’ll start washing all your body and then start cleaning your cock with her mouth ! I am not going to spoil the ending, but let’s say the image below is a good idea of where things will go.

 Family Affair Sex Game

But even though you have classic scenarios like the one we just talked about, the creators of the game thought of new ways to make you cum. Not to spoil anything, but there’s a scenario involving your step-sister and a taxi. Let’s say she gets bored very quickly, and she starts to tease your cock with her feet…

She’ll try to make you cum as fast as you can and the fun game is to try and relax, and last as long as possible ! Also, careful, you can’t be too obvious or loud because the driver can catch you, resulting in a game over ! Never a game has been this exciting.

The moans, the animations, the 3D models, every little detail about this game was thought to make you cum, and we can’t thank the creators enough !

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Our final opinion on Family Affair Sex Game

Our final opinion on the game is very positive ! Family Affair Sex Game is an amazing game that was created by fans of the genre. No porn game has ever come close to the quality of Family Affair Sex Game. Dialogues, 3D models, animations, scenarios, textures of skin, etc, etc… It’s all good !

It’s one of the best ultra realistic sex sim on the market, and we can’t recommend it enough for you to play. With a hundred of hours to play, Family Affair Sex Game will let you enjoy the fantasy of having sex with your family members. You don’t even have to download it, click on the link and play right away !

So if you don’t really know what to play next, and you really want to fuck your step-mom in the ass and in the shower, why don’t you give Family Affair Sex Game a chance ? I can promise you, you won’t regret it !

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