Fap CEO: Men Stream

fap ceo men stream

If you’ve been around porn games before, you may have already heard of Fap CEO, a hentai-style clicker game where the aim of the game is to build an adult video chatting website and keep the cash flow steady. Well now, get ready for the excellent spin-off, Fap CEO: Men Stream. In this beautiful gay sex game, become the king of a video chatting empire – but this time only for men.

Read on to get an overview of the game, and our full honest review on all aspects.


What is Fap CEO: Men Stream ?

To put it simply, we’re talking about a porn game made for gay men and lovers of gay content. The game, as we’ve already said, centers around a webcam chat empire. You have to convince as many hot guys as possible to join your web chat empire, and to stream as much as possible. But before you can recruit a man, you’ll have to test out his capacities, if you get what I mean. As the CEO of the website, you’ll be in charge of taking on and training new streamers, testing out their capabilities when it comes to sucking, anal, and their knowledge of sex toys.

But sex is just part of it, you’ll also have a whole website to run – this means budgeting and building everything from the ground up, making it as successful as possible, and keeping the cash flow steady.

How to play

To play Fap CEO: Men Stream, all you need is a compter and / or phone, as well as a solid internet connection. You’ll start by creating your website, and building yourself an office that suits you personally. After creating the basics of your website, the game is mostly financial budgeting, and having lots and lots of sex!

Try to recruit as many types of men as you can, so you can please every potential visitor to your website. Make sure every guy has a good knowledge of sex and pleasure, and is able to translate that knowledge into good webcam content that’ll make you more money for your budget.

The more you play and recruit new guys, the more talented and high quality men you’ll unlock. Your empire will be housing the absolute best sex workers in the game in no time! You’ll also unlock more and more unconvential practices and positions to really turn the heat up on screen. This game never gets boring, and the more you play, the sexier it gets.

Once your empire is financially booming and you’ve hit the maximum amount of money, sell it and use the money to make an even stronger one ! The fun is never over, and there’s always more men to train and watch.

Fap CEO: Men Stream : a beautiful game full of hot sex

We’ve already made it clear that the gameplay is fun and exciting, but now we’d like to mention the graphics. Fap CEO: Men Stream is – much like the original game – a beautifully made hentai game with incredible 2D animations and hand drawn characters. The sex scenes are fully animated, and very professionally.

The sound effects are also pretty wild. You’re sure to be transported and feel like you’re really inside the game when you hear the moans and groans of the men on screen. Just thinking about it is getting me hot and bothered again…

Our final thoughts on the game

This game is a solid 10/10: the gameplay is original, well constructed and never gets boring. It really evolves into being more and more fun the more time and effort you put into it, and that’s without even mentioning how beautifully drawn the men are in the game.

If you’re looking for a hentai gay game with a complete and enjoyable gameplay, we definitely recommend giving Fap CEO: Men Stream a try, trust us, you won’t regret it.

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