We all like a little erotic game or two… or maybe three. But unfortunately, there are relatively few games that make the cut. Most of the options you can find online are mediocre games that are not even worth trying. However, there are exceptions, and we try to cover them all here at DieOff. Today, we’ll be talking about one of these exceptions : Fap CEO. This hentai-style clicker game, produced by the geniuses at Nutaku, will have you addicted in the first few minutes! Read on to find out why. In total honesty, it’s an amazingly well-crafted adult game.

Broadly speaking, Fap CEO is a porn game about an adult chat empire being built by a wealthy guy. The game requires you to develop resource management and – obviously – romance skills. The main goal is to expand as much as possible a video chat network involving as many virtual employees as possible. We’re telling you right now, this game is for sure worth a try! It’s crazy entertaining, and the girls are very flirtatious. Stick around to find out all about Fap CEO.

You can register for free and test this awesome game for yourself ! You can access the game immediately by clicking the button below. If you want to spend some time watching the beautiful girls that Nutaku Fap CEO has created, start playing right away!

Fap CEO Reviews: Story

In theory, all you have is your computer, the internet, and a naughty, spicy, very beautiful girl. With this, you’ll have to start building your empire. Little by little, and with patience, you’ll generate more and more money. Like any good entrepreneur, once you have raised enough money, you’ll then have to reinvest it in training your employees. The more skilled they are at their jobs, the more efficiently they will do perform, and, in turn, the more money they will make. The important thing is that they constantly learn new techniques and skills that will help you earn more money. Grow that empire!

Throughout the game, you will be able to meet, hire and interact with numerous girls with very different looks and personalities. Blondes, redheads, and brunettes: each will have their own story, and your mission is to talk to them to unlock more content. Depending on how you treat them, you will get to know what they like and what they don’t like, and you’ll earn the right to be increasingly intimate with them. These are (according to reviews), everyone’s favourite elements of the game. The heat gets turned up really fast, mostly thanks to the artistic quality of the graphics – but we’ll talk about that a little later.

You are likely to get hooked on the game pretty fast – even more so once you’ve enjoyed one of the erotic sex scenes. At some point, your empire will have grown so much that you may decide to sell the entire company for a mammoth amount of money. With such a profit, you can start playing again and unlock new, sexier and more exotic girls!

Art and graphics of Nutaku Fap CEO

If there’s one thing we look for in any of the best porn games, whatever the theme, it’s good graphics and design. When it comes to adult games, it gets a little tougher. Quality creators are scarcer, and it has become pretty difficult to find a game of high artistic quality. But Nutakus Fap CEO didn’t want to be classified as just another porn game, and it does not disappoint! On the contrary, the graphics as well as the game are genuinely superb. Just read Fap CEO players’ opinions!

The visuals are striking – we guarantee you’ll be glued to the screen enjoying the colours, saturation, and contrast of the beautifully drawn images. Fap CEO is very versatile, and is loaded with an immense amount of fabulous animations, icons, buttons and so on.

However, while it’s true that colours and animations are important, we all checked into this game to see the girls and the erotic sex scenes. Well, in our opinion, this game scores the maximum 5/5 when it comes to sex. The effort put in to making the girls look perfectly designed and illustrated is crazy. It is noticeable, and appreciated! All the artwork of the naked girls throughout the game will blow your mind. In no way could we mention a downside to Fap CEO in terms of artwork and graphics. In fact, it might be one of the best looking hentai games, not just from Nutaku, but from any other studio.

Playing Fap CEO

Fap CEO quickly engages the player and insists that your company has to grow and improve gradually. In addition, everyone can customise his or her company, including the appearance of his or her office. A successful and wealthy CEO should have a workplace that matches his position! You can configure and decorate it however you want, so get creative!

fap ceo

The game includes multiple elements that can influence the progress and growth of your company in different ways. When it comes to the girls (the most important element!), you’ll need to continuously hiring new people to work for you. This job is in no way monotonous: each of them is very different, and she must learn new and unusual techniques and develop new talents to increase your earnings.

You can motivate your girls by sending them gifts: they will thank you for it. That’s when they will start to send you sexy pictures and nudes that will leave you horny and lusting for more! They will also allow you, their employer, to get closer to them until you can finally become intimate. The ways in which you can interact with the girls are really diverse. But that is best explored for yourself in the game!

Be warned that Fap CEO is entirely addictive. You’ll probably end up hooked, and even feel a lot of affinity with some of the characters that appear in the game!

See for yourself: get registered in the game now and become the richest CEO, the fucking master. With the money you earn, hire dozens of chicks and fuck them all. Prove your skills and build the biggest empire ever seen! To get started, click on the button below.

Sound quality

When it comes to clicker video games, sounds are very important to keep the player entertained. Repetitive sounds quickly become really boring, and even annoying. The experience in Fap CEO (as far as sounds are concerned) is rather good. We would describe them as decent, and very arousing. I mean, it’s clearly not its strongest point, but at least there is diversity in the effects and they’re not too repetitive.

In the background, the melody is pretty chill, and very suitable for this kind of game. As I said, the repertoire of sound effects is fairly varied, so there’s a different one for almost every action. No doubt, Nutaku has taken this aspect into consideration to make sure that its users never get bored or tired of repeated sounds.

fap ceo

Minimum demands on your computer

Fap CEO does not require a super-powerful computer by any means. However, it does require a few things (the bare minimum, in our opinion!). For example, you’ll need a computer with a video card with at least 2 GB of RAM. The only other things you’ll need are almost any browser (the usual Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge or Mozilla Firefox will be more than enough), and, in the case of the mobile version, and Android device to play on.

Fap CEO reviews and final conclusion

What is made most clear with Fap CEO, is that Nutaku is the best adult game maker on the internet today. As for the game itself, the experience is positive from start to finish. It is a first-class game and is completely addictive from the start. The objective is simple, but entertaining. The music and graphics are literally superb. There is no game that compares!

You can play Fap CEO with just one hand (as you’ll probably find out!). All you need to do is move your mouse and click. Another plus point is that the player can unlock levels and receive prizes.

If you like addictive hentai games, you can’t miss Fap CEO. We assure you that you will love it, so join for free!

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