You may have heard of Real Adult Sex Game, a pretty popular 3D sex game that most people who’ve played a few will have heard of. Gay RASGe is the gay equivalent ! You’ll be able to experience all the intense and torrid sex scenes you’ve already seen in RASG, but this time exclusively gay. If you’re into gay porn games, this one is definitely worth a go. It’ll make you feel things you have never felt before, trust us.


What is Gay RASG ?

Gay RASG is a sex simulator in which the idea or the goal is basically to fuck as many hot guys as you can, all while varying the positions and practices to create as many fun new scenarios as possible. These guys are hot (and we mean HOT), and they want only one simple thing: your cock.

There’s no limit to the amount of hot and hardcore sex you can have in this gay porn game: the men just keep on coming, and cumming! Be it fellatio, orgies, or BDSM that excites you the most, you’ll definitely be able to bring your wildest gay fantasies to life thanks to these stunning muscular men.

Gay RASG: what’s the gameplay like ?

So you’ve probably already understood what a sex simulator is, as it’s pretty self-explanatory. Gay RASG is pretty similar to the game that inspired it: it’s a straightforward, no-nonsense sex emulator, but this time with a twist: only gay relationships are on-screen.

Much of the gameplay involves pleasing sexy men, or getting them to please you. Explore each other’s bodies, and discover all there is to discover about sex with men. Try different practices, positions, and even locations to bring up the temperature and create wild arousing scenarios. No two scenarios are the same, and how will you know which one’s your favourite until you try them all ?

What about the graphics ?

We don’t need to tell you if you’re familiar with the original Real Adult Sex Game, since this game was developed by the same studio ; but the graphics are simply stunning. You’ll have a hard time discerning these hot and sweaty bodies from real porn actors.

The beautiful textures and intricate details that have been lovingly put on these 3D models really take the whole experience to another level. We guarantee you’ll be hooked as soon as you see these guys.

Honourable mention to the sound mixing too: the sound effects and voice acting are so god-damned arousing! Get ready to feel horny before you’ve even started looking, since as soon as you get into contact with these men, they’ll start moaning and growling, all for your pleasure. It’s honestly so hard not to cum immediately.

Gay RASG: our final thoughts.

To conclude our review on this game, we’d like to start by saying our experience was overall very positive. The game is beautiful to look at and arousing to listen to, but the gameplay is also extremely varied and allows the player to come back again and again and create new scenarios every time.

We already loved Real Adult Sex Game, and Gay RASG is no different. A high quality game with a free trial to boot ! What are you waiting for ? Discover the hottest muscular guys and start fucking them right now.


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