Gay Simulator

gay simulator

Are you thirsty for some good gay sex ? Do you find most sex simulators just don’t hit the spot for you when it comes to gay sex ? Then look no further than Gay Simulator, one of the absolute best and most realistic simulators to only feature gay sex.

This gay porn game is highly addictive, and once you see just how hot and horny these guys are, we guarantee you’ll be hooked. If you like hardcore practices and beautifully sculpted men, you’re right at home. Read on to discover our full review and all the details you need to know about this game.


What is Gay Simulator ?

As the name implies, Gay Simulator is a sex simulator featuring only gay men. Big cocks and beautiful men are a given, as you can imagine – but it’s also pretty important to note that the variety of men and practices is awesome. Whether you like them big and hairy, small and cute, submissive or dominant, or any other kind of criteria, this game will have the guy for you – trust us. Once you’ve found your dream hunk, the sex scenes you’ll experience will absolutely blow your mind (as they did mine!).

Get ready to experience hyperrealistic gay sex, and reach levels of arousal you might not even have known were possible. Whatever your gay porn fantasy is, you’ll be able to recreate it in Gay Simulator!

Gay Simulator: a visually stunning gay game

If you like sexy and horny guys, come and get served. Not only are the men in this game all incredibly hot and varied, but they’re all well-endowed, and the 3D models are impeccable. Even down to the individual chest hairs, the developers have gone to great lengths to design a full collection of beautifully crafted 3D sex gods. Whatever your type, you’ll find him, and he’ll be beautiful. You can even see the drops of sweat fall as you take part in breathtaking orgies…

What’s the gameplay like ?

The gameplay is pretty straightforward and has no nonsense or time-wasting. As soon as the game boots up, you’ll be able to pick your first partner. You can choose between multiple styles of hot guys, and even redesign him to suit your preferences. After that, the game is a straightforward sex simulator, and a good one. The sex is hot, and we really mean HOT. So many practices to choose from: whether it’s an aggressive fellatio, or some soft anal sex, you’ll be able to try it all at your own pace.

The customisation possibilities add a lot of value to a simple sex simulator. The more you can change up the guys and the locations or scenarios, the more fun the game will prove to be in the long term. Gay Simulator offers a wide variety of parameters to play with, and you’ll have lots of fun exploring all the ways to make simple sex even more exciting.

Gay Simulator: our final thoughts

Well, there’s not much to add, except that this game is a solid 10/10. It does exactly what we expect from it, and it does it well. The guys are hot, the graphics are beautiful, and the sex is incredible. There’s not beating around the bush or gold stars to collect, just hot and horny guys waiting for you to do whatever you want to them.

What are you waiting for ? Gays and curious people alike with enjoy this amazing porn game, we’re sure of it.

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