Harcèlement Scolaire

harcelement scolaire

“Harcelement Scolaire”, which translates to “bullying” or more specifically “School Harassment”, is an awesome online hentai game, which is pretty intriguing: we’d love to know what exactly the creator was thinking when he developed this gem. Let us know what you guys think!

Presenting: Harcelement Scolaire

The storyline takes place in a public school called Saint Lapis Lazuli. In this school, there is an excessive bullying problem – that’s where the game gets its name. But soon, a very important character will appear – and that character is you. You are kind of like a superhero, but not like any of the Marvel or DC superheroes you might be familiar with. You’re a hero with very different abilities, mostly perverted ones. Your mission is to punish all the wrongdoers and tormentors who bully the students. Your punishments may not always be… conventional, and you can apply his own techniques and ideas.

The plot of this story goes hand in hand with an original, entertaining and well-developed dialogue. The selection of characters is vast enough to get girls of all kinds: you can’t miss the blonde, the dark-skinned girl, and the stereotypical teacher with a touch of arrogance. What is your mission? Obviously, to bring justice – so that the bullies don’t go unpunished.

Our opinion on Harcelement Scolaire

One of the reasons why we really love Harcelement Scolaire is because of how complete and entertaining the story is. It’s also worth mentioning that all the crazy hot sex scenes are fully uncensored! The characters are incredibly well drawn and well incorporated into the school context. The plot of the offers some unexpected twists and turns that’ll have you hooked, we guarantee it.

What are you waiting for ? Start punishing these naughty bullies right away!

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