Honey Crush

honey crush

You have been transported to a completely bizarre world in which a strange magician named Manfred forces you to participate in the Sex Games, an erotic competition in which you will not emerge unscathed.

In Honey Crush, prepare to use your brain to stay alive, I reassure you, the reward that will be offered to you will be as high as your efforts! But beware, if you lose, the mad magician Manfred will force you to join his harem for eternity !


Presentation of Honey Crush

As I said above, Honey Crush is a free hentai game that mixes ultra sexy sex scenes with a high quality and completely addictive puzzle game. Be careful not to make a game over not to join the monstrous harem of Manfred the magician who will force you to satisfy all his desires.

But on the other hand, if you succeed, you will be able to create and form your own harem! By correctly winning the puzzle game sequences, you will be able to retrieve the women of Manfred’s Harem one by one. You save them, in a way, and they will be grateful to you. That’s why they won’t hesitate to spread their thighs to motivate you to win again and again.

You will also have to seduce as many girls as possible. After all, after all, you have to relax by seducing girls who are well-dressed and who are excited to come to your harem. Be careful though, you’ll have to choose the right answers to their questions so they’ll want to suck you off!

A super addictive puzzle game

Honey Crush is above all a match 3 puzzle game as we like them. Except that here, it’s in a hentai style! So, get ready to see girls undressing in front of you every time you make a combo. Then try to build the biggest combo you can to make them moan and cum.

That’s why Honey Crush is so addictive, making the women in your harem cum with a x5 combo is fun. They will ask for more and more, so don’t lose your mind. The more points you earn by finishing the puzzles, the more you get to the end of the game where you will have to fight against Manfred.

To prepare you for this final confrontation, your harem girls will personally motivate you with their tongues and hips!

Collect sexy pictures

The other fun aspect of the game is to collect sexy pictures and animations in your fuck book, a manuscript that grows every time you finish a puzzle or unlock a fuck scene after successfully seducing a woman.

honey crush

And the best part? You can go into the manuscript whenever you want to review your favorite fuck scenes! Isn’t life great?

Final opinion on Honey Crush

After having finished the game completely and having been addicted to the puzzle game of Honey Crush for a few weeks, I can only recommend this ultra erotic and fun to play hentai game. With hundreds of fucking positions and handmade illustrations, it was impossible for me not to cum dozens of times while playing it.

Be careful though, this game is really, really addictive!

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