Jerkmate Gay

Jerkmate gay

You’ve probably already heard of Jerkmate: the multi-functional platform that caters to all, offering live webcams, porn videos, and interactive sex games. But did you know there’s a whole section of the platform dedicated to gays ? That’s right, and it’s called Jerkmate Gay.

Jerkmate Gay is the name given to the game available on the Jerkmate website that we’d like to discuss today. In this game, you take control of a hot guy and pretty much order him around. Read on to discover everything you can make him do, and what the whole experience is like.

What is Jerkmate Gay ?

Jerkmate Gay is a gay porn game in which you take on the role of the director. You are in the driver’s seat, and you take full control of a hot guy. What does that mean? Well, put simply, it means you can make this guy do whatever you want! You can select from a whole list of Jerkmates favourite pornstars, and then select what action you want to see them perform. It’s honestly super arousing, you won’t believe how much until you try it for yourself.

What are the visuals like ?

So, although Jerkmate Gay is a game, it’s not like the 3D games or visual novels we’re used to reviewing on here. In fact, the whole game is shot with real footage of real guys, which is incredibly arousing. It really feels like you’re actually there, making him act on your whims. It’s pretty uncommon to see games with real footage of real people, so this is a definite plus for us.

Jerkmate Gay: gameplay

As we’ve already discussed briefly, the gameplay involves ordering a man around and making him act however you like. Basically, on the screen, centred, in the guy of your choosing. Along the sides of the screen are menus, which offer a bunch of different actions and positions for you to ask him to do. It’s all very well-designed, easy to understand and aesthetically pleasing.

Choose between anal, fingering, fellatio, masturbation, these guys are just waiting to act on your every command. You can even ask them to dress up as firemen, policemen, nurses and more, if role-play is your thing. They’re only too happy to oblige.

If you feel limited in what you can make your pornstar do for you, there is a premium version which gives you access to a whole new selection of actions. Try out the free version first and see how you get on.

Jerkmate Gay: a whole new way to experience porn

This game kind of bridges the gap between classic porn and hardcore porn games. It’s a little bit of the best bits of both, and creates a whole new experience never quite seen before.

It’s a great game for those who get turned on by being in control and dominating their partner. Simply just telling someone what to do can be arousing in itself.

We really recommend the premium version if you like the game, because nothing compares to picking out a bunch of sexy, well-endowed stars, watching them start fucking each other, and controlling which actions they perform next. Telling one of them to start sucking another, while getting ploughed from behind, really opens up new realms of pleasure and domination.

Jerkmate Gay final review

To conclude on this gay porn game, it’s a whole new experience compared to classic porn games or porn videos. It’s the missing link between these two worlds. Discover a whole new way to experience pleasure by making some of the hottest guys you can imagine obey your every command! The visuals are totally unique, and having real people act in a game is insanely arousing too.

Don’t wait any longer, try Jerkmate Gay today and start dominating some of the sexiest pornstars in the industry.

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