King of Kinks

king of kinks

In King of Kinks, you will be able to satisfy your most secret and perverse fantasies thanks to an army of women, each one hotter and better than the other. But before that, you’ll have to regain control of the kingdom that is completely ruled by women.

Will you be able to live up to the ambition of your father, the King who created the rebellion ?

What is King of Kinks ?

The story of King of Kinks begins as your father dies after a bloody battle with the valkyries of the kingdom. Upon his death, he gives you control of his army. But why are you fighting? It’s very simple, for hundreds of years now, the women have controlled the kingdom and used the men as sex objects and all the men have become slaves.

Your father managed to create an army of men to rebel. And above all to take back control of the kingdom so that the men no longer suffer from the vices of these women. And to do this, you will have to fight against the terrible and sexy valkyries of the kingdom.

King of Kinks is an adventure and ultra fast 5 vs 5 fighting game in which you will have to use your brainpower to triumph over the women who are your opponents. Good news though, after defeating your opponents, you will be able to recruit them into your own army, and especially into your harem to use them as unlimited fuck toys.

Action and sex

As I said before, in King of Kinks, you will have to recruit men for your army and train them to beat your opponents to the punch and become the greatest king of the kingdom. In addition, if you defeat your opponents, you can recruit them into your own army and use them in battle.

Each woman you add to your collection has very specific powers on the battlefield, but also in bed… As you get to know the women you’ve defeated, you’ll unlock new sex scenes and ultra-powerful combat spells.

There is something for everyone: big, big breasts, big buttocks, luscious lips, small with small breasts, in short, you will have understood, with King of Kinks, you are sure to find lip to your cock.

Satisfy your fantasies

That’s what we particularly like about this hentai game. With the diversity of women that you will be able to find in the game. King of Kinks offers hundreds of valkyries to fuck. Moreover, the creators of the game are constantly adding new women to your harem.

With thousands of illustrations and animations, all handmade, King of Kinks lives up to its name. You’ll be able to indulge your most secret fantasies in this game without feeling guilty about it!

It doesn’t matter if you like orgies, anal, facial cum or a good Spanish missionary/branch. Women will recognize your superiority in battle, and open their hot thighs for you.

Final opinion on King of Kinks

The game itself doesn’t really have an ending. Even when you have become the complete king of the kingdom, there will always be some women to fight. And especially to add to your collection. Show them who the real king is with your never-tiring member.

After hours of playing, I can only recommend this hentai game. It is simply addictive and terribly horny! So what are you waiting for to take back the power?

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