Like Heroes

like heroes

In Like Heroes, you are the president of the Heroes Company. A very special superhero company: you save the world with your combos in the Match 3 mode of the game.


What is Like Heroes ?

As I said above, in this free hentai game, you are the boss of a superhero agency. But a little specialty of the house, you only hire heroines! So you are the only man for all these women.

Be careful though, you are in competition with other superhero agencies, who will try to steal your heroines. So you’ll have to make them become faithful by sleeping with them! Also beat the super villains who are only waiting for one thing: that you are not vigilant to steal your agents.

The game is super complete and offers terribly exciting stories as well as an ultra addictive match 3 gameplay.

A terribly exciting match 3

Like Heroes bases its gameplay on the well known puzzle game called match 3: create a combo of 3 or more to defeat your enemies! Even if the gameplay remains simple, the use of specific powers for some of your heroines will add spice to your fights, without forgetting the PVP mode where you will be able to fight against other players with your favorite heroines!

And of course, after the effort, the comfort. The higher your score thanks to your wild combos, the more you’ll be able to recruit new heroines and before accepting them into your agency, you’ll have to test their ability to please you: fellatio, facial ejaculation, anal, threesomes or even orgies with other heroines, take the time to test your agents before sending them out into the field.

By fucking your heroines, you’ll also be able to unlock better abilities that they can then use in battle to earn even more points! As you get to know them better through their stories, you’ll increase the bond between you, which will unlock even hotter fuck scenes later.

Over 100 animated sex scenes

One of the craziest things about Like Heroes is that the developers have added (and continue to add) hundreds of hand-animated fuck scenes! As you unlock new heroines in your agency, you will also unlock a story specific to that heroine, so Like Heroes offers dozens of different stories, most of which end up in the bed of your favorite heroines…

like heroes

In addition to that, you will be able to participate in the events organized in the game. During a short period of time, you will be able to complete specific missions to win new erotic stories and unlock new heroines to add to your harem.

The game is clearly often updated by the creators, and this is something we particularly appreciate!

Final opinion on Like Heroes

The game is technically endless, so you’ll be able to play over and over again and keep unlocking naughty stories as well as new fuck animations that are continuously added into the game by the developers. It’s a super fun and terribly exciting game, I can’t recommend it enough.

Collecting and growing your superhero company is a great idea for a game, even more enjoyable when it’s actually your personal harem and your heroines only want one thing from you: your huge member to satisfy them.

Play now !

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