Men Bang

men bang

Men Bang is a beautifully made hentai gay porn game, in which the aim is to make the most exciting and erotic porn films you possibly can. You must disguise yourself and seduce the hottest guys in Pornwood to convince them to act in your erotic films, and create in turn a booming porn film empire. Are you up to the task?


What is Men Bang?

Men Bang is basically a visual novel type sex game, in a beautiful hentai art style, whose goal is to make you meet and fuck as many hot guys as possible. You take on the role of Ryan, Paddy or William as you disguise yourself as a taxi driver or policeman in an attempt to convince them to make erotic movies with you.

The aim of the game is to become rich and famous, owning the entire porn industry of Pornwood, while also being the main actor and getting to fuck all the guys you want. Pretty neat, right?

What’s the gameplay like?

As we’ve already said, it’s similar to a visual novel in that it’s 2D, and the images don’t move much. However, the sex scenes are beautifully done and extremely arousing, as well are the sound effects and the music.

You must talk to all the men you see, and guide them through the conversation to get to where you want to be: sex. The right answers will lead to the right outcome. Every man is different and will require a different approach; some like soft-spoken gentle men, others will bring out your dominant and hardcore side. Talk to them, seduce them, fuck them, and sell the film.

The more guys you fuck, the better you’ll get at your job, and the more money you’ll make.

Men Bang: a cartoon game, but for an adult audience

The guys in this game, although 2D, are pretty damn sexy. The game is totally uncensored, and offers you some of the hottest imagery i’ve seen in a 2D hentai style game to date. The backgrounds are hand drawn too, and the colours are simply amazing. You’ll enjoy the breathtaking art as it is, without even considering how sexy the guys are!

It’s also noteworthy that even though the game is 2D, the sex scenes are fully animated. The attention to detail put into the drawings is incredible, and you can really tell that this game was made with love by its creators, a real passion project. You’ll never be bored watching the hand drawn 2D animated sex, as it’s incredibly well done and the sound effects are extremely realistic. It’s kind of like watching some excellent quality hentai.

Our final opinion on Men Bang

Men Bang is a very high quality, complete and beautiful 2D hentai gay porn game. The gameplay is lots of fun, not too difficult but not too easy, and we had a great time trying to seduce all the different guys in Pornwood.

As we’ve also mentioned, the drawings are some of the best 2D drawings we’ve seen in a porn game ever. The mix of static 2D paintings and beautifully animated sex scenes is a big draw for a game like this.

If you want to try out Men Bang for yourself, it’s available on PC and Android.

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