MenNation Review: I tried out the platform for a whole month, and here are my thoughts

After having spent a whole month using, I can now write with total certainty that this is one of my all-time favourite gay hookup sites. MenNation is quite honestly unparalleled in terms of community, diversity, and fun features. Today, I’ll be writing up a full MenNation review, where we will go over everything this awesome platform has to offer, and how much it’ll cost you if you want to take advantage of all the perks.

When it comes to gay dating, certain names stand out among the crowd, and MenNation is one of them.

MenNation review: general overview of the website

  • Ease of Use and Interface
  • Community and Diversity
  • Functionalities and Entertainment
  • Price and Value


MenNation is a gay hookup website that is incredibly popular. This website has some of the best features of any gay dating sites, such as chatrooms, webcams, online courses and more.


  • Loads of fun features and functionalities
  • Can be used without paying for a subscription
  • Over 100 million active users
  • The mobile version is awesome too
  • Perfect for hookups and online chatting


  • Slightly old-fashioned interface

My time on MenNation was overwhelmingly positive: as we go into detail about this extraordinary gay hookup site, you’ll see why I loved it so much – and why I still haven’t cancelled my subscription. Thanks to MenNation, not only did I met a few local gays and have some fun, but I spent hours upon hours just surfing webcams, hanging out in chatrooms, and even doing a few online courses as part of their “sex academy”.


Presenting MenNation

MenNation is a widely popular gay dating and hookup site with over 100 million active members. It’s part of the trusted AdultFriendFinder group of websites, which should tell you a bit about why it’s so popular. Let’s have a closer look at the website, and discover just what makes it so good.

mennation homepage

No matter your type, be they scrawny little twinks or big, hairy bears, MenNation knows how to help you find it, and how to satisfy your needs without even having to leave your room if that’s what you want! It’s important to note that MenNation is not the best gay hookup site for guys looking for a big commitment or a long-term relationship. MenNation is very geared towards fast, meaningless hookups and online NSFW video chatting – so if that’s what you’re into, you’re in for a teat.

How does MenNation work?

MenNation works much like any other gay dating site, but with a few more fun little add-ons. Many features are free, and some of the more exciting ones are behind a paywall. As soon as you log in, you’re presented with men that are currently online, men that are streaming, men in your local area, etc. You can see people’s posts if you scroll down, and even comment on them. Click on any guy you like to see his profile and send him a message – but be aware, you can only send five free messages per day, so make them count!

How to register on MenNation

Registration on MenNation is very easy : start by clicking the “join now” button on the top right. Select whether you’re a single guy or a couple (2 men only), then click next. There are a few more pages, where you’ll have to input your birthday, country, email, username and more before finally giving some information about yourself. MenNation needs to know your orientation, body type, race and marital status to set up your profile and show you guys that will interest you.

Next up, you’ll need to write a small introduction title, and a little “about me” section. Once you’ve completed all these steps, just verify your email address and you’re all set!

mennation users

If you’re looking to upgrade to a gold account right away, just click on the upgrade icon on the right of your screen.


MenNation review: what are the different features of the website?

One of the best things about MenNation is how many cool and fun features there are compared to some more basic free dating sites. Here’s a quick look at some of the best features on the platform.


Many men on MenNation choose to live stream to the public: this means it’s a one way video, where you can see them, but they can’t see you. You can chat in the stream chat to other viewers and to the streamer however, which encourages everyone to get involved all together. It’s really fun to watch these guys act out whatever you ask them to do, and they seem to get a lot out of it too!

LiveStreams are unlimited for Gold Subscribers, or regular free accounts can watch a livestream for 28 points (we’ll go into the point system and explain it later).

Chat Rooms

Chat rooms are a great source of fun for those that want to have a good time without necessarily sending pictures or videos, they’re very low effort and provide a lot of steamy action. What’s really great about the chat rooms on MenNation is that they’re separated by topic, so if you want to get dirty you can, and if you want to chat with others like you (say for example, if you’re a senior member), that’s easy too.

The chat rooms are available to all members without subscription or with, so enjoy some saucy sexting without busting your wallet out just yet!

Sex Academy

Yes, you read that correctly: MenNation offers a plethora of fun online courses as part of its “Sex Academy”. The Sex Academy has a dozen different courses, all on different aspects of sex—some that will appeal to gay men and others that won’t, so check out the courses and see if any of them suit you. Complete all the courses to become a sex god!

The Sex Academy courses are included in your gold membership.

MenNation review: how good is the community?

The amount of gay men on MenNation is pretty staggering – over 100 million active users are currently registered, and there’s usually upwards of 20,000 members online at any one time. So the community is big, but what are the guys like? Read the next part of this MenNation review to find out!

The guys on MenNation are known for being up for anything: many of them livestream daily, and show all the goods without asking for anything in return. These hot males get sexual gratification just from knowing that you’re looking at them, so why not keep looking? After all, it benefits everyone!

Of the guys I spoke to, one resounding impression stuck with me: they do not waste time. There’s no room for small talk or games, these guys want to get dirty and fast – so if you’re looking for a romantic, committed relationship, try another dating site.

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MenNation accounts and prices

MenNation is free to register, and offers many features as part of a free account. As we’ve already mentioned the chat rooms are totally free, and you can send up to five free messages a day. However, most of the fun features are behind a paywall, and there are two ways to access things.

Gold Membership

Gold Membership gets you unlimited access to all the features mentioned above, unlimited messaging, and a gold badge on your profile. The pricing is also pretty fair, and it gets cheaper and cheaper the longer you subscribe for. Here’s a breakdown of MenNation Gold’s current price points:

  • 1 month: £23,93
  • 3 months: £15,94/month (£47,81 total)
  • 12 months: £11,94/month (£143,32 total)

mennation price

As you can see, the price per month literally gets cut in half if you subscribe for twelve months, so it’s definitely something to consider when taking out a subscription.

MenNation points

You can also get access to certain parts of the website by buying “points” as we mentioned earlier. Certain content like live streams can be accessed by paying points. Here are the prices for buying points on MenNation:

  • 200 points: £2,41
  • 400 points: £4,81
  • 1000 points: £8,02

Points are a much cheaper option if you want to watch livestreams: with just 200 points, you can watch 7 separate livestreams for only £2,41 instead of paying for a whole subscription. However, you cannot use points to send private messages, so that’s a good reason to upgrade.


What are some pros and cons of MenNation?

The best way to do a full MenNation review is to make a hefty pros and cons list. To make sure we’re giving you all the important information, I’ve drawn up a list of what I think are the best and worst things about the MenNation website.

  • The largest online community of gay men
  • Loads of fun features like webcams and chatrooms
  • You can do plenty of things for free on the website
  • The men on here are not shy at all!
  • Prices go down the longer you subscribe for
  • A less intuitive website than some competing websites

MenNation review: my personal experience

As you may have guessed, I had a lot of fun using MenNation. When it comes to my personal experience, I have quite a bit to share!

Some gay hookup sites like Grindr (read my full Grindr review) are centred solely on meetups – that’s not really the case with MenNation. Although I did meet up with a few local gays, most of the action took place online, in chat rooms and in video calls. MenNation is great for having some safe, consensual fun through your computer as well as meeting guys in real life, it does both to perfection.

When it comes to hookups, I’d say a very small percentage of my chats actually ended in sex, but a huge amount ended in video sex! I had super steamy video calls with literally hundreds of men during my time using the website, and I’m not done yet! One of the best things about online sex is that I’m not limited to just the guys in my area, I had my choice of hot men from all over the world.

MenNation review: my final opinion and verdict

When it comes to online sex, MenNation really takes the cake. I’ve never felt so spoilt for choice in terms of sexy gay guys, and I’ve never felt so desirable! I can only reccommend that any guy looking for some action, be it online or in real life, takes out a subscription to MenNation today and makes the most of all the cool features.

Don’t just take my word for it, try MenNation for yourself, you won’t regret it!


MenNation review FAQ

Here are some answers to the webs most popular questions about MenNation

Is MenNation free?

Yes, MenNation can be used for free – however to access all of the features, you’ll need to either subscribe or pay for points.

Is MenNation a scam?

No, MenNation is not a scam. The Gold Membership gives you access to everything the site has to offer, and you won’t be charged without your consent.

How do I contact MenNation customer service?

You can contact MenNation customer service by calling any of the following numbers: 888-575-8383 (US), 0800 098 8311(UK), 1800 954 607 (AU).

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