Office Affairs

Office Affairs

Office Affairs is a game for anyone who has ever thought about having sex with a co-worker at the office, and wants to finally see this fantasy become a reality with the help of a high-quality sex game.

Allow us to introduce you to Office Affairs and to the world of possibilities that this X-rated game opens up, as well as all the different fantasies you can indulge in.

Presenting: Office Affairs

Office Affairs falls into the category of Try not to Cum games, i.e. porn games that show the player incredibly arousing sex scenes that make it difficult to hold back from cumming immediately. As you’ve probably guessed, this is a pretty hardcore challenge, which materializes in the form of very steamy sex scenes.

For example, in this game, you can get a blowjob from a particularly hard-working secretary, fuck the young intern in the conference room, or even try out anal with the CEO in her office! What’s for sure, is that you’ll enjoy every conceivable situation in the office space.

It’s a free-to-play, browser-based game – that means it’s available on both PC and mobile devices. If you are looking for a good porn game for Android, Office Affairs could be the right choice.

Office sex to fulfil your fantasies

Fucking office colleagues is one of the most common fantasies, and it’s no wonder! Since we spend a lot of time with our sexy colleagues, dressed in their tight work wear, little heels, and blouses that show their underwear, how could be not fantasize about them?

It’s fun to let your imagination run wild, but not necessarily to act on it. That’s where Office Affairs comes in! In this X-rated sex game, anything goes. You’ll start by selecting the first character you want to fuck between the secretary, the boss, the accountant, or the petite intern.

After this, you can select your partner’s body type. Do you prefer small or full boobs? Do you like shaved pussy? With a piercing? More hairy? What about asses: do you like them round, firm, or more plump? Create the girl of your dreams and have some sexy fun with her in different settings that duplicate familiar corporate environments.

With Office Affairs, you are in charge of all the action: choose your positions and sexual practices, fuck at your own pace, and cum on whatever body parts arouse you the most. It’s an extremely hot and arousing game, trust me!

Our opinion on Office Affairs

It’s great to be able to fulfil our fantasy, all thanks to a game as sexy and well-made as Office Affairs. You don’t have to stick to dreaming about office sex any more, you can take action with this naughty porn game. Are you up to the challenge? Will you manage to control your pleasure long enough to keep on playing?

Find out more about Office Affairs by registering for free and see if you can resist!

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