OnlyFans Squirting: Top 20 Best Squirters on OnlyFans

Who doesn’t love a babe that squirts? There’s nothing more exciting at the end of a good porn movie or sex tape than seeing the girl on screen cum buckets. Not every woman is capable of squirting, so when you find good OnlyFans squirting content, you’d better bookmark it for later. Today, we’ve compiled a list of what we believe to be the best OnlyFans squirting accounts: some well known, some hidden gems, but all make content of the absolute best quality. If you’re looking for some hot girls that squirt on OnlyFans, you’ve come to the right place.

Top 5 Best Onlyfans Squirting Accounts

  • Sofi Amour — Best OnlyFans Squirting Content
  • Simone — Best Blowjob from an OnlyFans Squirter
  • Vanessa Violet — Best Squirting Blonde
  • Kitty — Best Cosplay OnlyFans Squirting Content
  • Angel Youngs — Best Porn star Turned OnlyFans Model

What are the Hottest OnlyFans Squirting Accounts in 2024?

1. Sofi Amour

Sofi Amour is an extraordinarily cute, tiny, dark-haired OnlyFans squirting queen. When it comes to high quality squirting content and looks that most girls would die for, Sofi truly has it in the bag. She describes herself as a very versatile girl, which is enough to get my blood flowing. Sofi does full on squirting, creaming, and hardcore XXX content like anal and solo stuff. She also does custom content, dick rates, and much, much more. Check out her page for free for the first month below.


2. Simone

Simone claims to have the #1 rated Blowjob on Onlyfans – and personally, I can’t help feeling like if a hot OnlyFans squirting pro like Simone makes exciting OnlyFans blowjob videos, there’s not much more I could ever want. This beautiful sultry brunette does all kinds of stuff, including anal play, boy/girl, girl/girl, solo, and some even more exciting content. Simone squirts a ton, and often drowns people in her delicious juice. She posts pretty regularly, so you’ll never be left alone for long: check it out for free today.


3. Vanessa Violet

Vanessa is a real blonde bombshell, who’s among the top sexiest OnlyFans squirting creators worldwide, and also happens to create some of the most enticing content ever. Her pussy gets super wet, and she can soak an entire bed in minutes. She posts daily nudes, lewds, and hardcore X-rated porn. You can also get customs on request, and chat in the DMs if you’re a loyel fan. Check out Vanessa Violet below for $3 for the first month.


4. Kitty

spo0pykitten squirting

If you’re into hot, curvaceous, slinky little cosplay babes with enough boobs to drown a grown man or twelve, you’ll love Spoopy Kitten (stylized as spo0py kitten). This luscious babe has one of the most incredible bodies, with slender curves and a beautiful face to boot. She posts impressive cosplay content, as well as hardcore XXX stuff, which includes — you guessed it — a fair amount of squirting. She loves to cum buckets all over the camera, so if you’d like to watch her soak the sheets, subscribe for $3.33 for the first month.


5. Angel Youngs

angel youngs squirts

Angel Youngs is a lovely, tattooed pornstar with a good many high quality porn movies under her belt, who’s recently turned her attention to OnlyFans. As many other porn stars have done, Angel Youngs has realized it’s more fun to communicate with fans directly. She’s known in the industry for her impressive (and quantitative) squirting: watch Angel Youngs soak herself on camera when you subscribe to her page for $4.90 today.


6. Mia Malkova

Mia Malkova, damn! Who could possibly be immune to this blonde bombshells immense charm and delightful figure? Mia is a real creamer, and she squirts more than you can imagine in your dizziest daydreams. This lovely pornstar-turned-OnlyFans babe posts show-stopping porn, including anal, boy/girl, girl/girl and pretty much anything you can imagine, so you’ll be glad to know there’s enough exciting content to keep you aroused for a while. Check out her page below and sub for $3.50 for the first month if you’re interested.


7. Laura Leigh

lauraleigh OnlyFans squirting

Laura Leigh is a stunning, big tits OnlyFans babe with a huge chest that gets more impressive every time we see it. Her bouncy boobs are almost as exciting to look at as her pussy when she squirts all over herself! Laura is no stranger to female ejaculation, and her content (solo, boy/girl, toys, anal) usually ends with her soaking something, whether it’s her partner or her mattress. Check out her feed for free and see if you can’t bag yourself some exciting entertainment today.


8. Larna

larna xo squirts on onlyfans

Larna is a big booty OnlyFans queen with an exceptional body and a spellbinding, beautiful face. Larna has yet to explore everything there is to know about sex, but this barely legal babe is ready to rock and roll! This beautiful British OnlyFans queen loves to get her pussy creamy for our viewing pleasure, and her fuck machine, anal play, and girl/girl content are among some of the best videos on the platform. Let Larna whisk you away with her talents when you sub to her page for $3.99 for the first month.


9. Skylar Mae

skylar mae OnlyFans squirting

Skylar Mae, what a tease. This creamy queen is one of the highest rated chicks on OnlyFans, and it’s no surprise if you ask me. Her big ass and bouncy boobies are a sight to behold, and the quality of her content is unmatched. Skylar really does squirt a lot, and watching her soak her bedsheets is my favorite pass-time. Skylar is not only sexy, but she’s talented too, and versatile enough that she can make any fetish content or customs that are asked of her. If you’re looking for a babe like Skylar in your life, check out her best bits when you sub to her page below for $3 for the first month.


10. Coco Alice

coco alice OnlyFans squirting

Coco Alice is one of our favorite Australian creators, and an incredible OnlyFans squirting pro: she doesn’t hold anything back, or leave anything to the imagination. Her gorgeous, round ass and slender waist help her stand out in a crowd, as does her beautiful face and intriguing eyes. She does solo content, as well as boy/girl, fetish stuff, ass play and more: you name it, Alice is up for giving it a go. She does all this and more when you subscribe for $5 for the first month, so why not see if she’s your dream girl?


11. Kimmy

kkimkkimmy kimmy OnlyFans squirting

Kimmy is a stunning Asian OnlyFans creator who makes incredible content, and never charges extra for pay-per-view content. A real unique beauty, Kimmy describes herself as “your fun size Asian doll”, and is half Malaysian, half Japanese. She posts unbelievable, breathtaking nudes and intense hardcore porn, such as anal, boy/girl, squirting (obviously), toys and more. Kimmy works hard to ensure everything she creates is outstanding, and it really is. Check out her page for $4.80 for the first month and see if she can make you live your fantasies!


12. Ellie Chaotic

Ellie Chaotic BBW squirting onlyfans

Ellie Chaotic is a seductive, curvaceous alt girl that’s bordering on BBW, with some seriously sizzling big ass OnlyFans content and even better OnlyFans blowjob videos. Ellie is covered in sexy tattoos too, and her gorgeous body is a real work of art, like a sculpture that belongs in a museum. She’s a self-confessed “excessive squirter”, and could fill a pool with the liters she cums. She has B/G, G/G, threesome and even orgy content just waiting to be discovered, so sub for $5 for the first month and get a taste of Ellie Chaotic today.


13. Jenna De Milo

OnlyFans squirting Jenna de Milo

Jenna de Milo is an up-and-coming OnlyFans squirting queen, with under 10k likes, but a trajectory that promises greatness. A real stunning beauty who also happens to be a totally naughty little freak, Jenna describes her content as “the dirtiest, squirtiest content you’ll ever see”, and well, you’ll have to subscribe to see just how true this statement is. She loves to do customs, dick rates, and posts all kinds of porn. If you’re looking for a freak who knows how to soak the sheets, check out Jenna for $3.60 for the first month.


14. Divine Wavez

divine wavez nudes and videos

Now, why do you think she’s called Divine Wavez? I mean, you can probably take a pretty good guess. That’s right, this big booty babe can squirt for days. Divine, as she’s simply known, creates some pretty exciting and incredible stuff, such as girl-on-girl, solo, threesomes and more, and also gives subscribers the opportunity to chat to her one-on-one, and even video call. These are just a few of the things this gorgeous squirter will do for you, so check out her page for $11.69 today.


15. American Cake

American Cake OnlyFans squirting

American Cake is part of the top 0.7% worldwide, which is not only exciting, but not surprising. This beautiful, bodacious and ultra curvy queen is covered in stunning tattoos, and loves to get down to her birthday suit to show them off. Her sumptuous titties and squirting power are the stuff of legends, and we’ve rarely seen someone with such raw talent. She does anal, toy play, cosplay and more, all for just $16.19 for the first month.


16. Kathiana

Kathiana Katyaaaaa

Kathiana is a stunning, tan-skinned princess with a big ass and even better titties, who describes herself as a “squirt queen and ultimate tease”. Well, we do certainly enjoy a good tease, especially when it’s coming from such a beautiful girl. She uploads new, dirty content daily, whether it’s luscious nudes or sex tapes, it’s always a welcome treat. She does lots of different things, such as dildo play, dick ratings, boy/girl, and even sells her used panties and socks (yes, she does foot stuff too). Check her out for $8.99 a month today.


17. Lacey Laid

Lacey Laid OnlyFans squirting

Lacey Laid has one of those curvaceous bodies that looks unreal. Her waist is so tiny, and her boobs and ass are so incredibly impressive. She’s got huge, perky boobs that bounce and jiggle like jello, and a round, bitable bubble butt that makes men swoon. This gorgeous redhead queen has hundreds of pieces of incredible content waiting for you, including lesbian stuff, orgies, anal play, and of course, lots of squirting. Check her out for $19.97 a month today.


18. Mistress June

Squirting OnlyFans Mistress June Asian Vixen

Mistress June is one of our favorite squirting OnlyFans babes, and she also happens to be an unbelievable OnlyFans milf too. A cute, petite yet accomplished mature chick Mistress June (also known as Asian Vixen), she is known online for the power of her orgasms. June has full, squirting orgasms that can last a few minutes at a time, she cums hard for the camera, and it’s an amazing experience to watch. She does content with girls, guys, trans OnlyFans stars and more, so check her out for $12.99 a month right now.


19. Carly Cakes

carly cakes OnlyFans squirting

Carly claims to have the #1 rated sex tapes on OnlyFans – and after having watched a few, I can believe it. She’s got banging little boobs that stay perky and bouncing no matter what she’s doing, and a creamy pussy that squirts all over the place. She does roleplay, anal play, blowjobs and more, usually ending in a lot of cum being squirted around. Check out her best sex tapes and nudes when you subscribe for free below.


20. Dainty Wilder

OnlyFans squirting dainty wilder

Lastly on our list, but certainly not least, Dainty Wilder. This hugely popular OnlyFans Squirting babe has over 2 million likes, and you’ll understand why if you subscribe today. This adorable brunette describes herself as a “squirting nympho slut”, and she’s never disappointed me yet. She does liveshows, customs, and posts regular, incredible content such as anal, JOI, solo, lesbian, B/G, fetish stuff and more. She doesn’t hold anything back, and loves to get really filthy : see for yourself for $5 for the first month.


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