Project QT

Project QT

In Project QT, you’ll have to form a team of super-powered women to defend the earth from a horrific monster attack after a black hole appears in Antarctica. Mixing puzzle game (match 3) and real-time strategy game, Project QT will delight strategy fans while rewarding you for your work!

Can you rise to the occasion and save the world ? The reward is worth it.


Presentation of Project QT

Project QT is a hentai puzzle game offering an exciting adventure full of twists and turns (especially blowing up pretty women on your member). You will have to recruit, train and improve the women you add to your collection. Be careful though, if you don’t know how to satisfy them properly, they might leave !

Project QT

But how do you recruit your women? We tell you more in the next part of our review !

A black hole…

It all started after a scientific experiment destroyed a part of the Antarctic. A black hole forms at the place of the explosion and vile monsters come out of it. But after a few hours of fighting, the black hole is no longer filled with horrible monsters, but with women, and particularly hot women in small clothes.

They are the ones you will have to recruit to beat the monsters. With their power, you will succeed in annihilating the monsters of the unknown world. But how do you recruit them to join you? It’s very simple. First of all you will have to defeat them in a puzzle battle. You have to prove that you are up to the task.

Once you win and prove that you are strong enough to be the leader of an army. You’ll get to know each other better in the bed of your stronghold… After all, you have to know how to fight and also be good in bed to be the best fighter possible.

These women will try to talk to you and you will be able to answer their questions. If you play your cards right, they will start to undress in front of you and offer you a good sex game, sometimes with more than one!

Addictive puzzle game

The other gameplay of the game is a super addictive puzzle game in which you will have to use your brains to create the best combos possible to defeat the terrible monsters that are invading the earth. The more you advance in the levels, the stronger the monsters you will face. That’s why you have to take the time to train, you and your wives, to succeed in fighting without losing anyone.

Project QT

The training part is almost the most exciting part of the game. If you want to teach one of your recruits a specific spell. Just bring her to your room and penetrate her pussy with your member. After cumming inside her, your recruit will learn a super-powerful spell to defend the land even better.

If you think of it, the game will offer it to you. Orgies, anal, facial or creampie… gang bang, threesomes, blowjob, Spanish handjob, the more you fuck, the more victory points you get. In Project QT, you can fuck non-stop and as much as you want.

Final opinion on Project QT

The game is technically endless, and the creators are constantly adding new recruits to your personal harem. In addition, you can participate in events to win items that will earn you even more recruits and points.

After a few weeks spent on Project QT, I can only recommend it. With its super addictive puzzle like gameplay and thousands of possible combos, you’ll really have to be strategic to win.

Not to mention the sex scenes that are simply ultra exciting. Play it, absolutely and without limit !

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