Sexting messages for her : 100+ Sexy Text Messages

So you’ve started chatting with a girl, but you don’t know how to take things to the next level ? No worries ! We’re here to teach you how to send some hot sexts that’ll drive her crazy. Choose your favourite on our list of the best sexting messages for her to get the ball rolling.

It’s pretty easy, especially if you haven’t yet made that leap to a sexual relationship yet, to come off as creepy. This list of 100 sexting messages for her are tried and tested with (mostly) positive results.

If you are having trouble and are worried about being creepy, just spice things up with one of these safe bets. Guaranteed, she’ll be begging for it within a very short time.

100 sexting messages for her

Without further ado, here’s our list of the top 100 best pick-up lines and sexting messages to get any girl feeling hot and wet in no time at all. You’ll definitely be able to find a good line or two in here to get her sending you nudes and hot videos! Give it a go, what have you got to lose?

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sexting messages for her

  1. I just woke up thinking of you
  2. Hey, sit on my face.
  3. You’re either going to have me on my knees asking to marry you or eating you out – your choice.
  4. I bet you’re beautiful when you cum
  5. I’d love to cuddle you, but I think it’d turn sexual really fast
  6. Your name is beautiful, it’ll sound great when I moan it
  7. You have a lovely voice, I bet it’d sound great screaming my name
  8. I love your outfit, but it’d look better on my bedroom floor
  9. Don’t even think about cumming before I say you can
  10. Your body drives me crazy
  11. If I saw you naked, I’d probably die
  12. How are you so hot ?
  13. I’m pretty much always on top of things. Do you want to be one of them?
  14. How is someone as hot as you interested in a guy like me?
  15. I’m so thirsty, and I heard that your body is over 70% water… want to help me out?
  16. You’ve been a bad girl… go to my room
  17. My dick would look great in your mouth
  18. You’d look great on your knees
  19. Send me a picture of your ass, so I can tell Santa Claus what I want for Christmas this year
  20. If being sexy was a crime, you’d be serving a long sentence
  21. As long as I have a face, you’ll always have a seat
  22. As well as being sexy, what else do you do?
  23. I fantasize about fucking you at least once a day
  24. Let’s shower together to save water
  25. You’re so hot, I could fry an egg on you
  26. Quick, this condom’s about to expire – we should use it to avoid waste.
  27. I want to feel your fingers run through my hair
  28. Those nails are going to leave scratches on my back
  29. I bet your pussy tastes like strawberries
  30. Do you like how I make you feel?
  31. I wish I was eating you for breakfast.
  32. I spend way too much time thinking about your thighs
  33. I want to set up camp between your legs
  34. Ready to have your toes curl ?
  35. I’m not wearing any underwear
  36. There’s nothing hotter to me than the thought of you cumming
  37. I want to feel you cum on my face
  38. I can’t concentrate on anything when you’re literally just existing and being that hot
  39. I’ve been very naughty today…
  40. You know what would look great ? My handprints on your ass.
  41. Netflix & chill ?
  42. You’ve never felt pleasure like I’m ready to give you baby
  43. I’m the judge, and you’re sentenced to one night in my bed
  44. That dress is becoming on you – if I were on you like that, I’d be cumming on you too
  45. Have you ever been arrested ? Being that hot must be illegal
  46. You’re fucking beautiful – and beautifully fuckable
  47. My favourite angle to look at you from is from between your thighs
  48. I have a big package for you to sign for
  49. There are 206 bones in the human body. You want another one?
  50. Is it hot in here, or is it just you?
  51. You’ve never had an orgasm like the one I’ll give you
  52. I’m so hard for you right now
  53. You make me question my control over my own body
  54. If I flip a coin, do you think I’ll get head ?
  55. You must be a chicken farmer, cause damn, you can raise cocks.
  56. You’re at the top of my “to do” list
  57. Hey, you’re hot, let’s fuck.
  58. Let’s be honest, we both want to see each other naked
  59. What’s the difference between a Porsche and an erection ? I don’t have a Porsche
  60. I just want to snuggle
  61. How deep is your throat?
  62. Your pussy is amazing
  63. Why am I just sitting here when I could be over there fucking you?
  64. I just laid in bed thinking about you… Guess what I was doing?
  65. I want to kiss you all over
  66. I’m going to make you scream in languages you can’t even speak
  67. I’m going to have you walking side-to-side
  68. Just the thought of your body makes me rock hard
  69. I’ve had like 5 cold showers, and I still can’t stop thinking about sex with you
  70. I love the feeling of your thighs against my face
  71. I had the craziest dream about you last night
  72. I’m going to make everything about you – just relax
  73. I wanted to take things slow with you, but you drive me wild
  74. Your skin feels so soft, it makes me want to kiss you all over
  75. Sexting is fun, but it does make it hard to kiss your soft skin
  76. What flavour are you?
  77. I’m so horny thinking about you
  78. I have to taste every part of you, so I can pick my favourite flavour
  79. You’re sexy no matter what you wear, whether it’s joggers or a tight dress.
  80. I bet you’re a fireball in the bedroom
  81. I’m aching to get my tongue on you
  82. Touch yourself for me
  83. I just know you’re a dirty girl
  84. I want to bury my face in your cleavage
  85. Your boobs are just the perfect size and shape, they drive me crazy
  86. I’d pick a crazy night in your room over a date with any celebrity – you’re my dream girl
  87. I want to slip my hand in your panties
  88. I just want to caress your body all over
  89. I’ve been a bad boy… want to punish me?
  90. I want to tie you up and do things to you
  91. I want you to tie me up and do whatever you want to me
  92. Want to practice the Kama Sutra together?
  93. If I was with you right now, I’d rip your panties off and… you choose what happens next
  94. I came so hard last night thinking about you
  95. Your breath in my ear as you cum hard is my favourite sound
  96. I want the lights on when I finally get to cum for you – I want to see you orgasm for me
  97. I’m like a Rubik’s cube – the more you play with me, the harder I get!
  98. Guess what I’m doing? Get it right, and I’ll send you a picture!
  99. I’m addicted to your pussy
  100. You literally get hotter and sexier every day, what’s your secret?

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