Sexy Exile

sexy exile

In Sexy Exile, you live quietly in paradise, you fuck women all day long, paradise! But one day, you decide to fuck Anaela, the daughter of the big boss, and he doesn’t really like you filling his daughter’s holes. So you are sent back to earth for a few months as punishment.

What to do during these few months? The solution comes to you when you notice that the women of the earth have only one desire: to suck the cock of a fallen angel. Let’s go for a few months of sexual debauchery!


What is Sexy Exile ?

As I said above, in Sexy Exile you play a fallen angel after you fucked the woman of too much: Anaela, the daughter of the big boss. In retrospect, maybe you shouldn’t have, but she had some pretty convincing arguments: two pairs of tits that she used to jerk you off!

Now you’re stuck on earth and you have to keep yourself busy as you can until you get back to heaven. Why not do the thing you know how to do so well: fuck women? And that’s exactly what you’re going to do.

You’ll have to take the women you meet on a date to get to know them and kindly ask them to take off their clothes. Sexy Exile is a mixture of dating game and puzzle game.

Ultra fast gameplay

The gameplay of Sexy Exile is super fast, the dating part seems simple enough at first, but the puzzle mode will require you to use the best possible strategy to create huge combos so that the women you want to fuck will be impressed by your strategical skills!

Take them on dates to sexy and romantic places. Get to know them by chatting with them in the visual novel mode where you will discover the intriguing story of this hentai game for PC and mobile. With all these different game modes, you’ll have plenty to do for many hours.

It’s good to be in paradise

It’s good to be in heaven! That’s why you have to get back there as soon as possible. If you succeed in completing certain missions, angels will descend to earth to see how you are doing. It’s up to you to convince them to ask the big boss to let you return to heaven.

Sexy Exile

Fuck them properly and make them cum dozens of times with your wild combos. If you succeed in these special missions, you will be able to return to paradise sooner than expected. And when you finish the game, the big boss will offer to give you wings that will allow you to come back on earth to fuck all the women you want!

The goal is to become the angel of sex, will you be up to it?

Final opinion on Sexy Exile

What more can we say about Sexy Exile? If you’re still not convinced that you’ll have a good time in paradise with the sexiest women in the universe, I don’t know what to tell you! If you like orgies, threesomes, foursomes, blowjobs, facials, anal, etc, this game is for you. Whatever you are looking for in a hentai game, you will find it in Sexy Exile.

Let’s not forget the ultra fun puzzle game with its sexy combos and which requires speed

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