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star whores

Wherever you go, it’s a universal truth that Star Wars is one of the most famous and recognisable sagas in the cinematic world. If you are a fan of Star Wars, you will be definitely be a big fan of Star Whores! So get ready to have some fun and play with your lightsaber with this awesome 3D porn game.

If you are a fan of adult porn games, be sure to read this review in full to get a good idea of how awesome this game really is.

Star Whores is a porn game that will definitely meet your expectations, and satisfy your deepest sexual desires. Literally just reading the title, “Star Whores” is enough to get hard, and start imagining some pretty dirty things. We’re pretty sure that most of you at some point have fantasized about at least one of the characters in the saga. Who hasn’t wished they could fuck Padme, Rey or Princess Leia ? Well, now you can finally get to it, and enjoy the ultimate Star Wars Porn Parody experience.

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Star Whores : a high quality porn parody

We can’t start this review without first applauding the amazing work done by the developers behind this game. Star Whores boasts stunning graphics and incredibly skilled workmanship in pretty much every aspect. For a Star Wars themed game, it’s really cool and fully respects the atmosphere of the saga. It’s also pretty interesting to note that the characters in this Star Wars parody are really similar to their real counterparts: in fact, when you compare the 3D models to those of the Star Wars games franchise, they’re almost impossible to tell apart.

There’s no doubt in our minds, these models are going to make you insanely horny. With realistic features and a lifelike appearance, they act and feel amazing when you’re fucking them in 3D. Each character is unique and has different reactions and skills: keep playing to discover them all!

It goes without saying that the facial features are beautiful, I mean, we’ve all seen Star Wars, and the girls aren’t exactly anyones second choice! But damn, their bodies are absolutely incredible. Their boobs and asses are insanely well done and look so realistic, it’s hard to resist sticking it in as soon as you see their plump little asses. The best part is the pussy: they’re incredibly realistic, and they even look wet when the girls are horny !

The sex scenes are also super realistic and accurate, we guarantee you’ll be cumming around the clock with this game. It feels like the perfect mix of watching a realistic 3D porn film, and living in it! You may think we’re exaggerating, but we’re not at all – this video game is intense to say the least. It’s not just the graphics that will blow you away: the audio is also stunning. Star Whores really is a gem in a world of mediocre porn parodies.

Characters and maps

As we already said earlier, the way the characters are modeled is pretty pleasing, and we’re sure you’ll be totally ecstatic while you masturbate. However, in order to build a complete a review of Star Whores, we can’t stop here : it’s also important to note that Star Whores has an extremely wide range of characters available, and variety is a big selling point in this game. It definitely scores extra points in this regard, and is able to position itself among the best adult games on the market.

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When you first open Star Whores, you have a list of characters to select from. You can pick characters such as Rey, Princess Leia, Padme Amidala, Jyn Erso, Shmi Skywalker, Rose Tico. and many more.

The scenery and atmosphere is also pretty varied: you will have plenty of planets and different places to fuck the chicks in the game. There are loads of places to get laid! You can fuck on Tatooine, in the jungle, Yavin IV, but also cities such as the cloud city of Bespin and Coruscant. There are many more places to explore, we’ve mentioned just a few to give you an idea of the variety of places available in Star Whores.

Star Whores Gameplay

At this point in the article, we imagine that the intrigue you have for Star Whores is growing. Well now, it’s time to get down to business and give you a bit of information about the gameplay.

In any Star Whores game mode, you’re like the director of your own sex movie. You won’t be left wanting the girl to do something to you, because you are the one who decides and guides her! The biggest difference of this game from other games in the same style is that Star Whores has basically no limits.

star whores


The sexual positions and practices are super varied. You’re able to not only use props and toys to please your partner, but also your big hard cock. Star Whores guarantees its users a fun distraction but also, and above all, a lot of excitement while playing! We promise you that if you like Star Wars and are a fan of the franchise, you’ll be really into this game. And if you are not a fan at all, give this game a chance, you’ve got nothing to lose!

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Choose the intensity of the scenes

Before you start, the game will ask you to choose how intense you’d like it to be: depending on what you choose, the game will be slightly different. The change is not too noticeable, but the sex scenes will be limited to those that fit the intensity preference you choose. You can also adapt the intensity settings at any time. Choose between soft, hard or extreme sex! You can even choose if you want to have group sex and practice BDSM.

Requirements to play Star Whores

It’s always important to consider the technical requirements of a game before purchasing it. To play Star Whores, you don’t need much. No download is required, let alone any external software. The game is available on the website to be played in the browser and whenever you want. Their web game is available for computers, smartphones and tablets.

So, what else could be needed? Well, in addition to a device to play on, you’ll need to register and provide age verification. Basically, since Star Wars is so famous, some younger generations out there may have intentions of logging in and seeing some innaproppriate stuff. Finally, it is important to have a good internet connection to avoid any inconvenience (like disconnection) when playing. If you make sure to comply with all these points, you’ll definitely have a geat time playing Star Whores.

Games and side pages

In addition to being a fun and exciting game which will never get boring, Star Whores provides its users with a large amount of additional content. After logging in, you can enjoy the main game as well as loads of other side games. Even if you do get bored of the main game, you’ll never get tired of all the games on the web portal. You can find everything from 3D porn to hentai and virtual reality games.

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Star Whores has very few limits when it comes to sex videos too : it boasts a huge list of very high quality hardcore sex videos. The website is bursting with content, and also offers pretty good security for its customers: it guarantees that your data will never be leaked, which we believe really says a lot about how responsible the company behind Star Whores is.

Register and become a premium Star Whores player!

Despite being a completely free game, Star Whores offers a number of additional benefits to its Premium users. If you want to become a Premium user, the process is extremely simple: when registering to verify your age, the site asks for a credit card to make sure that the user’s age is real. Of course, the company will never take any money without your authorisation. However, if you want to have access to the range of benefits for premium users, you must pay a (fairly low) monthly fee.

Once you decide to become a premium member, all the game options and modes will be enabled. From more characters and more maps, to lots more porn videos (both real and hentai). In addition, many more porn games will be added to your library so you will be able to play for quite some time.

Final opinions about Star Whores

To conclude, we can definitly say that this game is up to the mark. Star Whores is an incredible porn parody, and one of the best porn games in the Star Wars universe. You will definitely enjoy playing with your… lightsaber. In this game, be prepared to feel totally immersed in the space and sci fi atmosphere with your favourite characters. You will for sure be fucking non-stop with the hottest girls in the galaxy!

This game has almost no limitations when it comes to sex: the only limitation is the one set by your own imagination. Of course, this is only true if your imagination revolves around Star Wars, but then again, if you have little or no idea what Star Wars is all about, you can still enjoy this porn parody.

We hope you will enjoy hardcore sex with your favourite fictional characters from this amazing saga.

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