Tinder Reviews: Our Opinion and User Feedback

Tinder has quickly become the leading mobile dating app in terms of downloads and number of active members. The ability to “swipe” to match or not match based on photos of hot singles in your area has revolutionized the way we flirt and meet people in this day and age. Tinder has certainly made its mark on the internet dating scene. However, when you’re looking for an app to help you find a date or just a quick booty call, it’s easy to get confused: so without further ado, here’s my full review of Tinder, in the hopes it’ll help you decide whether it’s the right app for you. We’ll check out features, community, as well as Tinder reviews from all over the web before giving you our final thoughts.

Tinder Reviews: Overview

  • Ease of Use and Interface
  • Community and Diversity
  • Functionalities and Entertainment
  • Price and Value


Tinder is a world-famous dating app, mostly thanks to its swipe-to-like concept. With so many profiles on the app, meeting people is very easy. It's ideal for singles who don't necessarily want a serious relationship, but also works well for those looking for something more serious and long-term.


  • Large community
  • Good response rate
  • Useful features
  • Free to use


  • Lacking in entertaining features

Tinder is an excellent app, that’s all about having a good time without a headache. The geolocation system is what makes Tinder so great, since it allows you to always be aware of the hottest people in your immediate area that are single and ready to mingle.

Introducing Tinder

Created in 2012, Tinder is essentially a high-quality adult dating site, that owes its success to its “Swipe” concept. Tinder suggests profiles to users, and you can swipe right to like, or swipe left to dislike. When two people have liked each other’s profiles, it makes a match. They’re then put in contact with each other, and are able to exchange private messages.

This dating app is meant to be slightly less serious than some other dating sites: Tinder can be used just for hookups if that’s what you want. Tinder uses members’ geolocation to match them with people in their area, and over 60 million people have already started swiping on Tinder.

Tinder Reviews: Community

Tinder has a huge, worldwide community: as a result, it’s pretty easy to find all kinds of profiles on this popular sexting app. However, note that young people are more likely to use the Tinder app, and that for older people, Tinder probably won’t be the best choice for meeting people your own age.

My overall opinion of the Tinder community is positive. Members are extremely active, and there’s something for everyone. There are people who are looking for true love, and people who are looking for a more casual hookup. It’s super easy to get in touch with other singles thanks to the match system, but standing out is always a good way to ensure to get lots of matches, so make sure to have a good quality profile.

Registering on Tinder

The Tinder app is available on iOS and Android, but can also be used in-browser on your PC or Mac. To begin your experience and form your own opinions about this popular hookup site, you’ll need to sign up. You can register on Tinder using one of 3 methods: phone number, Facebook or Google. Facebook is probably the easiest option, since your Facebook and Tinder profiles will be merged. This means you don’t have to create a profile, and the same information will be on both accounts. If you choose to sign up for Tinder without Facebook, you’ll need to take some time to fill in your profile. This means selecting your profile photo, and coming up with a good Tinder description that helps you make a good first impression.

Tinder Reviews: Features

Tinder has some very specific features that have made it super successful: the baseline idea of Tinder is to match with other singles, and the developers wanted to make an interactive and fun app for everyone to use. To achieve this dream, they created some of the best known features to have revolutionized the world of online dating.


Tinder’s first and undoubtedly best-known feature is the swipe: a “swipe” is when you slide your finger to the right or left of your screen to choose to like or pass a user. Swiping to the right means you want to send a like to the person, and swiping to the left means you’re not interested.


The match idea was also an innovation created by the Tinder team. If you’ve liked a profile and they in turn like your profile, then it’s a match. When there’s a match, you’ll be put in touch with the person in question and start chatting on Tinder. It’s pretty essential to keep your profile and description up to date on Tinder so that you can get as many likes as possible. Depending on the number of likes you get, you may be able to get quite a lot of matches.

tinder reviews

Likes and Super Likes

On Tinder, there are two ways to show that you’re interested in a person: by sending a regular “Like” or a “Super Like”. As explained previously, likes are sent when a member swipes right. However, users also have the ability to send “Super Likes”. This is basically sending a big like to a person that has really caught your eye, and you really want to chat to.

Tinder Reviews: Subscriptions

Tinder, unlike some other apps, is free to download. However, this previously totally free app has chosen to offer subscriptions to users that want to use the app without ads and to have access to better features. Users can decide so subscribe to Tinder Plus, Tinder Gold or Tinder Platinum.

Tinder Plus: The first subscription tier on Tinder, and the cheapest. It gives access to some features that free users don’t have, such as unlimited likes, ad-free browsing, the ability to cancel your like or your pass, as well as the “passport” feature. The latter is a premium feature that lets you chat to people anywhere in the world.

Tinder Gold: This subscription offers the same features as Tinder Plus, but with a few, not insignificant extra goodies (and bigger price tag). Tinder Gold allows users to see who liked them before liking back: this means you can see a list of people who’ve swiped right before making a decision yourself, making your ability to match much higher. You also get five free Super Likes a week, and one free Boost a month.

Tinder Platinum: Tinder’s hottest and most expensive subscription tier offers the same options as the other options, with the addition of a few new features. Tinder Platinum users can message before matching, meaning that you don’t have to wait around to see if someone likes you back, and your likes will take priority over other users, making you more likely to match with potential partners first.

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Although Tinder used to be entirely free, users can now take out subscriptions to gain unlimited access to all of its premium features. Choose between Tinder Plus, Tinder Gold and Tinder Platinum depending on your needs. One important thing to note is that Tinder doesn’t actually have a set price for each package, since the price of each subscription can vary depending on two things: your age, and your stats.

Tinder is mostly cheaper for young users, and those with more matches. Older users and users with a very low match rate will pay more for their subscription.

Tinder can cost anywhere between €1.99 and €29.99 a month, depending on the tier you choose and the factors previously mentioned. Sign up today to find out how much you’ll be charged.

Tinder Reviews: User Testimonials

The independent reviews I found online are somewhat mixed. It seems that anyone using the free service is pretty happy with it, and the complaints come from those who have paid for premium services. Let’s take a look at what people liked and didn’t like about Tinder.

Positive Tinder Reviews

When it comes to the positive reviews, most of Tinders happy customers have success stories that started as a swipe. Many people say they met the love of their life on Tinder, which backs up the fact that it’s a very versatile app that may have started out as a hookup solution, but ended up serving many different interests.

People cite the apps ease of use and swiping concept as two of the best things about it. Most users are thrilled with how easy it is to download, sign up, and start using.

Negative Tinder Reviews

Of the negative Tinder Reviews I found, most were people complaining that they didn’t think the subscription was necessarily worth it, and didn’t help them increase matches.

Some of them complain about fake profiles, which is an unfortunate problem with almost every dating app, and some complain about the fact that you have to message as soon as you match, or you lose the opportunity.

Tinder Reviews: Pros & Cons

  • Free to use
  • Swiping is easy and intuitive
  • Relatively low fake profile rate
  • Good male/female ratio
  • Premium memberships available if desired
  • Membership doesn’t have a fixed price
  • Lots of profiles means fierce competition

Tinder Reviews: How do Users Rate the App?

Next up in my Tinder review, it’s important to check out the apps reviews in the App Store and Google Play. We’ve gone into detail about Tinders’ features, but it’s vital to know what users have to say about the app itself.

tinder matching swiping

On the App Store, Tinder scores 4.1/5 for a total of 115,000 reviews.

On Google Play, the app is rated 3.6/5, with over 6 million reviews.

These reviews are mostly positive, with users saying that the app is ideal for meeting all sorts of people, but that the app can get kind of buggy sometimes.

Tinder Reviews: Final Thoughts

Overall, my opinion of Tinder is generally positive. The app makes it easy to meet single people, and you can meet people who live near you, which makes meeting up in real life much easier.

Tinder hasn’t shed its reputation for being a booty call app: this reputation isn’t totally false, either. It’s just a question of being clear about your intentions and explaining them in your description. That way, you’ll only attract members who share the same interests as you.

However, the big negative point in my Tinder review is the section on subscriptions. A few years ago, Tinder was totally free, but, since we live in a capitalist world, the company still needs to make a profit – and that’s why they set up a subscription system. It’s not a bad idea, but the fact that there’s no set price is a little confusing. Subscriptions are priced according to the age and usage of each member, which is not only confusing, but also seems a little off-putting. The app is cheaper for young people with successful profiles, and older people who use the app less often will find the subscription to be more expensive.

Nevertheless, the Tinder application is very easy to use, and you’ll quickly get the hang of swiping and matching. It takes just a few hours to meet someone, and if you don’t want to spend the night alone, you can find a one-night stand fast with Tinder.

To conclude my Tinder review, I’d like to say I feel confident recommending this app, especially if you’re looking for a light-hearted way to have some fun, but you may even find the love of your life on this platform!

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