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tiny ass

With the surge that sex games have had in popularity these past few years, due to in part the arrival of HTML5, as well as a general boredom when it comes to regular porn, loads of new games have specific fetishes and cater to different types of people. Some examples of this include targeted games such as Shemale Sex Games, and more recently, Tiny Ass. This game caters specifically to those who really love anal sex, and tight little assholes. Whether you’re gay, straight, bisexual or somewhere in between, you’ve probably already had fantasies about pounding a tight asshole, or maybe even getting a good ass-pounding. If this sounds like you, then you’re in the right place!

Take a tour of this awesome new porn game with us, as we go over it with a fine tooth comb and discuss its graphics, sound effects, gameplay, as well as how you can play the game and what else you can expect to find on the website. Strap in (or strap on…), because it’s a good one!

Presenting Tiny Ass, the anal fuck game

Let’s start by giving an overall presentation of the game. What exactly is Tiny Ass? Well, to keep it somewhat brief, Tiny Ass is an online porn game all about enjoying anal sex. The game is a realistic sex simulator, where you can explore different partners, genders, scenarios, and locations all the while having crazy realistic 3D sex with the hottest girls and guys you can imagine.

The game is fairly straightforward, and doesn’t beat around the bush, asking you to complete storylines or quests before getting into the good stuff. There’s no in-game currency or anything like that, it’s just a to-the-point game for those of you that want to cum hard.

Tiny Ass is not only a sex game, however, it’s also a host website for hundreds of other games. It’s a great website that has the best of both worlds: it hosts a high quality 3D porn game, but also offers you access to loads of the best porn games for the hassle of just one registration.

Let’s go a little more in-depth into the actual Tiny Ass game, and discuss some of its aspects.


Stunning graphics, for a realistic experience

As you may have already seen if you’re a little impatient and have clicked through to the website, the 3D models and animations are absolutely mind-boggling. The realism and detail put into every aspect of the visuals and images is actually crazy, like it looks so realistic i had to check twice it wasn’t live action.

The way the different assholes look when it’s resting, it’s like they’re inviting me to put something in there. Whether it be a realistic dildo, my fingers, or my cock, they look so welcoming and warm… enough to make even the biggest prudes at least a little horny.

Every effort to make the models look realistic is very appreciated. Down to the details of the pores in the skin texture, and even the veins in the huge throbbing cocks – the developing team on this game really went above and beyond. That’s probably one of my favourite things about this game, it’s sometimes easy to forget it’s a game and get lost in the moment.

I’d also like to mention the game’s soundtrack and sound effects. The characters make some of the most exciting and arousing noises i’ve heard in a porn game so far. The squeals and moans these hot little bitches make when you penetrate their tiny asses are enough to make anyone bust. Seriously, I challenge you to last more than a few minutes once they start really moaning.

Tiny Ass: customize your partner and enjoy hardcore anal sex

Loads of the details about Tiny Ass are customizable and can be personalized for your pleasure. When you first register, you’re already given a bunch of different options to make your partner as you like her: tit size, ass size, pussy hair and more are all things you can play with to create a personalized experience.

Once you’re in the game, whether it’s Tiny Ass or any of the other amazing, high quality porn games on the site, there are multiple customization options. Tiny Ass allows you to pick gender, genitalia, hair colour, boob size, and lots more details about your partner, so the experience never gets old!

You can also choose different locations and scenarios to really make every experience new and exciting. That’s something I really loved about the game, and why I’m still playing it to this day.


How do I play Tiny Ass?

To start playing Tiny Ass or any of the other games the website hosts, first you’ll need to click through to the homepage. Once you’re on the website, try not to get distracted by the hot images in the background! Let them entice you and give you a little taste of what’s to come.

Firstly, there are a few notices to take into account. The website shows you two separate warnings: “Our games feature tons of hardcore sexual scenes and graphic violence.”, and “These games can be highly addictive, and in some cases ruin your relationships and have a negative effect on your job, sleeping etc.”. You must agree you have read both notices, and have no issues with the graphic nature of the images and/or issues with addiction.

Once you’ve got past the necessary warnings, it’s time for some fun: choose what special skill you’d like your partner to have, as well as her boob size, pussy type, ass size, etc. Then, you can choose the kind of games you’d like Tiny Ass to suggest to you: specifically “quick cum” games, or games with a good storyline, games that have more or less hardcore visuals, censored or uncensored, etc.

Once you’ve made all the necessary choices, Tiny Ass will take you through automatically to the registration step. Here, you must input your email, desired password, first and last names, postcode and country of residence. This is the final step in getting the game started, so don’t be impatient!

What kind of stuff does Tiny Ass have in store for me?

Tiny Ass uses a very high quality and modern algorithm to make sure it takes your preferences and game history into account. The website hosts a huge amount of porn games, and takes care to make sure it only shows you the games that align with your desires, fetishes and personal choices. The choices you made during the registration period will help the site get an idea of your favourite kind of game and sexual partner, as well as which games you choose to play first when you start using Tiny Ass.

There’s a huge amount of high quality 3D porn games to try out on the site, so don’t waste time! Input your preferences and work your way through your personalized list of sex games today.

Our final thoughts

Tiny Ass is an exceptional game, from A to Z. From the graphics, to the sound effects, the gameplay and all the other exceptional games this website hosts, I don’t have a bad word to say about it.

I am so glad I took advantage of the free trial period, because now I have access to the most stunning and high quality sex games with one registration instead of signing up for loads of different websites.

So why not try it for free today? Click the link below and get started on Tiny Ass, the best anal fuck game there is.

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