Westsluts is a porn parody game that was, as you’ve probably guessed, inspired by the HBO TV series Westworld. As it is in the show, Westsluts takes place in a kind of theme park that is designed to look like the wild west in the 1870s. This theme park is staffed by androids, who are programmed to provide every service you could imagine.

Androids in charge of the service? You might be thinking that this is a bit of an unusual idea, but we assure you, once you get into it, it’s one of the best porn games we’ve ever played. In the game, the player plunges into an unregulated and completely debauched world with the possibility to literally have any “girl” at any time.

This little introduction may already be enough to start forming an opinion on Westsluts: but don’t jump to any conclusions just yet! Read on to discover each and every tantalizing detail of this epic sex game.

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The aim of Westsluts is to pretty much transport the player into a world where limits do not matter, or even exist. A world of excess in the middle of the wild west, populated with hot humanoids, whose purpose is to sexually satisfy their partner. You have total control, and must make a decision to either become a dignified cowboy working for the law, or rather a pussy master who lives only to fuck without any remorse.

Westsluts is further proof of the evolution of porn games in recent years, and it’s definitely worth a try in our opinion. The universe in which the game take place is spectacular, and has everything we are looking for in a game. First and foremost, it provides fun and distraction, but also excitement and arousal. Boy, are those androids hot!

Introduction to Westsluts: choose your adventure

Before getting started, Westsluts will first invite you to choose how you would like the adventure to unfold. Basically, there are 3 options, each one more intense than the last. The first, SFW, offers normal, everyday scenes. It’s basically just a cowboy game in the wild west with some PG-13 sex scenes… but that’s not what we’re here for, so let’s move on. The second setting is called “erotic”, and it  contains much more explicit scenes. Lastly, the “hardcore” setting; now this is what we like! Here, you’ll see brutal sex scenes, each one explicit and extreme enough to make you tremble.

There is no doubt that this intensity selection is hugely beneficial for the game, as it gives you more freedom to decide based on your tastes and means most people can play without overstepping their own limits. However, that’s not all that can be made to suit your tastes: in addition to the intensity of your adventure, Westsluts will have you choose your own partner from a group of very hot candidates. After that, you’ll even be able to customise her and make a bunch of adjustments. For example, you can enlarge or reduce the size of the breasts, change the type of hair, any many more.

Select between 4 beautiful androids and discover their personality.

In theory, you will only be able to pick between 4 beautiful matches: let’s hear a little about them, shall we ?

First off, there’s Litzy, you can clearly see her dominant, wild character with an insatiable sexual appetite and a desire to satisfy the most daring fantasies that cross your mind. She is the least human looking, if that’s your thing! Then there’s Janae, who is incredibly stylish, and the fittest girl of the four. She’s really cool, she looks almost like a heroine, like Wonder Woman or something. Next up is Krista, a beautiful blonde who is endowed with spectacular tits and pronounced hips. A real gem. And last but not least, Aliza, the submissive good girl, the quiet one of the group, but you’ll soon find out what’s behind all that “shyness”.

Note that your choice of a partner is a factor that directly influences sexual encounters. As we’ve explained, each one has a different personality, some are more gentle and docile, others are wild and difficult to control. However, after passing the first level of the game, you can change partners if you wish, so don’t stress too much about whom you pick. There are even new characters to choose from! In a fairly short space of time, you’ll experience all the sensations and extremes available from the sluttiest of hardcore sex scenes.


Another thing we often see said about Westsluts when it comes to positive feedback is the fact that the game starts in no time at all. There is no endless protocol of steps and decisions to make, it all boils down to: pick the intensity of your adventure, the character you want to fuck, verify your age, and that’s it. Once you have done that, you can enjoy the best wild sex, brothels, and whores in an awesome western atmosphere.

Discover your inner cowboy with Westsluts

It’s worth noting that Westsluts also has striking graphics. The appearance of the androids is truly spectacular, and not to mention the sex scenes… damn! You’ll really appreciate all the details and the quality, the developers really put their soul into making a gorgeous game all round. Excitement and fun are guaranteed!

In the barren lands of the wild west in the United States, you’re going to make a mess! There are enemies to fight, and companions to help you complete your missions. However, the best thing about this game is getting to the sexy androids and fucking them at your leisure, like any good cowboy, obviously.

As you progress through Westsluts, the player has the option of varying certain details about the game. For example, you can up the intensity level from erotic to brutal, or change the characters up a bit and vary your pleasures. Switching up these options makes the game more versatile, and enjoyable for a longer time, by letting you explore all the possibilities it has to offer. Many believe, and we agree, that Westsluts compares to Red Dead Redemption 2, but as a porn game.  Mostly because of the wild west atmosphere, but also because of the way the adventure unfolds and the gameplay. The only big difference is that in Westsluts, sex is the main protagonist and the goal of every player!

This is your chance to prove your bravery, to make it clear in the old west, who’s in charge. Prove yourself and fulfil all your wildest fantasies with these hot androids!

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