Cunt Wars

cunt wars

Prepare to engage in a battle of epic proportions as you lead an army of the most beautiful warriors you can imagine. This 100% free porn card game, designed and published by Hooligapps, is accessible directly through any browser. You can choose to play either on Android or Windows. Read on to discover our full review of Cunt Wars, and find out everything you need to know about the graphics, gameplay, and everything else.

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In Cunt Wars, you’re in charge of organising fights between the hottest and most capable girls you can find. The girl’s only goal is to win the fight, and if you help them, they’ll reward you… in a very sexy way! Cunt Wars is a hentai-style video game set in a universe full of mythological creatures constantly fighting for the top spot in the fighting league. You take on the role of Adam White, a brave man who takes all these women into his command. Your only mission is to gain power, and of course, lots of pussy.

Cunt Wars: the plot

At the beginning of the game, you start out as just a kid with pretty much no resources, but with a growing ambition for power and wealth. Life has not treated you well, and you become tempted to rape, kill and torture to gain some power. The time in which this story takes place is a time of war, explicit sex and depravity. The game transports the player to another dimension, a fantasy world where mythological creatures are commonplace.

General rules of the game

Each turn, the player selects one of his warriors to arbitrarily choose one of the 4 cards from your deck. Once you play the card, a new card is drawn. After playing your card, your units attack the enemy’s warrior. However, the attack can sometimes be prevented by a monster blocking the attack. The game is over when a player’s hit points reach zero. If you’re familiar with games such as “Magic: The Gathering”, the gameplay will be familiar to you. Cunt Wars guarantees buckets of tension and excitement throughout the game!

cunt wars

The deck of cards that the player starts with is always organised in such a way to make sure the warriors are on top and come first—and they all have special and different characteristics. The most important character types are mages, fairies, and archers—but there are many more—as you will find out. Everything will depend on how the game unfolds, on the completed feats and the new cards and warriors that join your army. The way to win and progressively level up is to learn how to properly use the qualities of each warrior.

Another very significant detail of the game is that certain objects displayed on the board can provide the player with advantages. For example, rocks can prevent a rival attack, and squares appear that can increase the damage taken by enemies. In addition, there are numerous power-ups that play for and against. These little details make the gameplay much more lively and fun!

Hentai, sex, levelling-up and tremendous battles: Cunt Wars is addictive!

You can count on one hand the porn games that are as addictive as Cunt Wars. Although they usually do arouse and excite players with stunning graphics, after a short period of time they usually stop being entertaining, and you end up moving on to something else. This is not the case with Cunt Wars! As you progress through the game, you move up through the levels and rankings. There will always be players with higher ranks and better cards, so it seems endless. Your mission is to manage to beat them and continue your climb up the leaderboard. It’s all about making the right decisions. I’m a sucker for competitive games, and Cunt Wars has a really fun competitive aspect. It pushes you to keep trying again and again after failing until you finally win. Little by little, more and more girls join in, each one hotter than the last.

Art and graphics of Cunt Wars

We’re not going to lie right now, we’ve definitely seen better graphics—but the artwork and visuals in Cunt Wars are still pretty remarkable, and it’s still one of the best porn games of its style. The detail is beautiful, the design of the characters is excellent, and as we progress through the game new and better characters appear.

The excitement starts right away from the main screen: a black tapestry unfolds showing floating islands, somewhat gloomy towers, a skull-shaped cavern, gold mines, and more. These beautiful details create a dramatic contrast with the characters when the protagonists of the game appear. We are talking, of course, about the bright and colourful anime characters.

cunt wars

The in-game screen is also pretty interesting and very complete. We can really see that a lot of time has been spent on it, making it functional and aesthetically pleasing. The variety of eye-catching elements makes for an enjoyable and easy experience playing the game. It’s really visually stimulating, with numerous elements that vary as you level up.

A hentai style game

Despite falling into the hentai category, there are no hentai scenes in the game. However, that’s not really an aspect that displeases Cunt Wars players’, according to online reviews. Nevertheless, over the course of the game, you’ll notice how the characters become more and more exciting and arousing. The girls take off their clothes one by one, and let us get a good look at what they have between their legs. How hot the girls are is directly proportional to the intensity of the sex scenes. It’s really cool to see how the whole group of horny warriors reward your cock. Get ready for lots of big tits and well-defined and aesthetically pleasing asses that are hard to stop watching!

For many, Cunt Wars is the best hentai video game out there today (and by far!). Although it’s a very subjective question, most will agree that it’s at least one of the best. What Hooligapps has done best is to really hit the nail on the head creating a truly addictive game. It takes a little while to get into the rhythm at first, but once you get going, it’s only a matter of time before you’re hooked. If you’ve ever played Magic the Gathering, it’s a lot like that, but at a faster pace. Try it out right now!

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