Japanese OnlyFans: Top 20 Best & Hottest Japanese OnlyFans Creators

Hot girls come in all shapes, sizes, ethnicities, and nationalities: there’s no hard and fast rules, and no blueprint or cheat code when it comes to being gorgeous. Today, we’re diving deeper into the wonderful world of Asian hotties, and taking a look at the 20 best Japanese OnlyFans creators. These girls all hail from the land of the rising sun, or at least have Japanese blood running through their veins — and they’re all incredibly beautiful. If you’re a man of taste like myself, you’ll want to take a look at these girls. It’s hard to find sexier Japanese OnlyFans creators than the ones we’re bringing to you today, so let’s dive right in.

Top 5 Best Japanese OnlyFans Babes

  • Rikako — Hottest Japanese OnlyFans Creator
  • Hakka — Best Blonde Japanese Babe
  • Marica Hase — Sexiest Japanese Porn Star on OnlyFans
  • Yuki — Best Free Japanese OnlyFans Creator
  • Hitomi — Best Big Boobs Japanese Babe

Hottest Japanese OnlyFans to Follow in 2024

1. Rikako

Japanese OnlyFans Rikako Desu

Rikako describes herself as a “nerdy, athletic, fun-loving Japanese waifu”, which is pretty much exactly what I want from a woman. She’s got a petite frame, with lovely, perky breasts and supple skin. The gorgeous young Asian OnlyFans creator lives in Tokyo, and creates daily content including naughty lewds, lingerie pics, and exciting solo videos — and all of it totally uncensored. If you want to see more of the stunning Rikako, sign up below for $5 for the first month.

Link: https://onlyfans.com/rikakodesu

2. Hakka

Hakka Tiny Hakka Innocent Hakka Japanese OnlyFans

Hakka, also known as Tiny Hakka, is a beautiful blonde OnlyFans creator who loves getting dicked down. This stunning girl has an incredible body, and quite a sizable ass for an Asian babe. She works full time at Amazon, and loves to make naughty videos in the warehouse on her break. Hakka, who’s real name is Cynthia, makes lots of sizzling hot stuff, including luscious nudes and hardcore pornographic content. Her favorite stuff to make is boy/girl, threesomes, and JOI. Check out her content below for free for the first 3 days.

Link: https://onlyfans.com/tinyhakka

3. Marica Hase

Marica Hase OnlyFans Page

If you’re a porn connoisseur, you may already know Marica Hase. This gorgeous Japanese Pornstar has made a name for herself in the adult industry since she started in 2010, and now she’s a certified OnlyFans milf. Marica uses OnlyFans to connect with her devoted fans, and share her home-grown content as well as offer pay-per-view goodies. Marica does anything and everything you could want from an OnlyFans creator: sign up to her premium page for $3.99 for the first month and see what I mean.

Link: https://onlyfans.com/maricahase

4. Sweet Yukino

Sweet Yukino Nudes Lewds

Yuki, also known as Sweet Yukino is a young woman who’s mixed Japanese and Chinese. Although this big ass OnlyFans babe doesn’t have a lot of content just yet, she’s got an incredible like ratio on what she does have. Why’s that? Because Yukino’s OnlyFans is totally free. This lovely babe posts some pretty naughty content, and it gets very hot and steamy in no time. Check out her account below for free if you don’t believe me! When it comes to the best free OnlyFans babes, Yukino is up there with the hottest of them all.

Link: https://onlyfans.com/sweetyukino

5. Hitomi Tanaka

Hitomi Tanaka OnlyFans Best

Hitomi Tanaka is another Japanese OnlyFans babe who started out as a regular porn star. This breathtaking, petite big tits OnlyFans creator has some remarkable content on her page. Hitomi isn’t afraid to get really dirty, and to help her fans fulfil their wildest fantasies. She’s a real nympho, and loves doing whatever it takes to get her fans and partners to feel satisfied. Check out Hitomi Tanaka’s OnlyFans for $8.99 a month below.

Link: https://onlyfans.com/hitomi_official

6. Yuki

Yuki Yuwki Fit Girl Nudes

Yuki is a Japanese/Australian petite, fit girl, standing at just 4ft11 (1.5 m) — she could almost be a part of our list of midget OnlyFans creators at this point. This gorgeous, two-toned haired beauty makes a wide variety of amazing things for us, her adoring fans. She loves to be an exhibitionist at the gym, and show off her muscles on her tummy, arms, legs and more. She does lots of lewds and implied nudes, as well as some pretty wonderful girl-on-girl stuff. Check her out for $12 for the first month today.

Link: https://onlyfans.com/yuwki

7. Mina Muffin

Mina Muffin Japanese OnlyFans

Mina Muffin is an astounding, tattooed babe with a cute smile and a thirst for good cock. This beautiful Japanese OnlyFans star is currently studying in the United States, and hoping to taste as much as she possibly can while she’s here. Mina has some lovely, perky boobs and an even more plump ass. Her body is crazy hot, and the noises she makes during sex are even hotter. If you want to see more of Mina, subscribe for $6 for the first month below.

Link: https://onlyfans.com/minamuffin

8. Virtual Geisha

Virtual Geisha PPV

Virtual Geisha is a half Japanese OnlyFans creator, with a tiny waist and some luscious boobs. Virtual Geisha is a very versatile creator, and could even be described as a YouTuber with OnlyFans, since even though her channel is small, she creates some incredible music content. However, if you’re just here for the spice, you’ll love her OnlyFans account: here you’ll find cosplay OnlyFans content, as well as sumptuous nudes, and even X-rated porn videos such as anal, boy/girl, blowjobs and more. Check her out for free below, or click through to her premium page for the good stuff.

Link: https://onlyfans.com/virtualgeisha

9. Japanese Ichiko

Japanese Ichiko OnlyFans Page

Japanese Ichiko is a super fetish-friendly pansexual Japanese OnlyFans creator, with pink hair and an insatiable appetite. We’ve linked to Ichiko’s free account, where you’ll find some impressive stuff that teases and entices you to check out her VIP account and grab some PPV or custom stuff. She does pretty much everything you could want, whether it’s a private, one-on-one video chat or X-rated videos. Ichiko does stuff like boy/girl, solo, fingering, fetish content and more. See her free account below or click through for her exclusives.

Link: https://onlyfans.com/sexyagape6969

10. Yuna Tamago

Yuna Tamago Nudes

Yuna Tamago is a beautiful young traditional looking Japanese OnlyFans creator and porn star. She’s really into the whole “Japanese High Schooler” trope, and we love her for that: she looks so hot in a uniform, after all. Yuna posts real porn, on her Pornhub page as well as on her OnlyFans, and it’s always incredible. She’s talented and hard-working, and her content makes us a little dizzy with excitement. Once a month, she sends two free videos to her subscribers too, so that’s very exciting. Check out Yuna below for $9.99 a month.

Link: https://onlyfans.com/yunatamago_zz

11. Lehlani

Kala Lehlani Feet

Kala, also known as Lehlani is a mixed race babe who could also be called a Scottish, or a Korean OnlyFans star. This fetish-friendly beauty was born in Osaka, and posts regular content from her home, which is now in Canada. She’s very popular for her lovely feet, since feet are one of the most popular fetishes, and hers happen to be lovely. She posts fairly regularly, and already has over 18,000 pictures on her page. Sign up for her updates for $8.80 for the first month and check out what you’ve been missing.

Link: https://onlyfans.com/lehlani

12. Mizuka Wasumire

Mizuka Wasumire Japanese OnlyFans

Mizuka Wasumire is a stunning, petite Asian with a perfect body and a sexy vibe we can’t get enough of. She also goes by the name Momota Emiri, so don’t get confused, they’re both the same delicious looking Japanese OnlyFans star. This lovely babe posts exclusive, uncensored and high quality NSFW content to her page on a regular basis, and already has over 800 pieces of media for you to enjoy. Subscribe for $8 a month to see what lies beneath.

Link: https://onlyfans.com/mizukawasumire

13. Kaya Yume

Japanese OnlyFans Kaya Yume Pics

Kaya Yume is another one of my personal favorite Japanese OnlyFans babes. This luscious beauty has some seriously amazing curves, and describes herself as “your Japanese sweetheart”, which I mean, in my dreams, maybe. Kaya loves to chat to her fans in the DMs about their fantasies and desires and help them become a reality. So, if she’s your type (you know, big tit sexy Asians), then shoot her a message when you subscribe to her page for $3.15 for the first month.

Link: https://onlyfans.com/kayayume

14. Tunamayo

TunaMayo Japanese OnlyFans

Tunamayo sounds like a joke name, like a sandwich that sounds vaguely Asian, right? Either way, she’s fucking hot. This beautiful girl is a cosplayer and model, and loves to post her naughtiest stuff on OnlyFans for us to enjoy. Living in Tokyo, Tunamayo posts steamy NSFW content that involves her big bouncy boobs and her bubble butt front and center. If that sounds interesting to you, take a look at her page for free (yes, free) today.

Link: https://onlyfans.com/tunamayo

15. Mae Soryu

Best Japanese OnlyFans Mae Soryu

Mae Soryu is a real creamer, and a total squirting OnlyFans pro. This soaking wet queen does some incredible, hardcore porn, and doesn’t plan on stopping soon. Mae makes content including anal, creaming, squirting, DP, fuck machine and more. She’s really versatile and doesn’t balk at the mention of any kind of sexual practice, which means she’s open-minded and fetish friendly. If Mae and her creamy pussy have sparked your interest, check out her sexiest content for $12 a month below.

Link: https://onlyfans.com/maelangleysoryu

16. Maria Nagai

Hottest Japanese OnlyFans Maria Nagai

Maria Nagai is a real pro in the Japanese OnlyFans world: she says she’s “famous for having a phat ass, and erotic long tongue” which indeed are the two most noticeable things about her when you see her on-screen. She does lewds, nudes, and XXX videos: all uncensored, all astounding. Whether you want topless pictures or full on blowjob videos, she covers all bases. Check out her page for $13.99/month below if you’re still unsure — but we’re sure you’ll fall for her immediately.

Link: https://onlyfans.com/nagaimaria

17. Ayu Kumano

Best Japanese OnlyFans Ayu Kumano Sienna K

Ayu Kumano, who also goes by Sienna K is another perfect specimen, with a pretty pussy, lovely round boobs, and a perfect squeal when she is in the throes of passion. This beautiful babe posts lots of content to her wall you can access with a subsciption, and just loves to share her perfect body. She’s petite, with lovely little feet that are often front and center. If you like slender, petite cabaret dancers, Sienna is probably perfect for you. Check out her account for $12.99 a month below.

Link: https://onlyfans.com/siennakvip

18. Iori Takizawa

Iori Takizawa Hot Pictures

Iori Takizawa is a beautiful, big butt Japanese OnlyFans creator who has a passion for showing off what her mama gave her. Iori is a “gravure idol” (sometimes shortened to guradoru), which is a kind of model in Japan who regularly poses in bikinis, martial arts outfits, fighting outfits, outfits from “tokusatsu” and more. Similar to a western cosplay artist. Iori is one of the best, and her content speaks for itself. This brown haired babe posts incredible sizzling hot stuff, including mostly implied nudes and lewds. Check her out for $4 for the first month right now.

Link: https://onlyfans.com/iorin

19. Ravirin

Ravirin RedHead Asian

Raverin is a popular Japanese OnlyFans creator with big tits and fiery red hair. She makes breathtaking content, mostly including lewds and implied nudes, but also XXX content and customs. Unfortunately, since she lives in Japan, she has to censor her pussy (it’s the law there, sadly), but the rest of her is 100% on show. You can order custom videos, and even chat to her one-on-one, so why not give it a go? She’s a real nympho and is pretty much up for anything, and all for $5 for the first month.

Link: https://onlyfans.com/ravirin_live

20. May

JMaybeBaby VIP Asian Babe

Last up on our list is May, a perfect, beautiful babe with a perky ass and slender thighs. She has a VIP account as well as a free account: her free account is mainly for little teasers of what she does on her real account, which is where the magic happens. May posts daily, and does stuff like striptease vids, custom content, and solo fun. She loves to chat in private DMs, and get spoiled by her adoring fans. Check out May’s best work on her VIP page below.

Link: https://onlyfans.com/jmaybebabyvip