Jasmine Grey

Jasmine Grey
Name Jasmine Grey
Born April 11, 1995
Height 145 cm
Weight 51 kg
Films 74
Active since 2016

About Jasmine Grey

Jasmine Grey is a petite and hot Asian pornstars who weighs 36 kg and stands 1 m 44. She portrays the young wicked girls like no one else, is really frail and has very little breasts (A cup), and is impossible to resist. Despite being light, she effortlessly undulates and rotates on the sexes of her partners while appearing to struggle with each penetration. However, it’s all a lie because she enjoys what she does!

This young goddess debuts on X at age 21, and it doesn’t take long for her performances to draw in the crowd. Jasmine may have a successful future ahead of her with her POV sequences, scripted movies, and occasional solo pleasures.

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