Hottest Asian Pornstars : Top 25 Best Asian Pornstars

The Asian women make fantasize a good part of the male population and it is perfectly normal. How to resist to these so sexy small bodies, to these deliciously highlighted forms, between thinness and imposing mammary protuberance. And then they are said to be particularly naughty in bed, despite this shy aspect that they often have… This ranking of the best Asian pornstar will only confirm this observation!

You’ll see for yourself that Asian porntars are real devils, who stop at nothing to offer the maximum pleasure to their partners !

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Top Hot Asian Pornstars in Pictures And Videos

Who Are The Hottest Asian Pornstars ?

#1 Brenna Sparks

It’s been only two years that the beautiful Asian woman made her entrance in the porn world. And what an entry! For some, it’s the new generation that is coming, with this beautiful creature with bewitching eyes. But you won’t stare at them for long, too busy dreaming of clutching her generous (fake!) breasts in your hands, or playing with that divine ass.

Brenna Sparks likes to play fancy roles, like housekeeper, cheerleader or unfaithful bride… Enough to feed a lot of fantasies in her company! She will have no problem to be among the best pornographic actresses of the moment.

#2 Alina Li

Also known under the pseudonym Chichi Zhou, this young Sino-American with dreamy measurements (1m72 for 52kg) is barely 25 years old and already has an amazing career. She is often cited by fans as the sexiest Asian pornstar of the 2010s, and we understand this choice!

Between the roles of ultra sexy lesbians, her group sex scenes in which she offers her body to many males crazy with excitement, her videos of solitary pleasure or those where she plays a little naughty student or a little submissive Asian girl, you will not know where to turn.

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#3 Lucy Thai

If your pleasure is luscious Asian women, here is the best Asian pornstars to please you! Lucy Thai is half Thai and half Cambodian, which gives her an incomparable charm. With dark skin, she has a dream body for lovers of big breasts and fleshy ass. This 34 years old sex bomb is often confined to Milf roles that she plays wonderfully. Who hasn’t dreamed of meeting a mature woman of this caliber?

Lucy accepts everything, from double penetration to endless Bukkake, where she licks the sperm of her guests with an unfeigned desire. It’s hard to remain impassive in front of so much talent!

#4 Aoi Sora

One of our favorite Asian actresses, who is also in our ranking of Japanese porn actresses! With an F-cup which is very rare in the Asian porn, the young lady made her classes in the charming modeling, with toppling over to an environment made for her: the porn!

And within the world of X, she will very quickly become an undisputed star! In addition to the classic porn films in which we can see her performing sublime blowjobs or offering her buttocks to lucky actors, she specialized on a niche market, specific to Japan.

Fond of hardcore X movies, Aoi Sora doesn’t hesitate to dress up in Science Fiction costumes, as a young schoolgirl or as a submissive secretary, to satisfy the desires of the most vicious men. And on screen, it gives ultra exciting scenes!

#5 Jayden Lee

Less known than some of the Asian pornstars of this ranking, Jayden Lee is nevertheless a woman that we would all dream to have in our bed. With a rare body for an Asian, with well placed forms and a smiling face, we would not necessarily assume that she is a pornstar. Then we see her in action… !

Between her sexy little tattoos and her ability to use her hands and mouth in the best way, she plays various roles, but we prefer her as a masseuse. So yes, it’s a bit of a cliché, but we leave it to you to judge by yourself the talent of the young lady. You’ll see that resisting to such eyes and to such a perfect ass is not within the reach of the first comer!

#6 Avena Lee

Of Chinese-Thai origin, she seems to have taken the best of both origins, with a naughty smile all that is more Thai and a Chinese sweetness that makes the scenes where we see her sucking her partners particularly hard!

Avena is specialized in oral sex, and we quickly see that she is an expert in this field. But these roles don’t limit her to the good sucking girl, as she is often the naughty mother, the sex-hungry woman or the neighbor we all want.

As a bonus, her eyes, which you will not find in any asian pornstar ! A real delight !

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#7 Kaylani lei

At now almost 40 years old, this asian pornstar, proud representative of the Philippines in this ranking, will not leave you indifferent. With a busy career, you will admire her in all her forms. And since these are superb, you will take a crazy pleasure there!

With many awards under her belt, including the best group sex scene in 2010, and a reputation as a top-notch sucker, she’s a legend in Asian and world porn.

Sometimes brunette, sometimes dyed blonde, she will shake her body for you, for her partners, and will make them enjoy her multiple talents. Her little advantage over the competition? Her little moans of pleasure to drive any normal man crazy!

#8 Roxy Jezel

She is English, but her Thai father allows her to have these so sexy features! Roxy Jezel, 36 years old, starts as a stripper, before coming to burst the screens in the porn industry! She is an asian pornstar who knows how to do her job with passion and meticulousness.

It is enough to see her being taken by groups of men of any race, to understand that she is particularly open in sexual pleasures. Fan of sodomy, she is also a big fan of wild blowjobs, and her partners never spare her because she seems to love it! We also find BDSM porn movies in which she wears leather outfits that make her ultra sexy!

An asian pornstar who exploded in the U.S.A. and we can only be happy about it!

#9 Gianna Lynn

Here is another Philippines, particularly active in the hardcore industry! Gianna Lynn is 34 years old and her career has taken her from 100% female-on-female movies to multi-sex movies where she performs beautifully. We love to see her screaming her pleasure or taking hold of the many sexes that surround her, to insert them into her free orifices.

Naturally very sexy, she always seems, in front of the camera, to love what she does. Whether it’s a handjob for a lucky partner, a cunnilingus while receiving a girlfriend or a sensual doggy style scene when she wants to say thank you, she’s an Asian woman who will please all those who have a weakness for these oriental beauties !

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#10 Katsuni

She is our French Asian representative in the porn industry (and we could have found her in our ranking of French porn actresses)! And although she is now called Céline Tran, since the end of her career in X, nobody has forgotten her exploits in front of the camera.

This beautiful creature born in Lyon from a Vietnamese father and a French mother could be the symbol of what the French mixity brings of more hot! She conquered her country, before making a dazzling career in the United States. She started young and quickly revealed herself as a first choice asian pornstar.

Specialized in anal scenes, she received many awards during her years of career. Among them, those of best actress give you an idea of the talent of this beautiful brunette!

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#11 Rinako Hirasawa

She is one of the only porn actresses of Asian origin to be awarded for her entire work. It is in the world of sadomasochistic porn film that she is best. She is an actress who loves hardcore and does not shy away from any scene.

Very coveted for these reasons that differentiate her from others perhaps a little more modest, Rinako will certainly receive more awards for her films.

#12 Minami Aoyama

More of an erotic artist than a pornographic one, it is in pink films that Minami excels. She is a real professional actress who manages to go from erotic to conventional cinema without any problem. She meets an equal success in both fields.

Her shyness allows her to get roles from high school girl or wise girl to the prey of the craziest minds. She has been awarded many times for her different roles.

#13 Akiho Yoshizawa

An ambivalent artist, she also goes from traditional cinema to erotic cinema without any problem. She is gifted in both fields. Under her candid looks, she hides a real sex goddess ready to do anything to satisfy her partners, to the great pleasure of the public.

Rewarded many times for her performances, Akiho plans to launch herself in the production of films.

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#14 Saya Song

Saya Song is an asian pornstar, Korean to be exact, who led a classic and peaceful life before entering the porn industry at the age of 27. She first turned in lesbian porn, because she loves girls and knows how to use her tongue to make them cum, then in much harder scenes with male partners.

The pretty Saya, with her so fine and sexy body, frequently plays the naughty Milfs and does not hesitate any more to impale herself on massive sexes, in interracial scenes and very hot trios!

#15 Honey Moon

Honey Moon is an Asian pornstars, of Korean origin but who grew up in the USA (and can therefore also be considered as an American porn actress), and the least we can say is that she is extremely exciting. Her pair of breasts with a (fake) F-cup enchants the amateurs who take great pleasure in cumming on them, and her little angelic look can’t leave anyone insensitive.

At 27, she seems to have put her career on pause (in 2020) but it would not be surprising to see her reappear, wearing her black lingerie sets that fit her perfectly, to give greedy blowjobs or to be held on a leash, like the submissive she is!

#16 Christy Love

Sexy 27-year-old Christy Love is famous for her adorable smile, which she sports even when she’s in hardcore scenes. This slender Asian girl is fond of big sex, which she puts as much in her mouth as in her other orifices, sometimes even several at the same time. She is also a bukkake lover, excited by the idea of being covered with sperm.

Not very prolific, she plays mainly teen and young naughty roles, taking advantage of her small breasts and her tiny ass to play characters younger than her!

#17 Ayumi Anime

This little beauty has chosen a Japanese sounding nickname, but she comes from South Korea. With her body with perfect measurements, she officiated as a model for big brands, before switching to porn, for our greatest pleasure. For her, it was an obvious choice, and it shows the naturalness with which she takes off her clothes.

We see her mainly in soft scenes, with other girls, alone when she masturbates with sex toys, but she starts to be curious and gives her first blowjobs in front of the camera. If she continues like that, she will climb the ladder at a great speed!

#18 Asa Akira

Asa Akira is more than a porn legend, as she is the most famous and richest Asian pornstars in the industry. At 36 years old, she has been in more than 300 movies in her 15 years of career and doesn’t deny herself any pleasure. First dominatrix, then lover of lesbian scenes, the beautiful American-Japanese was not long to launch into the hard or the very hard and her career exploded.

We see her playing the naughty high school girls, the dominas without pity, the housewives in need of sex, and we don’t get tired of her intense look, nor of her body destined to collect the semen of her partners. Time passes, but Asa Akira does not take a wrinkle and her little ass is still as attractive!

#19 Jasmine Grey

Jasmine Grey is an Asian pornstars of reduced size, with her 1 m 44 for 36 kg. Thin and fragile, with very small breasts (A cup), she plays the young naughty girls like nobody else and it is impossible to resist her. Light as she is, she undulates and spins easily on the sexes of her partners and seems to struggle with each penetration. But it’s all pretend, because she loves what she does!

This little goddess starts X at 21 years old and her performances do not take long to attract all the eyes. Between her POV scenes, her scripted movies and the little solo pleasures she gets, Jasmine could have a great career ahead of her.

#20 Vina Sky

Vina Sky is a promising Asian pornstar, who made her debut in 2018, at the age of 19. A petite natural beauty of Vietnamese descent, she is as cute as she is sensual. Her small body and her smile give her a naive side from which she quickly separates, when she swallows the penises of her partners or turns in scenes of quite intense anal.

If for the moment, she is confined to the roles of teenager or Asian escort, her attraction for the big sexes should quickly open other doors. We can’t wait to see it!

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#21 Rae Lil Black

Rae Lil Black is a 26-year-old Japanese woman, who officiates as much as a camgirl as a porn actress, since 2017. A career started only 5 years ago and yet, her fame already goes far beyond the confines of Japan. Indeed, this beautiful tattooed brunette plays with her rebellious side to excite the crowds and she does it very well.

To have as much fun as possible with her body, she had her breasts redone in 2020, to get a D-cup which allows her to masturbate more easily her partners. And between her luscious lips, her small hands and a hell of an ass, she has all the assets to drive crazy those who are around her. Clearly, Rae Lil Black has everything to become one of the most outstanding Asian pornstars of her generation !

#22 Mika Tan

Mika Tan is an Asian pornstar with various origins: Japanese, Hawaiian, Taiwanese… This is perhaps what gives her this crazy charm and this divine body. She manages to be as luscious as a Latina, as provocative as an American, and as severe as some Asians can be. Therefore, she can play everything! We love her when she controls the orgasms of her male partners, as much as when she gives in to their most vicious desires.

Whether it is for her deepthroat talents, her intense facial cumming scenes or her cliché Asian interracial roles, Mika Tan is a true X gem who seems to have been born for it.

#23 Marica Hase

Marica Hase is an Asian pornstar from Japan, a true star in her country. She started in 2012 at the age of 31 and after 10 years of career, she still has the same desire. She became known with charming photos that quickly moved the fans and naturally turned to porn. With her angelic face, her perfect body and her recognized acting talents, she could have chosen another path but it’s X that conquered her!

She is both one of the most beautiful and talented pornstars of her generation, able to blend into any role. She has gone from being a naughty milf to a horny neighbor, from a hot maid to a naive adopted daughter, with the same result each time: pleasure for her and for the viewer!

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#24 Lulu Chu

Chinese porn actresses are rare but when we see the talent of a girl like Lulu Chu, we can only regret it! This model – 1m45 for 41 kg – is a real fury, able to interpret the small sluts like no other. She is only 20 years old but already seems to master the codes of X, and of sex in general, with ultra hard scenes in which she evolves with a disconcerting naturalness.

In POV with a penis in her mouth, straddling the massive sexes of her black partners, or in roles of submissive used without mercy, she impresses and should last in the X industry, for the greatest happiness of the lovers of small hot Chinese girls.

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#25 Jade Kush

Jade Kush is American with Chinese origins and she is a beautiful creature. She was born with a massive pair of breasts, a natural blowjob mouth and small buttocks that are almost impossible to resist. She is 24 years old, got into porn at 19 to discover the joys of sex, and claims to enjoy a little aggression in fucking.

We should certainly see her perform for a long time to come, because her little screams on the screen and her intense blowjobs are of the most beautiful effect. It’s simple: we can consider her as one of the prettiest X actresses of the moment!

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