Maria Ozawa

Maria Ozawa
Name Maria Ozawa
Born January 8, 1986 in Hokkaido
Height 162 cm
Weight 48 kg
Films >20+
Active since 2005

About Maria Ozawa

Maria Ozawa is one sexy Japanese pornstar ! She also known as Myabi in the porn world. She was born in Hokkaido and when she grew up, she quickly got interested in porn movies by watching X scenes at night on her parent’s TV. When she became of age, she decided to try making porn for fun, and she quickly got famous by doing Gonzo and extreme X movies.

She likes to do bukkake and rape simulations porn scene, and she will not hesitate to use her body to pleasure men. And when she opens her mouth wide to swallow the semen of 20 men ejaculating in it, you can see her smiling at the camera. A real trooper !

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