Best Japanese Pornstars : TOP 25 Hottest Japanese Porn Stars

Japanese porn has its fans, because a good Japonese pornstar offers something… different ! On a market where Japanese porn actresses are very numerous, some of them manage to stand out from the crowd by specializing in a particular practice, by betting on a particular style or on a physical detail which makes them original. If you are a fan of Asian women and more particularly of Japanese beauties, here is a ranking to find the best Japanese pornstars !

The production of pornographic movies in Japan is constant and the hardest movies are multiplying to satisfy the permanent demand of virtual sex in the archipelago. Here are the Japanese pornstars, who have raised X to the level of a work of art thanks to their talent and their taste for sex ! Some of them could even soon join the ranking of the best porn actresses of the moment.

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Top 25 Best Japanese Porn Stars in Pictures And Videos

Who Are The Hottest Japanese Pornstars ?

#1 Maria Ozawa

She is also called Myabi in the industry, but you will find her performances under the name of Maria Ozawa. This mixed Japanese (from her mother) and French-Canadian (from her father’s side) has a crazy exotic charm ! From a very young age, the young woman was introduced to porn by watching X-rated movies and very quickly she understood that the sex industry attracted her. During her career, she went from Gonzo to extreme X movies with many Bukkake scenes or rape simulations.

Real star in Japan, she seduces by her X-actress talents as much as by her character, especially when she declares herself fan of video games and cooking. A real Geek fantasy incarnate !

#2 Saori Hara

At the beginning, she worked as an idol under the pseudonym of Mai Nanami, but after a gap in her popstar career, the beautiful Japanese from Hiroshima reappeared in the world of the Japanese porn industry. Mixed Japanese-German, she will become a porn icon and one of the most appreciated Japanese pornstar, for a short period. For many porn fans, the fact that she is a former Idol makes her a real fantasy and her videos are a hit in Japan ! 

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#3 Aoi Sora

Aoi Sora (“Blue Sky”) starts as a model, thanks to a perfect plastic and an opulent chest (a good F that leaves dream in Japan!). Very quickly, she poses naked before logically switching to the adult film industry.

Little by little, her films will become harder, going from simple stories of initiations to sex, with dildos, masturbation, to harder scenes or themes such as incest or submission. Aoi Sora chooses films with strong scenarios, which allow her to wear a lot of costumes that are popular in Japan: Cosplay, Maid’s uniforms, and she will even make X-rated Sci-Fi films ! Her little ass is a feast for the eyes, and her breasts will not leave you indifferent! For many, she is the naughtiest Japanese pornstar !

#4 Yuna Shiina

Yuna Shiina started as a dancer, a practice to which she owes a supple body and a figure as thin as sexy. Then, the porn calls her and this natural beauty is staged in the hardest practices possible. She often plays housewives or single mothers, lovers of fellatio and who know how to satisfy the men who are in her house.

#5 Asami Yuma

Yuma started very early in the Japanese porn industry and received many awards in her career. Alternating soft and erotic movies with X-rated productions, she is famous for her masturbation techniques and participates in movies in which she incites and helps men to jack off. It seems that she is an excellent sucker as well as a recognized initiator of sexual pleasures. At least that’s what she shows in her huge filmography !

#6 Asa Akira

With her little airs of Sasha Grey but in Asian version, Asa is bisexual and she participates in hard films with men and women. We find a lot of fetishism in the themes of her X movies: she often plays the delicious Japanese woman on whom all men fantasize. She is appreciated in her dungeon scenes with SM.

Most of her awards are for double penetration or group sex scenes. She is one of the hottest Asian porn actresses right now. In action, it’s hard to resist her charming smile…if you manage to focus on her mouth !

#7 Hitomi Tanaka

Hitomi is the Japanese pornstar with the biggest chest ! The fans of Oppai (a word meaning big breasts, which is a category apart especially in Hentai) will be in love with this pretty actress of 1m56, 50 kilos and an impressive pair of boobs ! She started her career as a model but quickly switched to porn, with a first movie AV Jap in which we follow the first sexual experiences of an idol.

Little by little, Hitomi is going to conquer Asia thanks to her talent…and to her very rare cup on this side of the globe ! A porn actress with big boobs that we love.

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#8 Rio Hamasaki

Very appreciated in Japan, Rio starts her career very young and quickly gets a huge success. She is still today one of the most appreciated Japanese pornstar, for her natural beauty but also for her multiple talents on screen. She plays with her very cute and girly side to make men fall in love with her and turns into a real devil once she grabs one or more penises !

#9 Honami Uehara

This Japanese pornstar is appreciated above all for her big breasts and for the way she uses her mouth ! She participates in all kinds of X movies, going from kinky detective to sexy high school girl, passing by hard scenes in open air. Her beautiful eyes and sexy outfits will not leave you indifferent !

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#10 Marica Hase

She is one of the most prolific Japanese pornstar of her time, with more than 200 films shot ! Sexy, this pretty brunette of 1m57 knows how to play with all the parts of her body to satisfy the men or the women she meets in the x-movies she participates in. With her femme fatale side and her sometimes totally crazy outfits, she will drive crazy the fans of Japanese women a little more mature, from the top of her… 37 years old ! She reminds us of Katsumi, the French porn actress.

#11 Rinako Hirasawa

She is one of the only porn actresses of Japanese origin to be awarded for her entire work. It is in the world of sadomasochistic porn film that she is best. She is an actress who loves hardcore and does not shy away from any scene.

Very coveted for these reasons that differentiate her from others perhaps a little more modest, Rinako will certainly receive more awards for her films.

#12 Minami Aoyama

More of an erotic artist than a pornographic one, it is in pink films that Minami excels. She is a real professional actress who manages to go from erotic to conventional cinema without any problem. She meets an equal success in both fields.

Her shyness allows her to get roles from high school girl or wise girl to the prey of the craziest minds. She has been awarded many times for her different roles.

#13 Akiho Yoshizawa

Ambivalent artist, she also goes from traditional cinema to erotic cinema without any problem. She is gifted in both fields. Under her candid looks, she hides a real sex goddess ready to do anything to satisfy her partners, to the great pleasure of the public.

Rewarded many times for her performances, Akiho plans to launch herself in the production of films.

#14 Shunka Ayami

Shunka Ayami operated in the porn industry for 7 years from 2012 to 2019 as AV Idol. This ultra-sexy Japanese pornstar has for her a naturally perfect body and an angelic smile that can make the most loyal of men crack. She is a specialist in masturbation, very talented also for fellatio and lover of dildos, which she masters so well.

For the fetishists, you should know that the beautiful one has a light squint which confers her a crazy charm, and a minimal size, with its 1 m 54 for 41 kg. A model, that we love to see on the screen !

#15 Erika Kitagawa

At 36 years old, Erika Kitagawa is still active and that’s good. This sexy Tokyoite has gone from playing naughty high school girls to being a mother or a housewife in need of sex and she has fun with all kinds of partners. She can be seen licking other women’s nipples or vaginas, greedily sucking men and not hesitating to share some with other naughty girls.

With her legs a little bowed, her naturally opulent chest which will delight the amateurs of big breasts and her small tongue which makes the bodies wild, she is a Japanese pornstar of talent !

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#16 Maria Nagai

Maria Nagai is a young pornstar of 25 years old, who started in the X at 18 years old. Her characteristics ? Big round eyes that seem to come straight out of a manga, massive breasts – she has a D-cup ! – and luscious forms that enchant the Japanese pornstar fans who prefer girls a little plumper.

She multiplies roles, going from naughty Milf scene to interracial porn, from naughty student to neko-girl, with notable forays into bondage. If you like hot and greedy girls, Maria Nagai will please you !

#17 Kurea Hasumi

It’s already been 10 years that Kurea Hasumi makes the spectators enjoy her devilishly sexy body, very thin in spite of her 30 years, which allows her to take on young women’s roles. She minces, plays the mischievous and naive, which has the gift to excite the actors who surround her. The pretty brunette wears all the classic Japanese porn outfits – from the maid to the high school girl in a bathing suit, through businesswoman or teacher outfits – and she plays in various scenes, using her hands, her mouth and even her feet to make her partners cum.

Among her specialties are bondage and domination, as the sexy Kurea Hasumi is a popular mistress, who has filmed scenes in POV that will delight fans.

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#18 Aoi Kururugi

Aoi Kururugi was born in 1998 and is 20 years old, she made her debut in Japanese porn. She is the rising star of the moment, with a doll-like body and an ability to embody schoolgirls, cat-girls or maids to perfection, to the delight of fans. She has an adorable look, firm breasts and small sensual hands.

This Japanese actress is evolving with the times, and has recently turned to gangbangs and domination, switching to leather outfits that fit her perfectly. One thing is certain: it will be difficult to refuse her orders for long !

#19 Mao Hamasaki

At almost 30 years old and with already 10 years of career behind her, Mao Hamasaki has nothing to prove in the world of Japanese porn. She did not give in to the call of surgery and has 100% natural breasts, sexy as you wish, and a look that calls for sex. She does not deprive herself of using and abusing it when she is surrounded by partners !

We can see Mao in hetero or lesbian movies, with bukkake, bondage, deep throat scenes or Spanish handjobs, as well as realizations where she controls the men until they explode with pleasure. A real demon !

#20 Tsukasa Aoi

Tsukasa Aoi is one of the legends of Japanese porn, a Japanese pornstar who has turned in more than 700 films since 2010 and has even made a passage through music with a group of J-pop. Many times awarded for her performances on screen, she refuses nothing: vagina, anal, mouth, hands, feet, with one or more partners… Impossible to imagine, when you see her so sweet, that she can hide such a passion for sex !

Given her performance, you will always find a scene with Tsukasa Aoi that will satisfy your most naughty desires !

#21 Hibiki Otsuki

At 34 years old, Hibiki Otsuki is still active in the porn world, after a career as a pop singer and then a successful passage in X, where she shot more than 2000 scenes ! It’s simple, she is one of the most prolific Japanese pornstar of her generation and her face (among others) is easily recognizable by all Japanese porn fans.

She goes from Gyaru roles (kind of bleached blonde slut in vogue in the 90s) to SM, hardcore and even Uro scenes. This bombshell is a fan of female masturbation and among her amazing characteristics, we can note her long tongue of 8.5 cm…which she handles to perfection !

#22 Hana Haruna

Like Tsukasa Aoi, this luscious Japanese pornstar was part of the J-pop group Ebisu Muscats before diving into the world of porn. She became known thanks to her K-cup breasts, which are absolutely insane for Japan, worn by a voluptuous and sensual body.

This natural beauty is obviously an expert of the Spanish wankings but she is not satisfied to bet everything on her chest. She likes to be taken in all positions, and loves gangbang. You’ll see, when you hear her screaming with pleasure, that she loves what she does !

#23 Kaho Shibuya

Kaho-san to a particularly amazing career, since she was a sports journalist until this decision to make her debut as a porn actress in 2014. During 4 years, she will try things, receive abundant salvos of semen on the body and face, participate in Virtual Reality porn shootings, play domina or submissive, with to stop everything in 2018 !

This gorgeous Japanese woman often enjoyed dressing up and is considered a fountain woman, capable of splashing her partners. We will miss her !

#24 Yua Mikami

Not even 30 years old, Yua Mikami has already seduced all those who saw her in action, with her little angel face and this deliciously thin body. In spite of her small size (1.59m and 50kg), she has a large chest which gives her an unreal style. This natural wonder has already turned in nearly 100 films and plays the shameless virgins wonderfully.

We can see her in public sex, super hot massages or X scenes in which she does everything she can to make the spectator cum, in POV!

#25 Ayumi Shinoda

We will finish with this Milf that the fans of mature Japanese women will love. Ayumi Shinoda, 37 years old, has a full career, like her F bra cup ! Yet she only spent 2 years in the X scene, from 2016 to 2018, during which she was productive.

She excels in the roles of domina, horny stepmom, cheating housewife or teacher lover of young sex. Naturally elegant, this Japanese pornstar knew how to mark the spirits with her very sexy outfits and her innate talent to make her partners cum !

I hope you enjoyed our selection of the best Japanese pornstars !

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