Best OnlyFans Couples: The 25 Hottest Couples to Follow on OnlyFans

When it comes to the best OnlyFans accounts, there are a few key categories that most of the most popular creators fall into – one of these is the “couples” category. Many happy couples attempt to make a little money with spicy X-rated content, while exploring their sexuality and pushing the boundaries of pleasure together. Whether you’re looking for a couple with model looks or a particular type of content, we’re sure we’ll be able to give you what you’re looking for here today. Let’s dive in and take a look at some of the hottest, sexiest, and most sexuality liberated OnlyFans couples.

Top 5 Best OnlyFans Couples

The 25 Sexiest OnlyFans Couples on the Platform

1. Naughty Siblings

naughty siblings onlyfans porn

Number one on our list of the best OnlyFans couples is Naughty Siblings. This step-brother and step-sister duo have taken OnlyFans by storm by playing on our most taboo and most common fantasies: step-family fantasy sex! If you have a stepfamily, you’ve probably had impure thoughts about your step-sister or stepmom before, right? If so, this may be the perfect outlet for your dirtiest thoughts. Naughty Siblings post hardcore, XXX porn to their page multiple times a day, and it’s always super high quality and very exciting. Check out Naughty Siblings on OnlyFans below for free (yes, free!) and see what I mean.


2. Leo & Lulu

leo and lulu onlyfans couple

Leo & Lulu are two absolutely stunning young creators. Lulu is an athletic blonde with cute, perky boobs, and Leo is a gorgeous, muscular, tanned hottie with curly hair. They post super hot videos and pictures, from lewds and nudes all the way to hardcore porn. You can also purchase single videos from their website if you just want a one-time fix. This happy couple have been posting nudes, threesomes, and even foursomes online since 2017, and they don’t plan to quit soon! Check out Leo & Lulu and maybe even send them a DM when you subscribe below for $3.60 for the first 31 days (regular price $11.99)


3. The Wild With You

the wild with you onlyfans couple

The Wild With You is the internet handle chosen by Thomas & Kelsey, two super hot and open-minded army vets with a passion for travel, and each other! Thomas is a sexy, tattooed Austrian guy, and Kelsey is an incredible, slender American babe. Kelsey even has a solo page if you’d rather just see her by herself – or if you love their content and are craving more Kelsey! These two beautiful souls love to share their life and their most intimate moments on their OnlyFans page, and you’re invited to come along! Check out Thomas and Kelsey’s content by subscribing to The Wild With You below for free! For more freebies, check out our list of the best free OnlyFans next.


4. Jade & Jake

jade and jake videos and pictures

Jade & Jake are two stunning alternative models with fierce looks and insatiable appetites. They’re both incredibly gorgeous: Jake is tall, tattooed and toned, and Jade is petite, slim and has a beautiful pair of boobs. This sizzling hot couple post nudes, lewds, and even X-rated porn. Jade posts regular OnlyFans nudes, as well as lingerie pictures and cosplay content – you’re also welcome to DM the happy couple to ask for customs! If you like the look of these two alternative, kinky hotties, check out their OnlyFans page for just $7 a month.


5. Becca & Drew

michigan cutie becca and drew porn

“Michigan Cutie” is the name chosen by cute couple Becca & Drew for their OnlyFans account. This stunning couple is made up of Becca, a petite, slim, blonde girl, and Drew, a big, sexy bear of a man. Watching these two go at it is really intense, and they look like they’re really having a good time together! Michigan Cutie posts regular XXX content including anal, blowjobs, toys, solo, feet and more. Both of them even have individual accounts if you want to see more of them separately! To get the full experience and see Becca & Drew’s full account, subscribe below for $14.99 a month.


6. Levi & Cam

levi and cam couple onlyfans

Levi & Cam are undoubtedly two of the best gay OnlyFans creators on the website. These two hot guys post daily sexy stuff including nudes & seminude pics and hot, X-rated videos. They also each have individual accounts if only one of them floats your boat: Levi is a slim brunette with hot tattoos, and Cameron is a hunky blonde with a muscular torso. These two really know how to please! Watching them have fun on camera is truly mesmerizing, and they’re very good at making each other scream. They even collab with other creators for threesome content! Check out Levi & Cam below for $14.99/month.


7. Kate & Chris Marley

kate and chris marley onlyfans couple pictures videos

Kate and Chris are a happy, sexy couple that own a business together: that’s right, not only can you purchase their nudes, but you can purchase an all-natural, sensual massage butter from them! These two sexy and sensual business partners also happen to be married, and love creating extremely hot content for their loyal fans. Kate & Chris post realistic porn, where they aim to show everyone what real, loving sex looks like and how different it can be from the fake stuff on porn sites. Kate claims to moan, scream, and orgasm authentically in every video, and it’s so refreshing (and arousing!) to see. Check out their content when you subscribe for just $16.99 a month today.


8. Lesbian Realness

lesbian realness pictures and videos porn

Lesbian Realness is the name of the account run by two sultry, sexy and sex-hungry big tits OnlyFans lesbians. These beautiful girls are a real lesbian couple, and you can see the love in their eyes while they go about their business. They love to post custom content and chat with their fans, so don’t hesitate to reach out! These sensual babes usually post daily X-rated content from nudes up to hardcore porn. Check out their full feed of over 900 pictures below when you subscribe for just $5 for the first 31 days.


9. Jake & Angie

jake & angie onlyfans couple

Sexy, naked Australians, anyone? Jake & Angie are two steaming hot young things that love to share their sex life on social media, and we love to watch them. Angie is a slim, sexy brunette with a big booty and a pair of perky little boobs, while Jake is a tanned, toned gamer guy with a big appetite. They love to please each other on camera and take artistic nudes of each other, and everything they post is high quality and arousing. Check out Jake and Angie below when you subscribe to their full feed for $10 a month.


10. Couples Thrill

couples thrill on onlyfans

Couples Thrill are an open-minded, kink-friendly couple that post regular porn and X-rated stuff to their page. They post solo content, threesomes, B/G content as well as G/G content and more. They’ll even rate your dick if you tip them first! Don’t hesitate to reach out for customs, either: this fetish friendly couple aren’t afraid to make your dreams come true, not matter how weird you think they are. These two young, sexy and athletic hotties are truly easy on the eyes: nothing like a big dick and a pair of soft round boobs to get your blood pumping! Check out their page for free today.


11. Naughty Neighbors

naughty neighbors naked pictures and videos

Wouldn’t it be lovely to live next door to a pair of sexy swingers? Well now you can live out your fantasies thanks to the couple that is Naughty Neighbors. This pair describe themselves as hedonists, exhibitionists, and Swingers. They love to get a little crazy and break out of a boring routine! They post sizzling hot nudes, as well as much more explicit, kink-friendly content. Get your fill of the Naughty Neighbors when you subscribe to their page for just $5 a month below.


12. Di & Nick

Di & Nick are very much in love, and love getting dirty with each other. This sizzling hot pair love to share every aspect of their sex life with their fans and get a little crazy. They have over 16k pictures and nearly 2k videos posted to their page, so when you subscribe, you’ll not get bored fast! They’re open-minded, kink-friendly, and hot as hell. This gorgeous couple love to interact with their fans, and chat 1 on 1. They’re open to customs with pretty much any kind of kink you want, so check them out today and get your fantasies fulfilled! Subscribe for just $9.37 for the first 31 days, then $12.49 a month every subsequent month.


13. Cuckold + Hotwife

cuckold and hotwife on onlyfans

Cuckold & Hotwife are a marriage made in heaven! They describe themselves as “a normal married couple but with a crazy sex life”, and we love to see it. They post couple content, such as regular sex, blowjobs, anal and more, but what we really love is the hotwife content. This is where Emma (AKA the hot wife) gets to fuck any and all men she wants to while her husband watches and films. It’s super arousing to be welcomed into such a filthy and intimate part of their relationship, I fully recommend you take a look at their account today. Subscribe below for just $3.34 for the first 31 days, then for $4.99 after that.


14. The Sensuality Couple

sensuality couple onlyfans pictures and videos

Ellis & Seraina, also known as The Sensuality Couple, are a pair of super hot young lovers. They post gorgeous, artistic nudes and lewd pictures, and each picture is taken with care and is a work of art in its own right. Seraina is a breathtaking, petite brunette with a slender body and smooth skin, and Ellis is a big, muscular hunk with an incredible physique. These two make some of the hottest nude pictures on the whole internet, and being invited into their world feels amazing. Check out Ellis & Seraina on OnlyFans for free today!


15. The Cuckolding Couple

the cuckolding couple

Another couple of fans of good old-fashioned cuckold content is The Cuckolding Couple. These two sexy young things love to get filthy on camera, and discover more and more about their kinky needs as they go. They’re both super sexy: she’s a petite blonde with a bubble butt, he’s a muscular hairy daddy. Watching them go at it with each other is something really special, as is watching them go at it with other people! You can even get a free video in your inbox when you subscribe, so subscribe now for just $4.50 for the first 31 days (regular price $8.99).


16. Booty & The Beast

booty and the beast on onlyfans

Booty & The Beast are a very popular couple on OnlyFans. This dynamic duo are super sexy: she’s a blonde, slender babe with a gorgeous ass and perky tits, he’s a muscular, stubbly beast with a huge dick. They’re a real life couple of swingers who love to share their incredible bodies with other people! They post nudes, lewds, and loads of insanely hot pictures (over 3000 to date) but that’s not all! This sexy couple post all kinds of hot X-rated videos, from blowjobs and creampies to live sex shows monthly! We love this pair and how much naughty stuff they get up to in the bedroom, so subscribe now for just $7.50 for 31 days (regular price $15/month) and get your fill!


17. Audrey & Sadie

audrey and sadie lesbians 2girls1onlyfans

Lesbian couple Audrey and Sadie really enjoy the fact that they make people feel aroused easily. These gorgeous females almost look like twins, which is sexy in itself. They’re both super seductive brunettes with doe eyes and a huge, beautiful titties. They publish original content including regular sex, lesbian sex, anal, foursomes and more. Audrey & Sadie post regular, hardcore content that just gets hotter and hotter the more you watch it, so check out their account now for only $6 for the first month (normally $20/month)They even post hot & spicy content to TikTok regularly – check out our list of the best TikToker OnlyFans accounts too.


18. Sexwife Couple

sexwife couple pictures and videos online

Like many of the couples on our list of the best OnlyFans couples, Sexwife couple are a pair of swingers that love cuckolding. They love to try new and exciting things, such as threesomes, anal and rimjobs. This couple love to get really naughty together in the bedroom, and invite in a different person every week! The unnamed girl behind the account will even send you special videos upon request; just let this sexy duo know what you’re into, and they’ll make it become a reality! Subscribe to Sexwife couple for $7.99 a month today, and you won’t regret it.


19. Couple Of Perverts

couple of perverts pictures videos ppv

“Couple of Perverts” is the name of this dynamic duo of sexy thirty-something year olds. They’re super kinky and get an extra kick out of knowing they’re being watched! They’re into loads of different kinks like latex, BDSM, chastity, anal and more. These two like to get really perverted, like they make some of the other people on our list look positively vanilla. They’re super sexy too, and she has a really sizzling hot body, while he has a pretty massive cock! Check out just how dirty these two can get when you subscribe for just $10 a month.


20. Erika & Chris

erika and chris sexy pictures

Erika and Chris are an adorable couple that are very obviously very in love. They’re honestly a totally normal, sweet couple, if you believe what they post on Instagram! However, when you click through to OnlyFans, you get to see Erika & Chris after dark, and they do like to get very, very naughty! She’s a cute alt girl with crazy color hair, and he’s a sexy tattooed hunk. They’re gorgeous, and they love to get a bit kinky! Erika has a killer body, and it looks even better in fishnets and latex… Subscribe today to see this regular couple get naughty and crazy on OnlyFans for just $15 a month!


21. Jackson & Maddy

jackson & maddy porn videos

Jackson O’Doherty is probably one of the most famous YouTubers with OnlyFans, and his girlfriend Maddy is a big time influencer on Instagram. They have both found happiness posting spicy content online, and with each other. Maddy Belle is a petite, beautiful and sexy girl with ever-changing hair, and Jackson is a muscular, tattooed guy that most girls would kill to get a feel of! They’re both insanely gorgeous, and the content they post is super high quality. They post everything from sultry lewd pictures to full, hardcore porn, so check them out for $10 a month today!


22. NYC BiSex Couple

nyx bisex couple premium page

This couple is made up April, a gorgeous brunette, and Ben, a hunky daddy. They love to find random people online, and film themselves having crazy sex with them. It’s such a simple concept, but one that’s incredible! We love to watch April do her thing with all these different guys and girls, she’s a talented girl that can ride anything and give unbelievable blowjobs for hours. And Ben, wow, he’s a giver! He’s so good at everything he does, and he makes people writhe with pleasure at a single touch. To see more of what April and Ben can do, subscribe to NYCBiSexCouple for $19.99 a month, or check out their free page.


23. Raunchy couple

raunchy couple vip premium page

Raunchy Couple are two gorgeous caramel skinned lovers with a passion for high quality steamy content. They’re a very cute couple that are clearly very much in love, and they love sharing their content with the world. This hot duo love to get naughty and take really spicy nudes together, but they also post some really sexy porn! They’re very good at what they do, and you can really see that each of them is pleasuring the other to the max. Check out Raunchy Couple for free today!


24. Lea & Bear

lea and bear premium vip content

Lea and Bear are a stunning duo made up of two South African hotties: Lea, a petite brunette with a killer body, and Bear, a big, impressive man with a huge dick. This married couple are totally crazy about each other, and love to create “erotic art”: they’re polyamorous too, so don’t be shocked to see some new faces in their 3+ new posts a week! When you join their little club, you get access to all 200+ videos and almost 400 videos with no pay per view, which is great! Check out this gorgeous duos catalog when you subscribe today for just $10 a month.


25. Couples Delight

couples delight free page

Last up, Couples Delight. They describe themselves as “just a horny married couple that loves to have fun” and we’re just horny people that are happy to watch them! With over 6k likes on just around 160 pieces of media, this couple really knows how to make high quality content. They post regular XXX content such as blowjobs, creampies, cumshots, pole dancing and solo content (including toys), but that’s not all! You can also pay for extras such as dick ratings and tributes, and even ask for customs! This couple is very naughty and love to include their fans in their fun times. Check out their feed for free today, or click through to their premium page for $20 a month.


How to make money on OnlyFans as a couple?

Creating content on OnlyFans as a couple is quite different to creating content by yourself. For instance, you’ll need to do certain things like discussing boundaries and finding out what you’re both up for doing and how far you’re willing to go. In this next few paragraphs, we’ll go into detail discussing how to make money on OnlyFans as a couple and the best ways to ensure you don’t immediately flop.

1. Brand Yourself

The number one most important thing to remember when creating any kind of adult content, whether it’s a couples OnlyFans, a personal OnlyFans or anything else, is to brand yourself (or in this case, yourselves) effectively. Often times, this means coming up with a unique concept.

For some creators, they can simply ensure success thanks to incredible good looks and sculpted bodies – but for those of you who don’t want to spend months in the gym or who weren’t as blessed as others, you can still make money. You’ll need to come up with a spicy and unique concept that sets you a part from others, which is the most effective branding tool. For example, Audrey & Sadie’s concept is that they’re lesbians who look like twins. This is pretty unique to say the least, and means that if someone’s looking for that kind of content, Audrey and Sadie will be at the top of the list.

Another important part of branding is cohesive design and name: use the same pseudonym across all platforms, so you’re easier to find, and make sure to create a banner and a profile picture that inspire your audience. Perhaps come up with a logo you can overlay on your sexiest pictures, that’s the easiest and most effective way to have a cohesive look across all of your profiles. This way, you’ll be easy to find and memorable.

2. Use social media to build a presence

One of the best tools for any content creator, spicy or otherwise, is social media: platforms like Instagram, Reddit, TikTok, YouTube and more are incredibly useful for driving traffic to your main source of income – OnlyFans. Depending on your branding style and the kind of person you appeal to, different websites will be better suited. Make note that while you can enjoy posting videos on YouTube like some creators (like The Wild With You for example), any “spicy” (even if it’s only mild) content will be age restricted and therefore won’t earn ad revenue – which is where OnlyFans comes in. If you want to post actual spicy content including nudes and porn to drive people to your OnlyFans, Reddit is a great place to start. Find different communities, either general ones like r/gonewild or ones more suited to your unique branding (like r/feet), and start posting. Be aware many communities do not allow advertising, but if people like your content they will click to your profile, where you can link your OnlyFans.

3. Create Pay-per-View content (PPV)

A great way to increase revenue for couples on OnlyFans is by offering Pay Per View content. This basically means that as well as whatever is posted to your followers on your OnlyFans wall, customers can purchase extras for a one-time fee. Many creators do both PPV and regular content, while some post only snippets and teasers to their main account and do full content as PPV only.

A good way to start making money is to have a free to subscribe account, but to use PPV for the really good stuff. This means posting lewds, nudes, teasers and older content to your free page, and offering customers the opportunity to get better, dirtier and more exclusive content via PPV.

4. Premium and personalized content

Many couples on OnlyFans provide extra special content as well as the regular uploaded stuff and PPV extras.

You can offer such content as livestreams (usually scheduled anywhere from a few times a week to once a month), custom videos, dick ratings, sex tips and more. In fact, custom videos are probably the most expensive way to consume OnlyFans content, meaning they’re the most lucrative for creators: customs videos typically cost somewhere in the realm of $200 or more (depending on the length and quality).

5. Collab with other creators

Many couples on OnlyFans are swingers and lovers of cuckolding, both of which lend themselves to collabing with other OnlyFans couples.

Collabs often reap benefits for all parties involved, however if you can collaborate with someone with a larger following than you, that’s always best. Try to message people who are doing similar content to you, as there’s a high chance their followers will be interested in your content too. For example, if you do latex and BDSM content, try collabing with other creators that are into that and create similar pictures and videos.

6. Spice it up

A very important thing to remember is to keep it fresh and spice it up: don’t get stuck in a rut of always doing the same stuff. Don’t just post vanilla, missionary sex once a week, customers will get bored and won’t have re-bill on.

To keep it fresh, try adding in elements like toys, costumes, roleplay, etc. The great thing about sex as a couple is that the possibilities are endless! Even without objects or costumes, simply trying exciting positions or having sex in different places can keep it spicy. Try banging in the shower or in the forest for some really quality content!

7. Offer discounts or free previews

As we mentioned earlier, many creators choose to have a free-to-subscribe account and hide most of the good stuff behind a paywall. This is a pretty good idea to get peoples juices flowing, however, if you’d rather make the admin side easier (since OnlyFans automates everything), you can offer discounts on your page and post everything in one place.

Especially when you’re starting out, you need to make sure your content is fairly prices. This means offering either bundle discounts (such as 10% off when you sub for 3 months, 30% when you sub for a year, etc.), or “first month” discounts. Many creators on OnlyFans provide a whopping discount for the first month in order to suck in the customers: some even give you the first month for 70% off! When a creators page has such a huge discount on the first month, it goes to show they have confidence you’ll be sticking around for longer.

8. Communicate with your fans

One of the reasons people have turned to OnlyFans to get their spicy content, is because it’s the best way to talk to creators. This means that while in the olden days, we could watch Asa Akira or Brandi Love get butt-fucked from behind, now we can actually talk to them! (Yes, both of these have a milf OnlyFans accounts!)

At the end of the day, it’s one of the reasons people are so happy to pay, is knowing they’ll have a line of communication. Therefore, it’s important that as a creator, you and your partner take the time every day to read and answer to as many DMs as possible. You can also communicate via livestreams, as we mentioned before: make sure that when you’re streaming, you’re taking notice of the chat and listening to what your viewers want to see.

9. Buy better equipment

As you progress and start to make a little money, for the first while, it’s important to put your earnings back into your business. You and your partner will need to upgrade things like cameras, microphones, maybe even get a new computer for increased storage and video quality, etc.

The spending doesn’t stop there either; in order to “spice it up” like we mentioned previously, you’ll need to separate a small amount of your earnings to purchase toys, costumes, lingerie and more. As you make more money, you’ll be able to get more and more things that will make your content stand out as being high quality and make customers want to stick around.

10. Upload Daily

Perhaps one of the most crucial parts of posting on OnlyFans as a couple is consistency. The market is flooded with sexy couples, so you need to not burn out before you get started.

At least in the beginning, uploading once a day, or multiple times a day is critical. Even if it’s just a few nudes or some BTS content of a previous shoot, it must be done.

If you have trouble posting content every day, content planning is your friend: prepare all your content on Monday, and spread out posting throughout the week. However, you’ll need to check in daily to reply to DMs and process orders for customs.

How much can a couple make on OnlyFans?

There’s no way to accurately assess the amount a couple can make on OnlyFans, since it depends on multiple factors. Here are a few points that will influence how much you can make:

  • Followers on other websites and social media: before starting an OnlyFans, people with a significant following elsewhere such as Instagram or YouTube will notice a much more impressive number of initial subscribers.
  • Prices: higher subscription prices lead to fewer customers, but higher income per subscriber; lower prices mean more customers: it’s about finding a balance.
  • PPV and Customs: if you offer high quality customs and PPV content, this could quickly earn you more income than your subscriptions.

There is no reason a couple on OnlyFans can’t earn enough to live on if you market yourselves effectively. Grow your following on a regular, SFW platform if you want to start off on the right foot.

Is it safe to do OnlyFans as a couple?

OnlyFans is a very safe platform that takes your privacy seriously. However, creating any kind of adult content means taking certain risks, especially if you intend to show your faces. In order to keep yourself, your wallet, and your content protected, here are a few key points to remember.

  1. Watermark your videos: always watermark your content so as to avoid theft, and track leaks.
  2. Use a safe payment method: if you’re going through an external site, make sure to use safe payment methods to receive funds, such as PayPal goods & services.
  3. Be careful of common scams
  4. Protect your identity: never give out your real name, address, phone number, or any personal details.

Verdict on working on OnlyFans as a couple

OnlyFans is a safe and positive place for couples to post spicy content. There are many great reasons to consider starting a career in adult entertainment as a couple.

For starters, making sexy content with your partner can be fulfilling and improve your relationship, as well as keep your sex life fresh and exciting. Just make sure sex stays a pleasure and doesn’t become a job.

It’s also worth noting that couples can stand to make quite a bit of money if the content is good or the niche is specific. Couples with a cool concept, such as Couple of Perverts, can make a huge amount of money, whether it’s from subscriptions or PPV.

If you’re looking to make couples content on OnlyFans, all we can say is go for it! Discuss boundaries with your partner, and get cracking.

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