Rae Lil Black

Rae Lil Black
Name Rae Lil Black
Born March 14, 1999
Height 152 cm
Weight 45 kg
Films 84
Active since 2018

About Rae Lil Black

The best Asian porn stars Rae Lil Black, 26, has been working as both a camgirl and a porn actor since 2017. Her career barely began five years ago, yet even so, her fame is well known outside of Japan. It’s true that this gorgeous tattooed brunette plays up her rebellious side to thrill the crowds, and she does it really well.

She had her breasts redone in 2020 to acquire a D-cup, allowing her to stimulate her lovers more readily, in order to have as much enjoyment with her body as possible. Along with having a hell of an ass, she also has petite hands, gorgeous lips, and other features that could drive anyone insane. Rae Lil Black obviously has a lot of potential.

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