Sybil Stallone

Sybil Stallone
Name Sybil Stallone, Sybil Stallon
Born September 14, 1980 in Brazil
Height 173 cm
Weight 59 kg
Films ≈55
Active since 2015

About Sybil Stallone

Sybil Stallone is a gorgeous, dark-haired babe who also happens to be a sexy and sultry milf. Sybil has only made around 55 high quality porn movies since she began her career in 2015, but she’s a real fan-favourite, and doesn’t shy away from even the most hardcore and challenging practices. This gorgeous babe is one of the hottest Brazilian pornstars ever, and she loves nothing more than being at the center of a large group of guys, getting her every need met by them. Sybil has long, black hair and sexy, plump breasts : she’s a real delight to watch, and one of the sexiest milf pornstars of her generation.

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