Brazilian Pornstars: The Top 25 Hottest Brazilian Porn Stars of All Time

It’s been said that women from Brazil are among the most beautiful women in the world. Do you agree? To some extent, we certainly do: they do make some of the best pornstars in the world! That’s why today, we’re going to present to you the 25 best Brazilian pornstars of all time. Let’s take a closer look at all these hot Brazilian pornstars: whether they’re newcomers or OGs, they’re all sexy as hell!

Within a few minutes, you’ll have found your favorite Brazilian pornstar — and I’ll tell you one thing — choosing a favorite is very, very hard! When you see them in action, it’s like being thrust head first into heaven.

The 25+ Hottest Brazilian Pornstars

Who Are The Best Brazilian Pornstars?

Gina Valentina

Who can deny that Gina Valentina is one of the hottest Brazilian pornstars of all time? This gorgeous, petite, sexy little thing has had an incredible career and has been thrust into the limelight, as well as just thrust into… if you catch my drift. This beautiful Latina pornstar has got some really high quality movies to her name, and a sexy bod to boot!

Elisa Sanches

Elisa sanches is a stunning brunette with a huge, plump booty that it’s hard to not want to just bite into. She’s made a good many interesting porn movies (over 200) since 2016, and this busty milf likes to get crazier every time she gets behind the camera. She likes it every which way, and isn’t shy about asking.

Jessie Rogers

When it comes to hot Brazilian pornstars with beautiful bodies, Jessie Rogers is up at the top. This blonde pornstar with washboard abs and perky little boobs is a real treat for the eyes: Jessie is a truly stunning young girl, with shapely hips and a cute little ass to go with those gorgeous tits. She’s also a bit of a man-eater, so watch out!

Fernandinha Fernandez

Fernandinha is one of our top Brazilian pornstars of the last 20 years: active since 2009, this blonde bombshell has sacrificed quantity for quality, making around 40 incredibly sexy and high quality porn movies that are all absolutely breathtaking. This sumptuous milf has got it all, and we love watching her do her thing in every position you can think of!

Shayenne Samara

Shayenne Samara is easily one of the best Brazilian pornstars of the decade. This sexy brunette babe has so much to love: she’s got a beautiful smile, long, luscious hair, perky little boobs, and a pretty little pussy. Hearing her moan and squeal as she’s bent over a table is a truly incredible experience, and one we hope you’ll all enjoy.

Luna Corazon

Luna Corazon is not only among the hottest Brazilian pornstars, but shes also among the hottest black pornstars. This beauty has got a gorgeous body, with long, slender legs, a flat stomach, beautiful breasts, and an amazing face. Her soft skin tone is truly hypnotizing, and it’s an honor to watch her get naked.

Angel Lima

What’s not to love about the beauty that is Angel Lima? This tanned, blonde beauty was born in Brazil, and her curvaceous body can attest to her Latina heritage. She’s one of the sexiest babes of all time, and her beautiful smile compliments her supple, round boobs to perfection. She’s one of a kind, and it’s a kind we rather like!

Alina Belle

Alina Belle is a truly gorgeous Brazilian pornstar with big boobs. She’s a legend in her own time, and a stunning brunette with an attitude! This gorgeous girl loves nothing more than getting her needs met in the bedroom by hunky male pornstars with big packages.


Analine, also known as Liandra Andrade, is a sexy brunette on her way to becoming Brazil’s next best milf pornstar. Despite being in her 30s, she maintains a youthful appearance and her career is booming. With about 40 noteworthy films in the past decade, she places quality over quantity, and her performances are truly amazing.

Mia Linz

Mia Linz is a super hot Brazilian pornstar, famous for her incredible looks, irresistible charm, and perfect tits. She’s the real deal when it comes to impressing audiences, and she’s definitely one of the hottest girls of her age. Mia can easily make everyone’s fantasies come true, regardless of their gender.

Angel Gostosa

Meet Angel Gostosa, the stunning porn star with legs for days! This babe is an absolute knock out, with her jaw-dropping beauty, killer curves, and never-ending energy. When it comes to the hottest Brazilian pornstars, Angel sits near the top of the list. Her smile is totally captivating, and let’s not forget about her breathtaking assets — such as her perky tits and her booty that won’t quit!

Pamela Santos

Let’s talk about the legendary Pamela Santos, shall we? This stunning brunette is all curves and has a face that can stun just about anyone. Pamela, who’s in her 30s, is on the fast track to becoming a top-tier milf, and there’s no doubt she’s gonna rock it! With only about 30 films under her belt, Pamela has a little way to go, but seems eager to learn on the job!

Abby Lee Brazil

Abby Lee Brazil, an exceptional pornstar, captivates with her beauty and allure. She has left a lasting impression on her audience, after having starred in over 100 adult films. Largely acclaimed in the porn industry, Abby is a pro who can provide satisfaction fast.

Kelly Oliveira

Kelly Oliveira is a total bombshell with amazing curves that make her one of the hottest Brazilian pornstars around. This gorgeous babe was born in 2002, and is well on her path to becoming one of the sexiest adult actresses ever. She’s already been in about 35 movies and is quickly rising to the top!

Sybil Stallone

Sybil Stallone isn’t just a stunning brunette, but also a sexy and seductive mature woman. Ever since Sybil started her career back in 2015, she’s made about 55 fabulous porn movies. This sultry lady is one of the hottest Brazilian pornstars ever, and she absolutely adores being the center of attention. With her gorgeous ass, dark hair, and perky breasts, Sybil is a true delight to watch.

Lana Paes

Lana Paes is hands down one of the sexiest Brazilian pornstars ever. It’s impossible not to be pulled in by her amazing curves, her rocking boobs, bangin’ backside, and absolutely stunning smile. With her long, muscular legs and tiny waist, Lana truly looks like a goddess. She’s all about delivering high-quality content rather than sheer quantity.

Vivianne DeSilva

It’s pretty impossible not to fall head over heels for the stunning Vivian DeSilva. I mean, seriously, this blonde babe is hands down one of the hottest Brazilian pornstars ever. Vivianne is not just beautiful, with her flowing blonde hair, perky boobs, and an astounding booty, but she’s also got some serious skills in the sack. There’s basically nothing this absolute babe won’t give a go when it comes to getting down and dirty.

Juelz Ventura

Juelz Ventura was born in Brazil, but this drop-dead gorgeous brunette has got a mix of roots from all over the place, such as Sicily, and Lebanon and more. Juelz is one of our all-time favorite Italian pornstars too, and since she started her career back in 2006, this hottie has been in more than 500 adult films, each showcasing her crazy talent and her incredible body.

Tina Fire

We absolutely love Tina Fire: her tan skin, sexy tattoos, and killer smile are just too hot to handle. And let’s not forget about her amazing rack! Those big, beautiful boobs are a real showstopper. Watching Tina in action is a feast for the eyes. Her breasts are absolute perfection, bouncing and jiggling as this tattooed pornstar rides.

Monica Santhiago

One of our top Brazilian pornstars that we absolutely love is Monica Santhiago. This stunning and sexy brunette babe has an amazing curvaceous body with big boobs and a juicy booty. With over 165 films under her belt since she first started in 2006, she’s considered a true pro in the industry.

Francys Belle

Francys Belle is so fucking hot, honestly. Can you even believe that this hottie is in her 40s? She’s got those super long legs, a seriously sexy stomach, and breasts that are just, wow. Even though she only started in the adult entertainment biz in 2015, Francys has already made over 400 films!

Polly Petrova

Polly Petrova may sound like the name of a Russian pornstar, but rest assured, this lovely luscious babe is indeed a top Brazilian pornstar! Polly has a slender build and captivatingly beautiful face, and her body moves in ways that make her incredible to watch, and her talents are pretty much endless.

Brianna Bourbon

Brianna Bourbon, named after bourbon whiskey, can get you just about as drunk as a full bottle! This spicy, dark haired babe has everything you could want from a Brazilian pornstar: she’s sexy, seductive, and isn’t afraid to get filthy in the bedroom. She likes to try new things, and often scares off beta males with her ambition!

Monica Matos

Monica Matos is a gorgeous brunette with long legs, perky boobs, a few sexy tats and a look in her eyes that says “fuck me now”. This slender seductress has been in over 400 movies, and is now a certified milf after an unbelievable 20-year career.

Adriana Malao

Adriana Malao is last, but certainly not least on our list of the hottest Brazilian pornstars! A real queen, Adriana has incredibly sexy boobs and a perky little ass. Her gorgeous mocha skin and beautiful eyes make her a delight to watch, and her thirst for cum isn’t far behind!

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