Akiho Yoshizawa

Akiho Yoshizawa
Name Akiho Yoshizawa
Born March 3, 1984 in Japan
Height 161 cm
Weight 49 kg
Films >35+
Active since 2008

About Akiho Yoshizawa

Akiho Yoshizawa is a sexy Japanese pornstar that also does modeling on the side. She’s not a pornstar in the strictest sense of the word because she started doing soft porn movies before having a few movies with real sex scenes. Her cute face hides a succubus that is ready to latch on any penises she sees. So men beware ! Because if she sees you, she will not hesitate to go down on you and make you cum on her tits !

After being in front of the camera, she decided to get behind the camera and making her own porn movies, can’t wait to see what she does ! And if you can’t get more of asian girls, check our list of the top Asian pornstars !

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