Chinese pornstar : TOP 25 Hottest & Best Chinese Pornstars

Who doesn’t love hot and sexy Chinese pornstars? With this selection of the top 25 hottest Chinese Pornstars, we’re here to provide you with the best list ever made containing only the sexiest Chinese pornstars. No matter what you’re into, with this selection, you’re sure to find something that will arouse you.

In this ranking, you will find the most attractive and sexiest Chinese Pornstars, with their exotic looks and dirty minds, they’ll give you what you want: dirty, hot, and steamy sex for you your eyes only. Some have big boobs, some have round asses, some are fiendishly sexy and will make you lust after them to no end… So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get into it.

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Chinese Pornstars : 25 Sexiest Chinese Porn Stars in Pictures And Videos

Who Are The Hottest Chinese Pornstars ?

#1 Katana

Easily the hottest Chinese babe on the porn scene, Katana is without a doubt one of the best Asian babes to bless us with her pornographic content. She’s made over 140 extraordinary porn films since her career began in 2016, and every one of them is incredible. She’s got a beautiful athletic figure, perky boobs, and beautiful eyes. There’s nothing Katana loves more than a dick in her ass, pussy, and any other orifice you can think of – and there’s nothing we love more than watching her do her thing!

#2 Lulu Chu

Lulu Chu, born in Wuhan, China in 2001, has made over 350 amazing porn films since she started her career in 2019. That’s right, in just a few years she’s become one of the most prolific and hard-working Asian babes in the industry! This gorgeous, slender babe has a beautiful face to go with her tight, petite frame. She loves to be dominated, lifted, and pushed around like a sex doll. Lulu is a real cum lover, and watching her get her beautiful face sprayed is one of the most arousing things you’ll see online ever.

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#3 Kita Zen

Kita Zen has been starring in big budget productions since 2009, over 10 years ago! This pornography aficionado has much to teach girls of the younger generation: when it comes to stunning, sexy and talented Chinese pornstars, few match up to Kita. This long haired brunette has starred in hundreds of films, and she’s breathtaking in every single one of them. Just watch her take a couple of cocks on at one time before getting showered down, and you’ll see what I mean!

#4 Eva Angelina

Eva Angelina is a Chinese pornstar of mixed heritage, with her split of Caucasian and Chinese features giving her a unique look. She’s an incredibly prolific porn actress, having starred in almost 1000 porn movies since she started filming them in 2003 (over 20 years ago!). Over the years, she’s progressed from cute tiny Asian to gorgeous MILF that looks like she could whip any man into shape. Just watch her make every man into her bitch with very little effort!

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#5 Kaylani Lei

Kaylani Lei was actually born in Singapore, but her roots are varied and mixed. She’s got one of the most incredible asses we’ve ever seen on an Asian chick: it’s round, perky, and she can use it to pleasure men in many ways. This talented, dark haired beauty has made over 300 films since she started in porn in 2003, and she’s still making high quality films today!

#6 Miko Dai

Miko Dai is a certified Asian MILF, with an unbelievable pair of round breasts and a killer ass. This stunning Asian beauty is already over 40, but you wouldn’t know it! After starring in around 45 porn productions since 2014, she’s managed to make a name for herself as one of the cutest and sexiest Asian MILFs. Miko has a slender, petite build, and an ability to manage many, many cocks at once. She’s good at swallowing bucket loads of cum too, trust me, I’ve seen it!

#7 Evelyn Lin

If you like gorgeous, innocent looking Asians, you’re going to love Evelyn Lin. This hot chick’s speciality is looking younger and more innocent than she is, and she’s excellent at pretending to be a nerdy Asian schoolgirl! There are many videos among her catalogue (over 150 made to date) in which she’s a cute student that gets corrupted by an older man. Her gorgeous face and athletic body make for one of the hottest and most arousing Chinese pornstars on the internet!

#8 Tiffany Rain

Tiffany Rain is an absolutely incredible pornstar, coming in at number 8. There’s not much this beautiful brunette won’t do, and isn’t good at for that matter! Among her back catalogue of 25 porn films, this astounding MILF has tried many hardcore practices. If you’re into MILFs with an insatiable appetite, Tiffany might be the Chinese pornstar for you! She’s got one of the best body’s we’ve ever seen on a woman of her age, and she doesn’t let it go to waste.

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#9 Jade Kush

Jade Kush is honestly so arousing, I might have to take a break from looking at pornstars just to go and find more of her pictures. This cute Chinese pornstar has some of the most beautiful, bouncy, natural boobs I’ve ever seen. Seeing her walk around without a bra as her boobs bounce and wiggle is simply wonderful. She knows how to put her assets to good use, too, and she’s no stranger to a tit-wank. Jade has made over 200 films since 2017, and she doesn’t plan on quitting any time soon (good news for us!).

#10 Alina Li

Alina Li came onto the porn scene in 2013, and has made over 200 films since then. A gorgeous, slender girl of mixed origins, Alina has a gorgeous petite body, and really has the “yummy mummy” trope down. She’s great at playing the young stepmother, with whom young guys in their prime get to practice some of their favourite moves. She’s breathtaking, talented, and has a body most men would kill to get their hands on. Furthermore, she loves to handle multiple dicks at once!

#11 Honey Gold

Holy Gold is easily one of the most popular Chinese pornstars, even though she’s indeed mixed-race. This tanned skinned, short-haired beauty is no stranger to hardcore and unorthodox sexual practices! Honey Gold is very good at her job, and takes it very seriously. Men literally line up to get a chance to film with her, as he holds nothing back when it comes to pleasing her partners. Whether you want to see her covered in cum, see her with a dick in her ass, or sucking on two guys at once, she’s definitely got something up her sleeve to make you feel a bit light-headed!

#12 Kianna Dior

There’s few MILFs that measure up to the queen that is Kianna Dior. Already in her 50s (yes, you read that right!) this curvy blonde is of mixed heritage, and she still loves to get twisted like a pretzel. Not many girls half her age could do what Kianna does, but her catalogue of over 400 movies prove that she’s capable of anything! She’s a real nympho, and since starting in porn in 1999, she’s pretty much done it all. Men, women, whatever you are, Kianna is sure to make you feel things you’ve never felt before.

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#13 Cindy Starfall

Cindy Starfall is a name synonymous with talent and sex-appeal. This Asian pornstar is of mixed heritage, with Chinese and Vietnamese blood. She’s got stunning, long black hair, and a small frame that allows her to be moved around with ease. Since starting her career in 2012, she’s made a huge number of high quality films. Her favourite things to do are to masturbate for guys, and to get pounded from behind. We absolutely love watching her get destroyed by huge cocks and scream in pleasure as they go deeper and deeper!

#14 Jada Kai

Perhaps some of you may have heard of Jada Kai, since she’s fairly popular nowadays in the industry. She’s only in her early 30s, but has the look of a sexy stepmother! Jada has only starred in a handful of films, but every one of them is of the best quality and incredibly arousing. We love Jada’s ability to please any and all partners, as well as her slender build and gorgeous lingerie shots. Jada has a beautiful tanned skin tone too, something that can be rare among Chinese pornstars.

#15 Avena Lee

Avena Lee was huge back in her day, and she’s still very respected now. Starting her career in 2002 when she was 20 years old, she was immediately very popular in the 2000s. Today still, she is very loved (and very hot!). Since then, she’s starred in almost 250 porn movies, and she’s still shining as one of the top Asian adult actresses of the last 20 years. Even now, she’s capable of doing stuff some much younger girls wouldn’t or couldn’t, and she makes even the most boring guys feel incredibly aroused with her beautiful face and perky breasts.

#16 Jade Kimiko

Jade Kimiko is one for the lovers of slender, petite teen actresses. Her career started very recently, in 2022, but she’s already been rocketed sky-high in popularity. Reminiscent of a young Mia Khalifa, this tanned beauty has only made around 20 films to date, so we’re excited to see what else she has in store. She’s a perfect candidate for the sexy Asian nerd trope, and we just love that for her. We also love watching Jade get absolutely pounded while she shrieks in pleasure!

#17 Elle Lee

When it comes to beautiful Asians, Elle Lee is the one to beat. This gorgeous mixed babe of Korean origins among others has one of the most stunning faces in porn. She’s really made herself a great little community online and posts a lot of amateur content for her fans, but we mostly love watching her get railed by huge cocks, before shoving them in her beautiful mouth. Elle has not been in many big budget productions (around 20), but what we’ve seen of her, we love. She’s very talented and seems eager to learn!

#18 Kendra Spade

Kendra Spade, anyone? She’s one of the absolute hottest mixed Asian/Caucasian babes in the industry! Kendra has starred in over 450 films since her acting career started just a few years ago. Yup, she’s incredibly prolific, and she loves her job. Working her way up the list of the top Chinese pornstars day by day, Kendra will do anything and everything you ask her to do!

#19 May Thai

May Thai is another name those of you who love Asian girls may already have heard of. May is very prolific and very talented, having starred in over 200 films since 2016. If you like petite tanned skinned Asian girls, you’ll love May. She’s capable of trying any position and practice you want, and she’s very good at anything she sets her mind to. Just watch how she perfectly handles multiple dicks at the same time! May is a real professional, and she’s a people-pleaser to boot.

#20 Asia Rivera

Asia Rivera is one of the hottest and cutest little mixed-race Caucasian girls! Something we love about Asia is her gorgeous, smiling face. Although she’s only been in a small number of big budget movies, she’s been breathtaking in every single one of them. Asia has an undeniable talent for porn, and she’s not stopping yet! We love to see her getting sprayed with hot cum, as well as getting taken roughly from behind as she sucks a different guys dick. There’s no hardcore practice Asia won’t try if you ask her nicely!

#21 Dragon Lilly

If you like BDSM and Asian girls, Dragon Lilly is the name to write down off this list. Dragon Lilly is a lover of all things bondage and sadomasochism, with a large catalogue of bondage films for you to choose from. There’s nothing Dragon Lilly likes more than to be tied up using shibori ropes and knocked around roughly as she’s pleasured in various ways, or as she’s used as a sex object. She just loves to submit herself entirely to her partners and let them go crazy pleasuring themselves on her! And we just love to watch her do it.

#22 Asia Zo

As we near the end of our list, it’s time to mention one of my favourite Chinese pornstars: Asia Zo. Asia is a gorgeous, petite girl of just 43 kilos, and with a sort of “teen” look about her. She looks considerably younger than she is, which allows her to star in teen category productions even in her 30s and 40s. Asia even has braces which help her look younger too! She’s only been in around 85 productions so she’s something of a hidden gem, but with her talent and her love of dick, I doubt it’ll be long before she makes many more films.

#23 Miko Lee

Miko Lee is a name some older fans of Asian and Chinese pornstars may be familiar with: this gorgeous girl has been making porn films since the 90s, and over the years has progressed from hot Chinese student to hot Chinese MILF. Miko is a popular choice among guys of all generations, thanks to her insanely sexy body and her ability to make men curl their toes with pleasure with just a touch. Miko knows how to make any and all of her partners scream with very little effort, and she’s a pro in terms of carnal pleasures.

#24 Ava Devine

Ava Devine is one of our favourite curvy MILFS on this list! She’s really very talented, and doesn’t hold back from even the most hardcore videos. Whatever you ask of Ava, she’ll do it, and she’ll enjoy it! A real nympho, Ava will twist herself into positions you scarcely can imagine in the name of pleasure. This curvy 40-something year old has been making porn videos for over 20 years, and has pleasured more than her fair share of partners in her catalogue of over 600 movies. She’s not shy, and she’s not afraid to try new things!

#25 Kahlisa

Finishing up our list of the hottest Chinese pornstars in the one and only Kahlisa. The only reason we’ve put Kahlisa last is simply because her content is quite hard to find! She’s a lover of solo female videos, and loves to post videos of herself pleasuring herself in various places. Data on Kahlisa is rare, but we can gather that she’s petite, Chinese, and lives in America. Why not go on the hunt to find some of her masturbation videos?

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