Blonde Porn Star: TOP 25 Best & Hottest Blonde Pornstars

When we think of pornstars, it is very often the image of a sultry blonde pornstar that appears in our mind. Simple coincidence ? Certainly not ! Imagining a blonde pornstar in action makes sense when you know what these beautiful creatures are capable of ! And this list of the best blonde pornstars of X movies should confirm you in this idea.

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TOP 25 Best Blonde Pornstars in Pictures And Videos

Who Are The Hottest Blonde Pornstars ?

#1 Mia Malkova

Mia is a sublime girl, who will delight all the amateurs of natural blondes and ultra sexy bodies. Her perfect plastic and her natural suppleness make this American with Canadian, German and Irish origins one of the most appreciated blonde porn actresses in the world.

Capable of everything, she even broke up with her husband to be able to shoot scenes with black actors freely ! For her, hardcore is second nature !

#2 Samantha Saint

This American beauty with bewitching eyes (but it won’t be easy to keep your gaze on those eyes) starts in porn at 24. She won several awards, notably for oral sex scenes or wild threesomes. She has more than 150 films to her credit, going from lesbian porn to hard films with several men naturally. And when we see the way she sucks, we understand why she won several awards !

#3 Nicole Aniston

Nicole was only 23 years old when her career as a blonde pornstar began in full swing. You only have to look at her to understand that she is destined to become a star of the porn industry, with her deep blue eyes, her generous breasts and that divine ass. Although openly lesbian, she plays roles of Milf or naughty teacher who teaches sex to students or lucky male colleagues !

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#4 Kylie Page

Here is a blond pornstar with natural curves, which will not leave insensitive those who love women with well placed shapes ! The young Kylie (she is only 21 years old) could be the porn star of tomorrow. She gives blowjobs with an undisguised desire and seems to take great pleasure in being fucked during scenes with several people. She often has this role of naive or naughty girl and seems to be a very good babysitter.

#5 Staci Carr

Staci is a blonde pornstar who loves sex and assumes it. She sometimes shoots in public, in scenes where she masturbates discreetly, hoping not to make too much noise. Her flexibility and her small well-proportioned body allow her to realize scenes with daring positions, in particular acrobatic 69 of the most beautiful effect. At 26 years old, her career is in full swing and we wish her to last as long as possible !

#6 Piper Perri

If you don’t know her yet, you need to catch up with her as soon as possible. Piper is an Italian pornstar and is only 23 years old, but she is already a legend in the porn industry. Her angelic face, her long blond hair and her tiny size (1.45m) hide a sex beast like we have rarely seen. Piper doesn’t shy away from anything and shoots many scenes with actors with huge sex, who carry her, penetrate her, make her turn because of her relative lightness (37 kg).

A mini bomb that has already left a mark in the porn industry !

#7 Lexi Belle

A natural beauty, with the right shapes in the right place. The young woman started in porn in 2006 and performed her first fellatio in front of the camera ! Since then, she’s come a long way and has had a string of shoots and partners, discovering the joys of sex in all its forms: anal, bukkake, gangbang… Lexi claims her love for Star Wars, which makes her even more attractive to all geeks !

#8 Jessa Rhodes

If what you like are provocative blondes with intense eyes, Jessa is going to please you a lot ! Her full lips allow her to satisfy men and women with her mouth, but the rest of her body will also give immense pleasure to her partners! She started as a Camgirl and was spotted by a producer who immediately saw the talent of the young woman!

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#9 Shawna Leneé

The perfect body of this blonde pornstar will certainly not leave you speechless. And she knows very well how to play with it, during strip tease in fine lingerie, or much more hots scenes ! Shawna works with the biggest porn production companies and likes to oscillate between solitary pleasure and shared pleasure ! A sexy and confident woman, who radiates the screen !

#10 Riley Steele

Considered by her peers as beautiful, natural, intelligent and very spiritual, the 31 year old X-actress was quickly spotted as an outstanding talent by producers. She proved them right, making over 60 high quality films since her debut 10 years ago. Riley goes for the top of the line and reserves her natural blonde hair and shape for the top of the X ! She even made her debut as a classic actress…but she’s best in hardcore !

#11 Briana Banks

Attention, bombshell on the horizon ! Briana Banks quickly left Germany for America, but she kept from her mother country a physique that leaves no room for doubt. Blonde, tall and slender, with blue eyes and an opulent chest, we quickly know that she is a German porn actress !

Her specialty is the deep throat, but she likes to shoot double penetration scenes or the hardest possible ass/mouth sequences. Her ability to make her partners cum in abundance gives her a worldwide reputation, which will sometimes earn her the name of Queen of porn !

At 40 years old today, she is the perfect cougar !

#12 Alexis Texas

Alexis Texas is one of the most popular blonde pornstar of the moment. She knows how to play with her charms with a dream body, well rounded buttocks and big breasts. She loves sex and it shows.

She knows how to make a man happy and uses her talents in the many films she has shot since 2009. She plays all the roles at once the femme fatale, the beautiful slut or the torrid mistress.

She is a complete actress that we love to watch in secret.

#13 Abigaile Johnson

Abigaile is one of the prettiest pornstars we know and may be the favorite Czech pornstars of X lovers ! She could be included in our ranking of the best porn actresses, as it is difficult to resist this delicious look that she seems to throw at each appearance on the screen.

We love her when she plays the naive young woman as much as when she devours her partners with an unfeigned sexual appetite. Her perfect curves and delicate breasts will make you want to share all your sexual fantasies with her !

#14 Kristen Scott

Kristen Scott seems to have always been sexually inclined, and she had her first sexual adventure at the age of 14. After years in college where she seems to have had a good time, she became a camgirl before making her porn debut in 2016, at the age of 21. This pretty blonde, sexy as can be, usually plays the roles of very naughty teenagers with her body so thin and her pretty little breasts that give her a young premiere look.

But under her innocent look, this blonde porn actress hides a devouring appetite for sex and she excels in front of the camera, thanks to acting lessons taken in her youth. No matter what position she adopts – blowjob, sodomy, 69 or double penetration – she achieves prowess !

#15 Natalia Starr

Natalia Starr is one of those Eastern beauties, who have come all the way to North America to make the most of their physical assets and reveal to the world their very naughty nature. Superb blonde with blue eyes, this pretty young lady, tall and slim, has a natural D-cup which will particularly excite the amateurs of Spanish wanking.

But the beautiful Natalia does not limit herself to masturbation – far from it – since we find her in lesbian realizations, interracial scenes or very hot movies, in which she plays wonderfully the tease, the unfaithful girlfriends or the daughters-in-law in need of big sex. One thing is certain, it will be difficult to resist her little ass when she undulates in front of the camera!

#16 Kenzie Taylor

Since her debut as a blonde porn actress in 2015, when she was only 20 years old, Kenzie Taylor has been noticed for her gorgeous breasts and her tongue that seems to work miracles when she goes over her partners’ sexes or vaginas. In 2018, she decided to get a boob job, to make them rounder and even more massive! In fact, she is one of the sexiest pornstar with big boobs.

She has performed in hundreds of hardcore scenes, from the ultra-hot mother-in-law to the unfaithful wife or the superheroine in search of pleasure, with a disconcerting naturalness. She is not yet 30 years old and we can easily predict a few more years of intense sex in the industry, given her wild performances.

#17 Andi Anderson

Andi Anderson is 36 years old but she looks much younger, which allows her to play both Teen and naughty Milfs roles. This sexy American likes to use her luscious lips to give pleasure to her partners, and she assumes her vulgar bimbo side by receiving and then spreading jets of semen on her face.

This blond porn actress is a small model – 1m60 for 52 kg – which does not prevent her from taking in all sizes of sex. And what about her fake cries of pain when she practices anal ? A real delight for blondie lovers !

#18 Cameron Dee

Cameron Dee is a blonde pornstar who has appeared in over 150 X-rated movies, since her debut in 2012 at the age of 26. In just 10 years, she has seduced the public and her partners, with her greedy naughty look and her transparent blue eyes. While she loves sex in all its forms, she has specialized in domination and BDSM.

For mistress lovers, Cameron Dee will quickly become an essential pornstar, but it would be a shame to limit herself to her S&M performances when she is just as hot in lesbian roles, in Gangbang or when she plays the avenging girlfriend ! A real sex bomb as we like them !

#19 Athena Palomino

Some young women seem to be born for porn, and Athena Palomino is definitely one of them. What else can we say, when we discover her teasing look or her natural breasts with a D-cup ? When we see her bouncy ass, her fleshy hips or her pulpy lips ? Superb, this blonde pornstar quickly realized that she could break the screen and she chose porn, to be able to explore her sexuality.

She sucks like a queen, licks with relish and doesn’t shy away from any threesomes or massive penises, as her hardest interracial scenes attest. If you like those porn actresses that seem to be within everyone’s reach, and that you might run into at the bottom of your building (hopefully!), then Athena Palomino is going to drive you crazy !

#20 Donna Bell

A little blonde thirty-something from Romania, with a slim body, a very small ass and very round breasts, does it tempt you ? Then discover Donna Bell without delay ! This gorgeous creature started in the porn industry at only 18 years old and she is still there, at the top of her 33 years. 15 years of practice, which saw her go from cute and prude young girls roles to hot moms, for an evolution as natural as possible.

She is a very open blonde pornstar, who we like to see as much in lingerie or in elegant evening dress, as with a necklace in roles of submissive that suits her perfectly. The more time passes, the more her breasts grow…which is not to our displeasure !

#21 Alex Grey

If you like blond pornstar, you’ll definitely fall for one of the prettiest of them: Alex Grey ! This adorable blond girl of only 25 years old has a body to be damned, a very exciting air of saintly nitouche and very small breasts that we want to suckle. But if she looks wise, and her body seems so fragile, don’t be fooled by this angelic physique !

Alex Grey is a fury in front of the camera and we can see her in very hard scenes. She has the ideal morphology to be lifted and to spin on the sexes of her companions and she does not deprive herself of it. And this look, when she wipes the cum from her face with a backhand… Beware, you might become a fan!

#22 Rikki Six

Rikki Six was a model when she was a kid, then she was a cheerleader in high school, which explains why she has such a body. Muscular, with well distributed forms, she is an American pornstar who perfectly combines elegance and perversity, and she knows how to play that very well !

She can be found in more than 100 films, shot in 10 years of career, with various and varied roles: courtesan, teenager, delivery girl, housewife, horny mother, dirty nurse… And she sometimes accepts roles in porn parodies of successful films, like Avengers XXX 2. A real X talent with multiple hats, who never disappoints !

#23 Elsa Jean

You certainly know her and if you don’t, you’ll quickly learn to appreciate her. Elsa Jean – with a nickname that comes from the main character of the Snow Queen which she resembles – is similar to a little Barbie very naughty. Her long blond hair often hides her tiny breasts and falls down to those little buttocks that seem to belong to a young girl. However, she is 25 years old and has been in the porn industry since she was 19 !

This little natural wonder got into porn for a simple reason: she wanted to have quality sex, far from the miserable performances she had known until then. And when we see her on screen, with one or more partners who share her, and that she finishes soiled with a wide smile on her lips, we say to ourselves that she made the right choice !

#24 Britney Amber

At 35 years old and with a career already 14 years long, Britney Amber is a blonde pornstar who has nothing left to prove. Yet, she continues to play, using her natural slutty look with brio, to claim cum and penetration from her partners.

This sexy X-actress knows very well how to entice men, by wearing light outfits that show her off, by inciting them to masturbate for her or even more simply by begging them to cum inside her. Free when she wants to ride penises at her own pace, tied up when she feels like submission, Britney Amber could have entered our ranking of Italian porn actresses because of her roots, but we chose to celebrate her for her blonde hair.

#25 Emma Hix

We end this ranking of blonde pornstar with a very promising young lady, who has already seduced those who have seen her in action. Emme Hix is simple, with a body neither too thin nor too round, an ordinary face and the smile of a woman who could be your colleague at work or your wife’s friend. And that’s what makes her so charming !

Underneath her classic looks, the beauty hides a very naughty temperament that pushes her to try a lot of things in the X. At 25 years old, she often plays the roles of high school girls in uniform or greedy daughters-in-law, and we saw her in sensational bukkake. If she continues at this rate, she’ll last in porn and that’s great news !

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